German Navy Tactical Orders

(source: Public Record Office ADM 186/55: CB1548 German Navy Tactical Orders)

Commander-in-Chief High Sea Fleet

13th August 1916.

Gg. 5772 O.

Alterations and Additions No. 116.

Most Secret.


Reinforcement of the 1st Scouting Group by Battleships

(This order has been crossed out in original)

1. Until all the ships of the 1st Scouting Group are again complete and ready for action, the latter will be reinforced by "Markgraf", "Grosser Kurfürst" and "Bayern".

2. The battleships are placed under the orders of the Senior Officer of Scouting Forces for military purposes; for all other purposes (administration, punishments, etc) they will remain under the command of the Flag Officer of the III Battle Squadron.

3. Name of the Squadron: 1st Scouting Group. Call sign and distinguishing signal will be "U.A." ? (illegible) and pendant 9 respectively.

4. Tactical Organisation (until further orders).
Ship Fleet Number
"Moltke" 1
"Bayern" 2
"Grosser Kurfürst" 3
"Markgraf" 4
"Von der Tann" 5

5. Should the Senior Officer of the 1st Scouting Group wish to utilise the exceptional high speed of the Battle Cruisers for any particular purpose, the signal: "'Von der Tann' follow the Leader" will be made. The Senior Officer of the Battleships allotted to the 1st Scouting Group will then take over the command. As long as this separation lasts, the distinguishing signal for the 1st Scouting Group will be pendant 6.

(Signed) SCHEER

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