Wreck of the Hospital Ship Letitia

The following information is taken from Atlantic Diver Guide, volume II: Nova Scotia by David N. Barron, 1988, suplemented by information from the dive log of William Schleihauf.

The Hospital Ship Letitia, carrying a load of wounded Canadians from the fighting in France, was lost on 1 August, 1917: she was attempting to enter the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, but the bearings were wrong, and so she ran aground about 0.6 km to the south of Portugese Cove. She is a popular dive site today.

The wreckage is scattered over the bottom, in depths of circa 35 feet to well over 130. She is lying on a steeply sloping shelf, with a sudden drop off: looking down, you can see a boiler and a section of the stern.

Last Updated: 28 February, 2000.

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