Royal Dutch Shell Shipping Casualties

The following has been kindly supplied by Michael Pryce (pryce@XTRA.CO.NZ):

Artemis Built 1914, 3882 gross. Damaged by submarine torpedo 1 February 1916 off Noord Hinder L/V, brought into Rotterdam.

Juno Built 1912, 2345 gross. Damaged by mine in North Sea 22 January 1917. Arrived Downs 25 January, and to Niewe Waterway 31 January for repairs.

Ares Built 1913, 3783 gross. Sunk by gunfire of UC.74 on 8 March 1917 off mouth of Tagus (38-12N, 10-19W) on a voyage from Suez to Rouen.

Hestia, under Capt. J.M. van't Hoen, was captured, and sunk by gunfire and torpedo by UB.23 on 31 March 1917 when 32 miles west of Maas Lightvessel whilst on a voyage from Rotterdam to London in ballast. Thirteen of the crew were lost. Had Dutch and Chinese crew. The small motor tanker was of 959 gross tonnage and 1,030 tons deadweight. Length 190.0 ft. x 32.7 ft. x 13.2 ft. She was owned by N.V. Nederland. Indische Tankstoomboot Mij., The Hague, and was built in 1916 by Gebr. Pot, Bolnes.

J.B. Aug. Kessler Built 1902, 5104 gross. Damaged by torpedo and gunfire of UC.48 on 23 March 1917 off Start Point on a voyage from Le Havre to Cardiff. Towed into Plymouth by a British tug.

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