German Navy Tactical Orders

(source: Public Record Office ADM 186/55: CB1548 German Navy Tactical Orders)

Commander-in-Chief High Sea Fleet

Jade, 12th September 1916.

Gg. 6228 O.

Alterations and Additions No. 183.

Most Secret.


Position of the Flotilla Cruisers when Cruising.

1. By day. When cruising by day the flotilla cruisers select the best position on the Main Fleet, or on the I Scouting Group for taking general command of, and for concentrating and guiding their flotillas during the development of an action, in whatever direction this may take place.

It is desirable that the Commodore (T) should be able to be in reliable and quick signal touch with his destroyer flotillas, and with the Flagship of the Senior Officer of the Squadron.

Every effort should be made, therefore, to avoid using the Flotilla Cruisers for scouting or screening purposes. The small number of Light Cruisers available, however, does not permit of the Flotilla Cruisers being dispensed with under all conditions for these purposes. The Commander-in-Chief or the Senior Officer of the Scouting Forces will make the necessary decision on this point, according to the number of Light Cruisers available.

In the absence of any special orders, the Flotilla Cruisers will take up the station most suitable for their main duties.

2. By night. While proceeding at night, and unless special orders have been given, Flotilla Cruisers will take station astern of that battle or scouting squadron which includes the flagship of the respective Senior Officer, Commander-in-Chief, or Senior Officer commanding the Scouting Forces.

Should they have been attached, under the above exceptional circumstances, to the scouting or screening forces during the day, they will remain with that Scouting Group of Light Cruisers during the night to which they were attached during the day, unless orders to the contrary are given.

(Signed) SCHEER

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