Interesting Maritime and Military Links

One of the most useful sites around is:
Lars Bruzelius' Master Link of Maritime History. You can often find the link you're looking for here.

NB: it's very possible that some of these links will "break" over time -- your webmaster does try to remember to test them periodically, but, well.... if you do spot one that's not working, please let me know!

Government-Maintained Links

Public Record Office (UK)
National Archives of Canada
which also has digital images of the 1901 Census
United States National Parks Submerged Cultural Resources Unit
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Maple Leaf Legacy
US Naval War College
US National Archives
Naval Museum of Quebec(English)
Naval Museum of Quebec(en Francais)
US Navy Historical Centre
National Maritime Museum's Port online catalogue of maritime resources
German Military Archive
USN Site for the Submarine Centennial
Report on the Loss of HMAS Sydney in WW2
Commander A. Covey-Crump's Collection of Naval Slang
National Archives of Australia
French National Library
The Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Australian War Memorial
American Battle Monuments Commssion - has a list of all known US WW1 graves
Canadian Coast Guard, which also has:
History of the Canadian Coast Guard and Marine Services
Norwegian National Archives
War Artists from the First World War (Archives of Ontario)

Veterans' Organisations

The Royal Canadian Legion
(the Webmaster belongs to: Branch 28, Chatham Ontario)
Naval Officers Assocation of Canada
Veteran's Affairs (Canada)
Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans
RCN Benevolent Fund
Testaments of Honour Project First-hand accounts of Canadian Veterans
American Merchant Marine Veterans
Air Force Assocation of Canada

Historic Ships (Still in Existance)

Historic Naval Ships Visitors' Guide
UK's Core Collection of Historic Vessels
HMCS Haida The famous WW2 destroyer preserved as a memorial, currently under financial threat, she needs your support!
HMCS Sackville Canada's Naval Memorial
SS Great Britain - another great ship in danger.
USS Texas - the preserved WW1 battleship
The Medway Queen
Tug Silveira Martins
HMS Gannet, preserved in Portsmouth
HMS Gannet - another site
Barque Pamir
the Huascar
CSS Hunley
Georgios Averoff
Henry VIII's Mary Rose
HIJMS Mikasa
Barque Edwin Fox
USS Olympia
USS North Carolina
HMVS Cerebus

Museums, and Libraries

Online Catalogue for Libraries in the UK and Ireland
Historic Manuscripts Commission, which includes the searchable National Register of Archives
Museum Resources maintained by The Nautical Research Guild
Mailbase list of naval and maritime museums in the UK
Maritime and Naval Museums in Britain and Ireland (including maps)
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes (Kingston, Ontario)
The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, UK
The Naval Museum of Manitoba
WW2 Halifax Bomber salvaged and being rebuilt in Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Institute of Maritime History
Deutsches Schiffahrtmuseum
Deutsches Historisches Museum
University of Hamburg Library
RN Submarine Museum, Gosport
India Office Records, The British Library Oriental and India Office Collections
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
The Coastal Forces Heritage Trust
Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth
Mariner's Museum
San Francisco Public Library, which has some ship picture (and some of their catalogue) online
New Zealand Museums
New Zealand National Maritime Museum
Plymouth (UK) Library
Imperial War Museum
The Online Facsimile Library, by the British Library, has some ocr'd newspapers from 1918
London's Docklands Museum
Cammell Laird Archive Collection
Archives and Collection Society, Picton Ontario, Canada


INRO The International Research Organization are the publishers of the very respected periodical Warship International.
The Nautical Research Guild
Diver Magazine (UK-based), which has excellent coverage of various wrecks, often of the WW1 era
Leading Lights the Lighthouse journal
War Studies Journal published by the Department of War Studies, King's Colledge, London UK
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies (American Civil War)
Japanese Seacoast Artillery 1946 report (one of many entries contained there)
Society for Nautical Research (the publishers of The Mariners Mirror)
Navy News
Canadian Military Journal
Naval Historical Society of Australia
The Naval Review -- the famous publication started in 1912 for the education of the Royal Navy's officers

Privately-Run Sites

Nihon Kaigun (a superb site devoted to the Imperial Japanese Navy)
Subwar network home page
"U-boat Net"
(they have a special section that has a very complete list of Second World War Convoys that were attacked
Unofficial Italian Navy webpage
Russian Naval History
Online Dictionary of American Fighting Ships (DANFS)
Ship's Bell To get your computer sounding truly nautical- just for fun!
Deutsche U-Boote im1.Weltkrieg (German Language)
Dive the Wreck of the Brittanic
Michael Phillips' Maritime History Index
SS Explorer, history and photographs of the former Fisheries Research Vessel (launched 1955)
Joseph Poutre's list of Naval and Maritime Museums
Royal Canadian Navy website, run by Alexander McClearn
World War II Resources "Primary Source Materials on the Web"
Robert Smith's Master Index to Maritime Museum Internet Resources
Canadian Nautical Research Society
Warship Photographs of the Royal Navy, A - Z
Julie Ferguson's Through a Canadian Periscope
RCN Historical Society
Gordon Smith's Online Naval History site
The Railway Gun Web-Museum
HMA Submarine AE 2 has been found!
German language site which contains information on the Austro-Hungarian Navy
"Elder's Naval Postcards"
US Naval Ranks and Uniforms, run by Justin Broderick.
"Digital Library" on Great Lakes Maritime History"
HMS Orvieto, a website by Peter Manchester, in honour of his grandfather Albert Manchester, who served in the Armed Merchant Cruiser during the War.
Newfoundland RNR an excellent site maintained by Darrell Hillier.
Airships, Battleships, Submarines And Silent Movies
WW1 Links maintained by S.Vidal
Tsingtao, 1914
Imperial German Navy website, run by Blane C. Rhoten
Naval Dockyards Society
World War One Naval Warfare run by Darren Milford
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Ingenieurs des Etudes et Techniques d'Armement
French Maritime Links
Battle of St. Vincent (1797) site
Japanese Kongo Class
Italian Naval History (Italian language)
Nelson's Decade
Resources and Contacts for Researching the Battle of the Atlantic (WW2)
Victorian Military Miscellany
Polish Shiplovers' Webpage (Polish language)
Diving in Narvik Fjord (Norwegian + English)
Mike Chapman's Victoria Cross Reference Site (excellent!!)
Germany's High Seas Fleet in the World War online version of the book
The Remembering Project
A site devoted to the wrecks in Scapa Flow
German Kriegsmarine Encyclopedia
Submarine Volunteer Memorial
Warships of the World
Judnick's Postcards
Dutch Submarines: The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy
HMCS Annapolis Project
Lake Michigan Maritime Marginalia
Mal Wright's Battles & Research Page
German U-Boats of WWI
Historic Diving Society
Surface Warfare Association
International Ship Registry Database
History of the Holland Torpedo Boat Company
Scandinavian Compasses Carved in Stone!
Northeast Historic Film of Bucksport, Maine (USA)
Aircraft Carrier Study Group
The Guns and Armour of Scapa Flow SUPERB underwater photography!!
Global Positioning System Primer
Royal Institute of Naval Architects
Franklyn Cards
Navies in Transition
Coast Defence Study Group
Friends of War Memorials
Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets
Ajax, Ontario The History of the Canadian city, named for HMS Ajax
Pictures of the Turkish battlecruiser Yavuz
The Gallipoli Association
Sinking of Finnish Hermes by U 45
Submarines on Public Display
Underwater Atmospheric Systems, a company involved in deep-water recovery
Palmerston Forts Society (UK fortifications)
Bob Sanders' Site a useful source for researching British Seamen
Peter Crichton's Ships and Philately Pages
Naval Order of the United States
USS Liberty
The Peace Resource Center
International Committee of the Red Cross has a number of treaty texts online
War of 1812
Warships Of The World
Naval Historical Society of Australia
The Sinking of the Arabia
Gneisenau Photos (German language)
Second Officer Herbert Lightoller of Titanic fame
RCN Ships' Badges
Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia
English East India Company Ships
Russian Naval History
Wreck of the Conestoga Cardinal Ontario (part of the website of the Aquadyne Scuba Club of Montreal)
Maritime Mobile Access & Retrieval System - a modern, online, call-sign database
A Guide to Maritime History Information on the Internet
War Memorials of Wolverhampton
The Great War, 1914-1918
First World Michael Duffy's Great War
British Pathe News
HMCS Algonquin
HMCS Sioux
Land Forces of Britain and the Commonwealth
World Medals
Victorian Military Society
Note that the VMS has a database on all 22,000 British and Commonwealth fatalities in the Second Boer War from 1899-1901
Russian Language Warship Site
Acorazados (Spanish language naval site)
RMS Titanic Exhibition
Harland and Wolff Technical Services Archive Department
British Empire/Commonwealth Forces Discussion List
The War Times Journal Archives (lots of interesting books and excerpts online, all periods)
Discussion Forum on the Austro-Hungarian Navy (German language)
Bert's Motor Gunboat Page
"Morning Tide" - a very good site on the Technology of late 19th & early 20th Century naval warfare
Royal Navy Ships of World War 2 by Andrew Arthur
US Merchant Marine website
Pre-Dreadnought Preservation
Michel E. T. D. Vlasto, RN
HMS Ganges Association
Haze Gray and Underway Massive Naval History and naval photography site
Flags of the World
Vice-Admiral Nelson's Own Website
Imperial German Navy Discussion Site (mostly German language)
RN + British Army Ranks, 18th C,
part of theArts and Collections Society Site
HMS Barham Survivors
WW2 RN Officer's Personal Photo Album
HMS Hood Association Website
German Colonial History
Traditionsverband ehemaliger Schutz- und Ueberseetruppen (Germany's occupation of Kiautschou)
Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft (German Colonial Society Photographic Archives)
Account by HMS Ark Royal's Captain during the Bismarck Chase
The British Cemetary at Kefalonia
Russian Language Naval Website
Finnish Coast Defence Ships
Distance to the Horizon (some useful formulae!)
Diving the Wreck of the USS President Coolidge
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Earl Grey
The Getty Thesaurus of Historical Names, very useful when trying to figure out just where someplace is!
pre-1914 German Uniforms
Naval Dockyard Society
Merchant Ships website
New Zealand Ship and Marine Society
Royal Marines Light Infantry
Military Abbreviations
Abbreviations on British Medals
History of Anchor Chain
Norway's Resistance Museum
Ed's Mess - an excellent site about the Royal Canadian Navy
Imperial German Navy in World War I
HMS Ramillies
A Midshipman's War by Frank Wade
Point Honda Memorial, honouring the men lost when 7 US destroyers went aground in 1923
Die Kaiserliche Marine Ralph Anton's excellent site on the Imperial German Navy (in German)
Submariners' Association (RN)
"Turret" Steamships (a Swedish-language site)
United States LST Association
ScapaMap Dive Survey of Scapa Flow
Admiral Reinhard Scheer
HMS Hood 3-D Project!
Warship Camouflage Site
The Red Duster an important resource on the British Merchant Navy
[US] Special Forces Search Engine
"One Site, Two Subjects" - a very good site devoted to the British Merchant Marine and the Royal Navy
Royal Naval Division 1914-1918
RN Ships 1840 - 1875 a list that is part of Peter Davis' site on William Loney, RN
British Naval Heritage in Micronesia: Tangible Evidence of the Armament Trade from 1890-1937
World Ship Society - Vancouver Branch
A Ship called Tuscania warning: there are a number of adverts that pop up!
The Batsman, Fleet Air Arm Special Interest Group
Janes Fighting Ships 1919
Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery
Russo-Japanese War Research Society
British India Steam Navigation Company
Tees Ships
Ottoman Navy
Royal Navy Warship Photos
Russo-Japanese War (in Russian)
Loss of the SS Mount Temple
Jewish Welfare Board Picture Postcards
Viribus Unitis
Sussex at War 1939-1945
Naval History "topsites" web ring
"Alt Naval Photos" -- "photographs" of ships that were never built!
Scharnhorst class warships (WW2)
Doug Coward's Analog Computer Museum - has photos of the Ford Fire Control computer!
WW1 Motor Launches
Royal Netherlands Navy in WW2
The Fleet Submarine Online - USN Submarine Training Manuals, immediately post-WW2, hosted by the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association
Peter McCracken's Index to Ships in Books

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