Royal Navy Capital Ships in Home Waters 1914

Contribued by Doug Thompson (, with his own comments interspersed throughout.

The criticism that the Admiralty ignored the defenses of the east coast and the need for defended bases really comes out in this list, which shows where the pre-dreadnoughts went. Look at the number of old battleships assigned as anchored guard ships (GS). Five are at the Humber River where a German landing was feared.

Granted, these dinosaurs may have had little fighting value anyway, but I'm sure they were very vulnerable in this stationary role. At the very least, the lack of preparation tied down a lot of men in those old, vulnerable ships and probably cost more than some decent defenses, or even makeshift ones.

Flag section
BB:Iron Duke (ff)
CL: Sappho
DD: Oak

1st Battle Squadron
BB: Marlborough (f), St. Vincent, Collingwood, Vanguard, Colossus, Hercules, Neptune, Superb
CL: Bellona

2nd BS
BB: King George V (f), Ajax, Centurion, Audacious, Monarch, Conqueror, Thunderer, Orion
CL: Boadicea

3rd BS
BA: King Edward VII (f), Hibernia, Africa, Britannia, Commonwealth, Dominion, Hindustan, Zealandia
CL: Blanche

4th BS
BB: Dreadnought (f), Bellerophon , Temeraire
(Erin and Agincourt are being modified and fitted out. They did not arrive until Sept. 7)
CL: Blonde

1st Battle Cruiser Squadron
BC: Lion(f), Princess Royal, Queen Mary

2nd BCS
BC: New Zealand (f), Invincible

BA: Lord Nelson (ff)

5th BS
BA: Agamemnon, Prince of Wales (f), Bulkwark, London, Venerable, Queen, Formidable, Irresistable, Implacable


6th BS
BA: Russell (f) Cornwallis, Albemarle, Duncan, Exmouth,
CL: Diamond

7th BS
BA: Prince George (f),Caesar, Majestic, Jupiter (GS: Humber River.)

8th BS
BA: Albion, Canopus, Glory, Vengence, Goliath (GS: Loch Ewe), Ocean (Stationed at Queenstown. GS?)
CL: Proserpine

9th BS
Hannibal (GS: Humber), Illustrious (GS: Loch Ewe), Magnificent (Humber. GS?), Mars (GS: Humber), Victorious (GS: Humber)

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