Position of Officers on the Bridge of HMS Iron Duke

This is taken from The Sea Heritage (Museum Press, 1955) - the autobiography of Admiral Sir Frederic Dreyer, Jellicoe's Flag Captain.


At 6.14 p.m. on 31st May, 1916 (Jutland Battle), Jellicoe was standing at J1, when the Yeoman of Signals at Y read out each word flashed by Beatty, "Have sighted Enemy Battle Fleet Bearing SSW." Jellicoe at once walked as shown by the arrow and stepping up on to the Compass Platform at J2 looked at the magnetic compass card - in silence.

The alphabetical letters on the diagram represent the positions of Jellicoe and others at 6.14 p.m.

J1 and J2, Jellicoe F, Forbes (Flag Commander)
M, Madden (Chief of Staff) B, Bellairs (Torpedo and War Staff)
H, Halsey (Captain of the Fleet) FH, Fitzherbert (Flag Lieutenant)
D, Dreyer (Captain of Iron Duke) T, Twigg (3rd Signal Officer)
W, Woods (Fleet Signal Officer) Y, Yeoman of Signals who called out each word of Beatty's 6.14 signald

Comander W. Phipps 2nd Signal Officer was with a Yeoman of Signals at Signalling Searchlight on Lower Bridge acknowledging Beatty's reply signal at 6.14.

Captain Legget (Master of the Fleet) was in the Chart House plotting the Iron Duke's position on the Chart.

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