Photos by John H. Rogers

This small set of photographs was taken by John Harold Rogers, while serving in the Royal Navy - all are circa 1918. They were passed down to his son, Edwin Rogers, who in turn left them to his son, John Rogers (, who has been kind enough to have them uploaded here, in memory of his Grandfather's service.

In a couple of instances, information is lacking: if you are able to fill-in some of the gaps, please e-mail the webmaster. Thanks to John Roberts, for providing names for a few of the destroyers based on their pendant numbers.

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Royal Navy


[Emp. of India]

HMS Emperor of India - she was the only one of the Iron Duke class to have a clinker funnel cap added.


HMS Revenge in the Norman Wilkinson-type camouflage pattern she sported between late 1917 (November?) and March 1918. Ramillies also had one of these experimental schemes, but with a quite different pattern and colours.

[Royal Oak]

HMS Royal Oak

[Royal Sovereign]

HMS Royal Sovereign


a St Vincent class battleship in the foreground (probably St Vincent herself), with a Queen Elizabeth class ship in the background - not the 'QE' herself, as a flying-off platform can be seen on 'B' turret.

Aircraft Carrier


HMS Furious

Light Cruisers


HMS Bellona


HMS Castor



HMS K7, one of the notorious steam-powered 'K' class.



HMS Rapid


HMS Sable - the number 91 can be clearly made out; the Flag Superior appears to be 'G' - thus the pendant number G91.


HMS Sorceress, pendant number G94 - J. H. Rogers served in her.


Sorceress launching a torpedo


one of Sorceress' boats (?) pulling away from an unknown bark


another view of that bark


HMS Trenchant, pendant G95


a destroyer (Repeat 'M' class?), pendant G80(?), with what appears to be a Colossus class battleship towing a kite balloon. Assuming her pendant number is G80, then it will be HMS Tirade, who was assigned that number in 1918 (previously, Oberon (1915-16) and Orcadia (1917) ).


an 'M' class destroyer - note the light destroyer Director above and abaft the bridge


another 'M' class, whose pendant number isn't clear, but might be G88 (or G96 or G88). If G88, then it's Rocket (Restless in 1917). G96 was Ulysses in 1918, and Trenchant in 1917.


a Modified 'R' class, whose pendant number might be G89. In 1918, G89 was HMS Rosalind, in 1917, Pheasant.


a destroyer (?), laying smoke


[on fire!]

an unidentified merchantman, on fire! A Parker class flotilla leader in the background.


minelayer HMS Angora: a merchantship commissioned into the RN from February 1915 till November 1919.

[Rosyth Dkyd.]

a fanciful postcard showing Rosyth Dockyard - not to scale!

[RN Matelots]

a group of RN matelots - the cap tally's can't be made out, but they might read HM TBD - ie destroyermen.

Interned German Warships


battleship Kaiser


battlecruiser Hindenburg

[German DDs]

two interned German torpedo boats

[German DDs]

another view, with British destroyers in the background

[German DDs]

the interned German torpedo boats

United States Navy


a Florida class battleship, probably the USS Florida herself - she served with the Grand Fleet's 6th Battle Squadron, while her sister Utah was based in Bantry Bay, Ireland.


USS Texas

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