HMS Opal Casualties

This list of casualties has been compiled by Brian Budge and Jonathan Saunders (who assisted with data from the Portsmouth Registry).

Lyness Naval Cemetery, Hoy and Graemsay

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Grave Other Notes
RN Leading Stoker K/8073(PO) BALLAM Jesse B. 170
RN Ordinary Seaman J/42015(CH) BARTLETT Albert Percy 18 B. 157 Son of Elizabeth and Alfred Bartlett of 9 Oxford Court, Oxford St., London Rd., Brighton
RN Leading Seaman 167982 COOK William B. 194
RN Telegraphist J/39461(PO) FARQUHAR Alexander Gordon 18 D. 38 Son of Alexander Thomas and Frances Maria Farquhar of 17 Pinfold St., Darlaston, Staffordshire.
RN Able Seaman 228377(Dev) GREEN Albert Edward B. 191
RN Stoker 1st Class K/40913(PO) HARPER Felix O. 20
RN Ordinary Seaman J/68480(PO) HOLDSTOCK Frederick William Tubbs 18 B. 185 Son of Charles and Mary Holdstock of 30 Linton Rd., Hove. Born at Portslade, Sussex.
RN Able Seaman J/44856(PO) LE GROS Ernest B. 189
RN Able Seaman 191353(PO) PACK John Thomas B. 192
RN Ordinary Seaman J/47000(CH) PARSONS Edward 18 B. 165 Son of Edward and Rose Parsons of 19 Pelham Rd., Wood Green, London.

Chatham Register

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RN Stoker 1st Class K/35081 TERRY Charles Edward

Plymouth Register

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RN Ordinary Seaman J/66482 ATKINSON Frederick 19 Son of George and Alice Atkinson of 51 Trinity St., Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.
RN Able Seaman J/13922 CONNOR James 21 Son of Michael Connor of 3 Sea View, East Hill, Queenstown.
RN Gunner DUGGAN Edward
RN Yeoman of Signals 219308 GAFFNEY John Lund 32 Son of William J. Gaffney of Liverpool; husband of Elizabeth Mary Gaffney of 28 St. John's Rd., Cattedown, Plymouth.
RN Leading Seaman J/11576 GILL Charles John 22 Son of Mrs. Toombs (formerly Gill) of Bournemouth.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/66480 GRANT Alexander Frazer 25 Son of George and Emma Sarah Grant of 5 Porten Houses, Porten Rd., West Kensington, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/36760 HORE John Thomas 28 Son of James and Margaret Hore of Penbuff, St. Stephen's, Grampound Road, Cornwall.
RN Leading Stoker 307091 LETHBRIDGE George Ernest
RNVR Able Seaman Mersey/Z/1161 MURRAY John James 19 Son of John and Elizabeth Murray of Liverpool.
RN Stoker 1st Class 304304 RICHARDS Samuel 41 Son of George and Delilah Richards of 116 Ebrington St., Kingsbridge, Devon. Native of Tideford, St. Germans, Cornwall
RN Ordinary Seaman J/75896 RUSSELL John 24 Son of Hance and Maggie Russell of Daisyfield Cottage, Kilwinning, Ayrshire.
RN Officers' Steward 1st Class L/2303 SALMON Jack 25 Son of S. and F. Salmon of 58 Kilravock St., Queen's Park, London; husband of A.K. Long (formerly Salmon) of 12 Bracewell Rd., North Kensington, London.
RNVR Signalman Bristol/3/1020 SOMERS Frank William 23 Son of Clara Jane Somers of 10 Elm Grove Rd., Fishponds, Bristol, and the late John Somers.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/36962 TIPPETT George Henry 26 Son of Simeon and Minnie Tippett of St. Columb Minor, Cornwall; husband of Angelina Tippett of 7 Tor Terrace, Newquay, Cornwall.

Portsmouth Register

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RN Ordinary Seaman J/63202 APPLEYARD Hilton 20 Son of Joseph Henry and Alice Appleyard of 16 Kimberley View, Harehills Lane, Leeds.
RN Able Seaman J/6626 BAYTON Harry Lewis 24 Son of Harry and Mary Ann Bayton of 25 Mill Place, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/40953 BEACH George 21 Son of Thomas and Annie Beach of Shepton Montague, Castle Cary, Somerset.
RN Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 269930 BLACK Robert Distinguished Service Medal
RN Ordinary Seaman J/53129 BRAMWELL Edward 30 Son of Jane Bramwell of The Brow, Hesketh Bank, Preston, Lancashire and the late John Bramwell.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/45339 BURGIN Fred Son of Arthur and Elizabeth Burgin of 158 Wortley Rd., Highgreen, Sheffield.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25485 BYROM Evan
RN Telegraphist J/33319 CALTON Frederick John 19 Son of John William and Esther Calton of 75 Portland St., Southport, Lancashire.
RN Able Seaman J/27911 CARVER Eric Woodward
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/109305 CATFORD Henry 30 Son of Henry and Elizabeth Catford of Walworth, London; husband of Flora Alice Catford of 51 Darwin St., Old Kent Rd., London
RN Ordinary Seaman J/55091 CHAFFER James Charles 20 Son of Priscilla Chaffer of 2 Mountain's Yard, Wordsworth St., Burley Rd., Leeds and the late Charles Hampshaw Chaffer.
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/4423 CHAMPION Owen
RN Stoker 1st Class K/36043 CHRISTIE Herbert 28 Son of William and Mary Christie of Darlington; husband of Christina Christie of 10 Oaklands Terrace, Darlington.
RN Able Seaman J/41766 COWING Francis Gill 24 Son of John Robert and Margaret Ann Cowling of 93 Pensbury St., Darlington.
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/115 CUBISS Ernest Stanley 25 Son of Thornton and Maria Cubiss of Keighley, Yorkshire; husband of Florence Ethel Cubiss of 4 St. Paul's Square, Southsea, Hampshire.
RN Petty Officer 235012 CULL Henry George 29 Son of Henry and Mary Elizabeth Cull of Bournemouth, Hampshire.
RN Engineer Lieut. Commander DAMPIER– Lieut. Commander Thomas Henry Fielder
RN Officer's Cook 3rd Class L/8366 DENYER John Ernest 19 Son of John and Sarah Denyer of Galworth Rd., St. John's, Woking, Surrey.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 303481 EDWARDS Albert 38 Son of George Edwards of Artisan Terrace, London End, Earls Barton, Northampton.
RN Able Seaman J/55088 ELLIOTT James Lowrey 28 Son of the late John Thomas and Isabella Elliott of Newcastle-on-Tyne; husband of Elizabeth Jane Elliott of 25 Burn St., Gateshead.
RN Able Seaman J/22003 GARNER William John
RN Chief Petty Officer 187924 GILL Edwin George 39 Son of Mrs. E. Nicholls (formerly Gill) of I Shearer Rd., Portsmouth.
RN Leading Telegraphist J/15902 GRAHAM Ronald Robert James
RN Able Seaman SS/3432 GRIFFITHS Richard Thomas 30 Son of Thomas and Ann Griffiths of Hill Cottage, Trewern, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire; husband of Dorothy G. Griffiths.
RNVR Sub-Lieutenant GUNNING James Melhuish 20 Son of James Arthur and Emma Christina Gunning of "Jasmel", 42 Northview Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea. Specially promoted to Sub-Lieut. and Gunnery Officer after 21 years' service afloat in destroyer as A.B. Native of London.
RN Able Seaman J/11919 HARRISON Albert George 22 Son of G.H. and G. Harrison of North End, Portsmouth.
RN Able Seaman SS/4045 HARRISON Walter Stanley 24 Nephew of Fanny King (nee Harrison) of I Brunswick Avenue, Franklin St., Holderness Rd., Hull. Native of Hull.
RN Leading Stoker 312390 HIBBS John Herbert
RN Able Seaman J/55887 HILL Ernest Edward 23 Son of Ernest Edward and Caroline Hill of 18 Spring St., Brighton, Sussex.
RN Petty Officer Stoker K/10901 HOMBURG Frederick Charles
RN Chief Stoker 280003 IRWIN Frederick George 41 Son of John William Irwin; husband of Annie Irwin of 42 Malta Rd., Buckland, Portsmouth.
RN Able Seaman J/16990 JOLLIFFE Victor 22 Son of Charles and Kate Jolliffe of 150 Talbot Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth.
RN Petty Officer Stoker 281902 LEE Francis
RN Lieutenant LEWIS-LLOYD Robert Evan  (born 1885)
RN Petty Officer Stoker 295382 LOVELESS Frederick Edward 39 Son of the late Frederick and Mary Loveless of Poxwell, Dorsetshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/28450 LUNT Joseph
RN Able Seaman J/14291 MATTHEWS George Sidney 24 Son of L. and C.E. Matthews of 26 Francis St., Maryland Point, Stratford, London.
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/17317 MAYES Charles 27 Husband of Margaret Mayes of 320 Baltic St., Bridgeton, Glasgow.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/114013 McGREGOR William 26 Son of Robert and Annie McGregor of 170 Kendal St., Byker, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/42798 McKEE Alexander 20 Son of Alexander and Ellen McKeee of 3 Laverick Terrace, Annfield Plain, County Durham.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29021 McMENEMY Thomas
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29023 McPHEE Alexander 23 Son of Alexander and Mary McPhee of Nether Sunnyside, Drumoak, Aberdeenshire.
RN Lieut-Commander MALAN Charles Ceasar De Merindol
RN Leading Seaman 213055 MERRICK George Ernest 32 Son of William and Frances Eve Merrick of 177 Leicester St., Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.
RN Leading Signalman J/8072 MITCHENER Eric Joseph Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Mitchener of Southampton.
RN Wireman 2nd Class M/23382 MONTAGUE Albert Joseph 32 Son of Joseph and Annie Montague of Kingston-on-Thames; husband of Elizabeth Montague of 84 Richmond Park Rd., Kingston-on-Thames.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29020 MOODY Henry 28 Son of John and Jane Moody of 2 Blenheim Place, South East Rd., Sholing, Southampton.
RN Stoker 2nd Class 363381 MORTIMER Leonard Albert 35 Officers' Son of William Frederick and Emma Mortimer of Gosport; husband of Kathleen Mary Peters (formerly Mortimer) of 7 Elm Grove, Forton, Gosport.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/111243 MURRAY Joseph Son of Lucy Murray of 21 Sandyfaulds St., South Side, Glasgow.
RN Able Seaman 233998 NEEP Henry Douglas 31 Son of John Henry and Louisa Neep of Leicester.
RN Able Seaman J/35343 NICHOL Robert Liddell 21 Son of Robert Liddell and Esther Nichol. Born at Seacombe, Wallasey.
RN Able Seaman J/7420 O'CONNOR John Joseph Husband of Ann Norah O'Connor of 27 Gillet St., Ribbleton Lane, Preston, Lancashire.
RN Able Seaman J/10182 PAYNE Edmund Gordon 24 Son of Fred and Caroline Martha Payne of 24 Barley Banks, Offham, Lewes, Sussex.
RN Able Seaman J/27145 PRATLEY Robert Edgar 20 Son of Charlotte Jane Pratley of 49 Lammas Park Rd., South Ealing, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/8082 PRATT William
RN Petty Officer Stoker 301474 QUIGLEY John 34 Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Quigley of Bootle, Liverpool; husband of Lottie Quigley of 4 Gordon Row, Chapelhay, Weymouth, Dorset.
RN Leading Cook's Mate M/3645 RANDALL Harold Douglas 22 Son of the late Charlotte Elizabeth Randall.
RNVR Able Seaman Clyde/Z/7876 ROBERTSON James 27 Son of James and Mary Robertson of 7 Ellen St., Dundee.
RN Able Seaman J/25086 ROLLINSON Francis Joseph 21 Son of Joseph and Ellen Josephine Rollinson of 30 Kenmor Rd., Lower Tooting, London. Native of Shepherd's Bush, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/63769 ROTCHELL Frederick James 19 Son of James Henry and Sarah Jane Rotchell of 13 Saxon St., Hightown, Wrexham.
RN Petty Officer 227514 RUSH William Joseph 29 Son of William and Emily Rush of Hackney, London; husband of Mabel May Rush of 19 Bolton Gardens, Earl's Court, London.
RN Sub-Lieutenant SHAW Henry Staveley Pilkington 20 Son of Arthur Pilkington and Mary Anna Shaw of Burfield Lodge, Old Windsor, Berkshire.
RN Able Seaman J/35222 SHELMERDINE Sydney 22 Son of William and Emily Shelmerdine of 7 Goldsworthy Rd., Flixton, Manchester.
RN Able Seaman J/15293 SMITH Albert Edward 22 Son of George Smith of Standlake, Witney, Oxfordshire.
RNVR Surgeon Prob. STORY Louis Percival St. John 22 Son of Rev. Lawrence Parsons Story and Katharine Evelyn Story of 41 Ulsterville Avenue, Belfast.
RN Petty Officer Stoker K/3702 STOVELL Charles William
RN Able Seaman J/40867 TAYLOR William  Robert Pike ( notes: Whilst researching on the Australian War Memorial site I came across this information... He had two brothers Wallace, Pte. 14th. Royal Warwickshire Regt kia 13.4.18 - PLoegsteert Mem 2-3 & Pte. Harry, 25th. AIF kia 6.10.17 - Menin Gate 26. Soldiers' Died lists Wallace as being born Handsworth, Birminham, so there is every possiblity that that is where William came from too. Harry's file is on-line at AWM & his father seems to be a Mr. W G Taylor.
RN Able Seaman J/40880 WANE Christopher 22 Son of James and Agnes Wane of Marton Rd., Cargrave, Leeds.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29024 WATSON John 23 Husband of Mary Watson of 47 Silver St., East End, Sunderland.
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/27640 WHALLEY Herbert 24 Son of William and Margaret Whalley of School House, 14 St. Mary's Rd., Newton Heath, Manchester.
RN Leading Seaman 231647 YOUNG Alfred Charles 29 Son of Alfred and Harriett Young, of 28 Bognor Rd., Chichester, Sussex.

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