Admiralty Trawlers and Drifters

Michael Phillips (, who runs the Maritime History and Naval Heritage website, has been kind enough to supply a document describing the Royal Navy's fleet of trawlers and drifters. It is simply labelled:

Admiralty Trawlers and Drifters, 1916 - 1921
D.N.C. Admiralty, Copy No. 54

Produced by the Director of Naval Construction, it was printed in July 1922. This paper has not been converted to text, but has been left as scans of each page (averaging about 250 kilobytes each). Click here to begin with the Table of Contents. There are 41 pages, followed by a few pages of photographs and drawings.

Mike has noticed that "the names of the Admiralty Trawlers were taken from the officers and crews of Victory and Royal Sovereign at Trafalgar. Another interesting bit is that in 1918 two trawlers were fitted with jet propulsion - not very successfully."

Last Updated: 13 April, 2001.

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