HMS Narborough Casualties

This list of casualties has been compiled by Brian Budge and Jonathan Saunders (who assisted with data from the Portsmouth Registry).

Lyness Naval Cemetery, Hoy and Graemsay

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Grave Other Notes
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/26883(PO) BENNETT Wesley Bramwell B. 192A
RN Leading Telegraphist 23493(PO) BROCKWAY Francis William 20 B. 156 Son of Joseph Watson and Harriet E. Brockway of Lowes Hill, Ripley, Derby. Born at Portsmouth. Distinguished Service Medal.
RN Officer's Steward 1st Class L/7376 DEACON Albert Thomas 30 B. 164A Son of Mrs. Annie Deacon of 71 King's Rd., Newbury, Berkshire.
RN Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/10378(PO) FOWLER William Frederick George B. 180
RN Able Seaman SS/5454(Dev) LAWSON Robert 20 B. 190 Son of Robert and Catherine Lawson of 22 Blenheim Drive, Broomhill, Glasgow.
RN Able Seaman SS/3090(PO) ORANGE Percy D. 37 Son of Albert and Ann E. Orange of 5 Clementson Rd., Crookes, Sheffield.
RN Able Seaman J/39110 TOMS George 19 O. 21 Son of James and Beatrice Toms.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/63145(PO) TRIMMER Ernest B. 171 Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Mary Trimmer of Rotherwick, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Chatham Register

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RNVR Able Seaman London/Z/2334 BUNN Alfred 19 Son of Mrs. M.A. Bunn of 19 Towyn Rd., Edmonton, London, and the late Mr. A. Bunn. Born at Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.
RNVR Able Seaman London/215688 MASON Charles 23 Son of Charles and Ellen Mason of Leigh House, 44 North Hill, Colchester. Junior Partner in the Firm of Chas. Mason & Son, Ipswich.
RN Able Seaman J/39470 SCOTT Norman 19 Son of James and Sarah Jane Scott of 15 Julian St., South Shields.


Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RN Ordinary Seaman J/66478 ARCHER Harold Percy 19 Son of John Edward and Lily Ada Archer of 24A Byton Rd., Tooting, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class 299860 ASHEN Charles Herbert
RNVR Signalman Mersey/Z/3344 CARTER Cecil John 18 Son of William Whaley and Bertha Carter of Gladstone Villa, Little Sutton, Birkenhead.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/64207 McCHEYNE Francis Wallace 19 Son of James McCheyne of New Galloway, Kircudbrightshire.
RN Chief Stoker 286614 MARSHALL John 36 Son of Samuel Marshall of Yealmpton, Devon; husband of Blanche Marshall of 6 Ivydale Rd., Mutley, Plymouth, Devon.
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/16332 PARKES Harry Howard 24 Son of William Henry and Hannah Parkes of 19 Lorrimore Avenue, Stoke, Devonport.
RNVR Able Seaman Mersey/Z/2818 PEGG James Thomas 19 Son of Thomas Henry and Annie Pegg of Asbury House, Leigh, Lancashire.
RN Boy Telegraphist J/56646 POTTS Alfred George 17 Son of Mrs. E. Potts of Leap Hill Rd., Pokesdown, Bournemouth.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/76476 RICHARDS Thomas Abraham 19 Son of John and Lizzie Jane Richards of Myrddin House, Cross Hands, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire. Native of Gorseinon, Glamorgan.
RN Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 269148 TILL James

Portsmouth Register

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/43839 ASKEW John 18 Son of Walter Askew of 6 Portland St., Agbrigg, Wakefield.
RN Able Seaman J/35652 BARBER George Ellis 19 Son of George and Emma Barber of 12 Brook St., Hyde.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 307425 BARRETT William Henry 32 Son of John Thomas and Jane Barrett of Portsmouth; husband of Clara Barrett of Moor Bottom, Upper Greetland, Halifax.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 292830 BEAMES George James 37 Son of James G. Beames of Fontley, Fareham and the late Kate G. Beames; husband of Florence Sabina Leonora Beames of 30 Stansted Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth.
RN Able Seaman J/33608 BECKENSALL Albert William 19 Son of George and Margaret E. Beckensall of 10 Pensons Gardens, St. Ebbs, Oxford.
RN Petty Officer 233708 BLUES John Alexander
RN Lieutenant BOWLY Edmond Mansel 30 Son of the late Comdr. J.E. Bowly, R.N.; husband of Elizabeth Manners Bowly of 119 Cromwell Rd., South Kensington, London.
RN Able Seaman J/53120 BOYNTON George Edward 20 Son of John and Eliza Boynton of Walkington, Beverley, Yorkshire.
RN Wireman 2nd Class M/25226 BROOKE Frederick William 41 Son of James Edward Brooke of Leeds.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/70184 BROWN John Metcalfe 19 Son of Thomas and Edith Brown of 106 Lytton St., South Shields. Native of Sunderland.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/26881 BULL James George 21 Son of F.S. and E. Bull of 6 Eagle Dwellings, City Rd., London. Native of Shoreditch, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/70188 BUTTON Sidney 23 Son of Robert and Elizabeth Button of Barton Bendish, King's Lynn, Norfolk; husband of Dora Button of Shelton House, Heather, Leicester.
RN Signalman J/31010 CLEAR Herbert William
RN Chief Petty Officer 181639 COBB Walter Edward
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29240 CREECH George 22 Son of Mary Creech of Weymouth and the late George Creech.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/111261 CRUTCHLOW David
RN Sub-Lieutenant DE WET Eric Oloff 20 Son of Thomas Oloff de Wet, C.B.E., Capt. R.N. (Retd.) and Elizabeth de Wet (nee Bradstreet) of Le Colombia Manor, Jersey. Served in H.M.S. "Queen" on staff of Admiral Mark Kerr. Mentioned in Dispatches. Distinguished Service Cross.
RN Able Seaman J/22914 DUNBAR John William 22 Son of Michael and Rose Dunbar of 75 Carlton St., Shieldfield, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/43950 FARBRIDGE Robert Bullerwell Son of Mary Ann Farbridge of 20 Lanley Terrace, Burnhope Colliery, Durham and the late Robert Farbridge.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/43706 FOLEY Thomas 21 Son of Annie Foley of 60 Salisbury Rd., Armley, Leeds and the late John H. Foley.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21461 FORD Andrew 22 Son of Andrew Ford of 12 Gillies St., Byker, Newcastle-on-Tyne and the late Jane Alice Ford.
RN Able Seaman J/11434 FOREMAN Reginald
RN Able Seaman J/23019 FRANCIS George William 22 Eldest son of Margaret Morgan (formerly Francis) of Frogham, near Fordingbridge, Hampshire and the late George Francis.
RN Petty Officer 214921 GAFFEE Arthur George 34 Husband of Emily Louise Gaffee of 146 Eastfield Rd., Milton, Portsmouth.
RN Able Seaman J/29314 GINGELL George 18 Son of Henry and Mary Jane Gingell of Tockenham, Swindon. Native of Preston, Lyneham, Wiltshire.
RN Leading Seaman 212204 GRANT Albert James 33 Son of Edward Berry and Kate Sarah Grant of Southampton; husband of Emily May Grant of 20 Montague Rd., Bishopstoke, Hampshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/115678 GREEN George Alfred 27 Son of George Henry and Mary A. Green of Back 89, Pope's Lane, Oldbury, Birmingham. Native of Tipton, Staffordshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/20448 GREEN Robert 22 Son of Mary Hannah Green of 37 Barclay St., Sunderland and the late John Green.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 302918 HAYES Thomas 33 Son of Thomas Hayes; husband of Elsie Alice Hayes of 106 Clive Rd., Fratton, Portsmouth. Native of Portsmouth.
RN Leading Stoker K/22482 HIBBERT Samson David
RN Able Seaman J/27690 HIBLING Horace Richard 22 Son of Sarah Hibling of 27 Meeching Rd., Newhaven, Sussex.
RN Leading Seaman J/11583 HODGE William Henry 23 Son of William and Jane Hodge. Native of Deptford, London.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 302787 HOWARD Samuel 43 Son of Samuel and Mary Ann Howard of Bury, Lancashire.
RN Able Seaman J/29475 HOWE Albert 21 Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Howe of 20 Cat Lane, Heeley, Sheffield.
RN Officers' Steward 2nd Class 359188 JERAM Frederick
RN Petty Officer 160124 JORDAN Philip John Marett 44 Son of Robert E. and Mary A. Marett Jordan; husband of Sarah Maria Jordan of 35 Shearer Rd., Kingston, Portsmouth. Born at St. Heliers, Jersey. Awarded China Medal (1900).
RN Leading Cook's Mate M/2340 JULIANS Samuel Martin
RNVR Midshipman KENNEDY Cecil Gordon 19 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kennedy of Castlebank House, Anniesland, Glasgow.
RN Able Seaman J/38170 KENNEY George Frederick John 20 Son of Frederick John and Mary Louisa Kenney of 29 Buckstone Rd., Edmonton, London. Native of Fulham, London.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 281897 LANGRIDGE Charles James 44 Son of Harry and Ann Langridge; husband of Katherine Langridge of 14 Suffolk Rd., Milton, Portsmouth. Native of Kemp Town, Brighton.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29273 LAWRIE Alexander 23 Son of George and Johanna Kinleyside Simpson Lawrie of Cumledge Mills, Duns, Berwickshire.
RN Leading Signalman J/22673 LEE Jacob 21 Son of Henry Lee of 21 Victoria Rd., Holloway, London. Native of Loughborough.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/114382 LILLICO John
RN Leading Stoker K/6786 LOOSE Arthur Albert 28 Son of Daniel Jonathan and Annie Loose of 76 Croft St., Ipswich.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/114380 MELLOWS Walter 24 Son of George and Lucy Ann Mellows of 15 Chesnut St., Lincoln.
RN Able Seaman 210523 MINGLES Robert 34 Son of Joseph and Annie Mingles of London; husband of Ethel Mingles of 11 Barrack Rd., Newcastle-on-Tyne.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 287876 MORRIS Richard 40 Son of George and Rosetta Morris of Littlehampton; husband of Rosina Morris of 12 St. Paul's Square, Southsea, Portsmouth.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/43815 NICHOLSON Lawrence Edward 18 Son of John Edward and Jane Louisa Nicholson of 7 Kimberley St., Argyle St., Hull.
RN Able Seaman J/38649 NICKS Hector Redvers 19 Son of Anthony and Kezia Nicks of 30 Sussex Terrace, Richmond St., Brighton.
RN Lieutenant NICOLAS John Gould 26 Son of John Daly and Emily Louise Nicholas. Distinguished Service Cross.
RN Mechanician 291302 PADLEY Walter Brennan
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/43947 PARKER Harry Edward 18 Son of Thomas James and Annie Maria Parker of 14 Crown St., Kingston, Portsmouth.
RN Able Seaman 210621 PINK William Stephen 33 Son of Elizabeth Pink; grandson of Jane Pink of 71 Powerscourt Rd., North End, Portsmouth.
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/4661 POWNEY Sidney George 28 Son of Harry Powney; husband of Annie Eleanor Powney of 12 Birkbeck Rd., Wimbledon, London.
RN Able Seaman SS/7118 PRICE William Edward 20 Son of Edwin Shaw and Emma Price of 8 Sparrows Buildings, Millfields Rd., Bilston, Staffordshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/112782 REID George Bagnall 24 Son of William George and Sarah Ellis Reid of 119 Warwick St., Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
RN Able Seaman J/34027 RITTER Henry Percival Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ritter of 4 Carmen St., Poplar, London.
RN Leading Stoker K/9383 ROGERS John Charles 28 Son of John and Sarah Rogers of 24 Ashwell Rd., Old Ford, London. Native of Stepney, London.
RN Petty Officer 172389 SHEPPARD Edward William 41 Son of Louisa A. Sheppard of 129 High St., Hythe, Kent and the late Edward Sheppard. Native of Portsmouth. Formerly served in H.M.S. "St. Vincent".
RN Able Seaman J/23112 SOUTHAM Alfred George Thomas 20 Son of Alfred and Mary Ann Southam of 42 Clensham Lane, Sutton, Surrey.
RN Able Seaman J/11758 STONE James Charles
RN Leading Seaman J/7385 STRANGE Frank Arthur
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/112778 TAYLOR Charles Frederick
RNVR Midshipman VENABLES Harry Adrian 18 Son of Harry Howard Philip and Elizabeth Catherine Venables of "Bronllwyn", Wingfield Rd., Whitchurch, Cardiff.
RN Able Seaman SS/5300 WALKER Frederick William 20 Son of Arthur V. and Annie G. Walker of II Roscoe Terrace, Chapeltown Rd., Leeds. Served at the Battle of Jutland in H.M.S. "Comus".
RN Able Seaman J/30365 WALSH John Albert 18 Son of Rosina Woodriffe (formerly Walsh) of 93 Cardiff Rd., Portsmouth.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/65479 WHITBY Herbert Thomas 20 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Whitby of 43 Irwell Lane, Runcorn, Cheshire.
RN Able Seaman J/27072 WINKWORTH Alfred Charles Son of Amelia Bertha Winkworth of 19 Dukes Rd., St. Denys, Southampton.
RN Able Seaman J/30477 WOOBEY Victor William 20 Son of Thomas William and Mary Jane Woobey of 19 Carleton View, Swan Hill, Pontefract.
RN Able Seaman J/15019 WOODHOUSE Frederick Reynolds 23 Son of Annie Woodhouse of 3F Dean St., Fetter Lane, London and the late Walter Woodhouse.

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