"Arrowsmith" List: Royal Navy WWI Destroyer Pendant Numbers

Abbreviations used in the table:
cl=class, B= Builder, su=sunk, s=sold L=Launched,LD=Laid down, C=Completed.
("NK" in the pendant number indicates "not known")

Part 2

"Ocean" class or Tribal "F" class

H 40 [HMS Afridi F/cl, B:AM, L:08/05/07, 855t, 250' x 24.5', (H40:06/12/14), see-(D00:01/09/15)]
D 00 [HMS Afridi ex-(H40), s:09/12/19, F. Wilkinson]

H 37 [HMS Amazon F/cl, B:TH, L:29/07/08, 970t, 280.25, x 26.5', (H37:06/12/14), see-(D01:01/09/15)]
D 01 [HMS Amazon (1915) ex-(H37), see-(D03:01/01/18)]
D 03 [HMS Amazon (1918) ex-(D01), s:22/10/19, Ward, Preston]

H 09 [HMS Cossack F/cl, B:CL, L;16/02/07, 882t, 270' x 26', (H09:06/12/14), see-(D02:01/09/15)]
D 02 [HMS Cossack ex-(H09), see-(D19:01/01/18)]
D 19 [HMS Cossack (1918) ex-(DO2), s:12/12/19, Ward, Preston]

H 66 [HMS Crusader F/cl, B:WH, L:20/03/09, 1,045t, 280' x 26', (H66;06/12/14), see-(D03:01/09/15)]
D 03 [HMS Crusader ex-(H66), see-(D21:01/01/18)]
D 21 [HMS Crusader ex-(D03), s:30/06/20, Ward, Preston]

H 52 [HMS Ghurka F/cl, B:HL, L:29/04/07, 872t, 255' x 25.5', (H52:06/12/14), see-(D04:01/09/15)]
D 04 [HMS Ghurka ex-(H52), su:08/02/17, mine off Dungeness]

H 16 [HMS Maori F/cl, B:DE, L:24/05/09, 1,026t, 280' x 27', (H16:06/12/14), su:07/05/15, mine, North Sea]

H 19 [HMS Mohawk F/cl, B:WH, L:15/03/07, 864t, 270' x 25', (H19:06/12/14), see-(D05:01/09/15)]
D 05 [HMS Mohawk ex-(H19), see-(D57:01/01/18)]
D 57 [HMS Mohawk ex-(D05), s:27/05/19, Hughes Boickow, Blyth]

H 70 [HMS Nubian F/cl, B:TH, L:20/04/09, 998t, 280' x 26.75', (H70:06/12/14), see-(D06:01/09/15)]
D 06 [HMS Nubian ex-(H70), bow wrecked:27/10/16 by torpedo from Ger. DD, stern used at Chatham 1917 (see D99 HMS Zubian)]

H 38 [HMS Saracen F/cl, B:WH, L:31/03/08, 980t, 272' x 26', (H38:06/12/14), see-(D07:01/09/15)]
D 07 [HMS Saracen ex-(H38), see-(D74:01/01/18)]
D 74 [HMS Saracen (1918) ex-(D07), s:22/10/19, Ward, Preston]

H 29 [HMS Tartar F/cl, B:TH, L:25/06/07, 850t, 270' x 26', (H29:06/12/14), see-(D08:01/09/15)]
D 08 [HMS Tartar ex-(H29), see-(D86:01/01/18)]
D 86 [HMS Tartar (1918) ex-(D05), s:09/05/21, Ward, Hayle]

H 90 [HMS Viking F/cl, B:PM, L:14/09/09, 1,090t, 280' x 27.5', (H90:06/12/14), see-(D09:01/09/15) The only 6 funnelled ship in RN]
D 09 [HMS Viking ex-(H90), see-(D93:01/01/18)]
D 93 [HMS Viking (1918) ex-(D09), s:12/12/19, Ward, Breton Ferry]

H 86 [HMS Zulu F/cl, B:HL, L:16/09/09, 1,027t, 280' x 27', (H87:06/12/14), see-(D10:01/09/15)]
D 10 [HMS Zulu ex-(H86), da:08/11/16, mine, Dover Straits, rebuilt at Chatham:17 using part of Nubian(D06), rnd:07/06/17 HMS Zubian, see-(D99:01/01/18)]

D 99 [HMS Zubian ex-(D10), ex-HMS Zulu, ex- HMS Nubian, 1,050t, 288' x 27', s:08/11/19, Fryer, Sunderland]


D NK [HMS Cobra S/cl B:AM, L:08/05/1900, 375t, 223.5' x 20.5', su:19/09/01, wrecked on delivery, near Cromer]

D NK [HMS Viper S/cl B:HL, L:06/09/1899, 344t, 210.25' x 21', su:03/08/01, wrecked, on Buston Island, near Aldernay, The first turbine destroyer]

D NK [HMS Swift S/cl B:CL, L:07/12/07, 2,170t, 345' x 34', rearmed:17 one:6-inch, two:4-inch, s:09/11/21, Rees, Llanelly]

"Beagle" class, or "G" class

H 89 [HMS Basilisk G/cl,B:WH, L:09/02/10, (H89:22/02/15) see-(H33:early 1919)]
H 33 [HMS Basilisk (1919) ex-(H89) s:01/11/21, Fryer, Sunderland]

HC 5 [HMS Beagle G/cl,B:JB, L:16/10/09, (HC5:01/01/18), see-(H24:early 1919)]
H 24 [HMS Beagle (1919) ex-(HC5), s:01/11/21, Fryer, Sunderland]

HC 7 [HMS Bulldog G/cl,B:JB, L:13/11/09, (HC7:01/01/18), see-(HC4:13/09/18)]
HC 4 [HMS Bulldog ex-(HC7), see-(H25:early 1919)]
H 25 [HMS Bulldog (1919) ex-(HC4), s:21/09/20, Ward, Rainham]

H 16 [HMS Foxhound G/cl,B:JB, L:11/12/09, (H16:01/01/18), see-(H58:14/06/18)]
H 58 [HMS Foxhound ex-(H16), see-(H26:early 1919)]
H 26 [HMS Foxhound (1919) ex-(H56), s:01/11/21, Fryer, Sunderland]

H 07 [HMS Nautilus, G/cl,B:TW, L:30/03/10, rnd:16/12/13:HMS Grampus, (H07:01/09/15), see-(H38:01/01/18)]
H 38 [HMS Grampus ex-HMS Nautilus, ex-(H07), see-(HA7:14/06/18)]
HA 7 [HMS Grampus ex-HMS Nautilus, ex-(H38), see-(H31:early 1919)]
H 31 [HMS Grampus (1919) ex-(HA7), s:21/09/20, Ward, Rainham]

H 17 [HMS Grasshopper G/cl,B:FA, L:23/11/09, (H17:01/01/18), see-(H60:14/06/18)]
H 60 [HMS Grasshopper ex-(H17), see-(H28:early 1919)]
H 28 [HMS Grasshopper (1919) ex-(H60), s:01/11/21, Fryer Sunderland]

D 88 [HMS Harpy G/cl,B:WH, L:27/11/09, (D88:22/02/15), see-(H19:01/01/18)]
H 19 [HMS Harpy ex-(D88), see-(H71:14/06/18)]
H 71 [HMS Harpy ex-(H19), see-(H32:early 1919)]
H 32 [HMS Harpy (1919) ex-(H71), s:01/11/21, Fryer, Sunderland]

HA 3 [HMS Mosquito G/cl,B:FA, L:27/01/10, (HA3:01/01/18), see-(H29:early 1919)]
H 29 [HMS Mosquito (1919) ex-(HA3), s:31/08/20, Ward, Rainham]

D 87 [HMS Pincher G/cl,B:DE, L:15/03/10, (D87:22/02/15), see-(HC2:01/04/18)]
HC 2 [HMS Pincher ex-(D87), su:24/07/18, wrecked on Seven Stones, Scilly Isles]

HA 7 [HMS Racoon G/cl,B:CL, L:15/02/10, su:09/01/18, wrecked on W. coast of Ireland during a storm]

HC 7 [HMS Rattlesnake G/cl,B:HW, L:14/03/10, (HC7:13/09/18), see-(F96):early 1919]
F 96 [HMS Rattlesnake (1919) ex-(HC7), s:09/05/21 Ward, Milford Haven]

H 99 [HMS Renard G/cl,B:CL, L:13/11/19, (H99:13/09/18), see-(H27:early 1919)]
H 27 [HMS Renard (1919) ex-(H99), s:31/08/20, Ward, New Holland]

D 92 [HMS Savage G/cl,B:TH, L:10/03/10,(D92:22/01/15), see-(HA9:01/01/18)]
HA 9 [HMS Savage (1918) ex-(D92) see(F97:early 1919)]
F 97 [HMS Savage (1919) ex-(HA9), s:09/05/21, Ward, Portishead]

D 90 [HMS Scorpion BE/cl, B:FA, L:19/02/10, (D90:22/02/15). see-(HC3:01/04/18)]
HC 3 [HMS Scorpion (1918) ex-(D90), see-(H30:early 1919)]
H 30 [HMS Scorpion (1919) ex-(HC3), s:26/10/21, Barking ship Bkg Co.]

D 96 [HMS Scourge G/cl,B:HL, L:11/02/10, (D96:22/02/15), see-(H8A:01/01/18)]
H 8A [HMS Scourge ex-(D96), see-(F98:early 1919)]
F 98 [HMS Scourge (1919) ex-(H8A), s:09/05/21, Ward, Briton Ferry]

D NK [HMS Wolverine G/cl,B:CL, L:15/01/10, su:12/12/17, collision, with HMS Rosemary (Sloop), off Lough Swilley, Donegal]

The "Acorn" class or "H" class (1910-11)

H 02 [HMS Acorn Dh/cl, B:JB, L:01/07/10, (H02:06/12/14), see-(H03:01/01/18)]
H 03 [HMS Acorn ex-(H02), see-(H64:early 1919]
H 64 [HMS Acorn ex-(HO3) (1919), s:29/11/21, Marple & Gillott, Saltash]

H 05 [HMS Alarm Dh/cl, B:JB, (H05:06/12/14) see-(H04:01/01/18)]
H 04 [HMS Alarm ex-(HO5), see-(H96:early 1919)]
H 96 [HMS Alarm ex-(H04), (1919), s:1921, Ward, Hayle]

H 18 [HMS Brisk Dh/cl, B:JB, L:20/09/10, (H18:06/12/14), see-(H70:01/09/15)]
H 70 [HMS Brisk ex-H18), see-(H22:01/01/18)]
H 22 [HMS Brisk ex-(H70), see-(H65:early 1919)
H 65 [HMS Brisk ex-(H22), (1919), s:11/21, Distin, Devonport]

H 21 [HMS Cameleon Dh/cl, B:FA, L:02/06/10, (H21:06/12/14), see-(H24:01/01/18)]
H 24 [HMS Cameleon ex-(H22), see-(H66:early 1919)]
H 66 [HMS Cameleon ex-(H24), (1919), s:15/11/21, Distin, Devonport]

H 25 [HMS Comet Dh/cl, B:FA, L:23/06/10, (H25:06/12/14), su:06/08/18, by Austrian S/M in Mediteranian]

H 42 [HMS Fury Dh/cl, B:AJ, L:25/04/11, (H42:06/12/14), see-(H35:01/01/18)]
H 35 [HMS Fury ex-(H42), see-(H67:early 1919)]
H 67 [HMS Fury ex-(H35), (1919), s:04/11/21, Rees, Llanelly]

H 44 [HMS Goldfinch Dh/cl, B:FA, L:12/07/10, (H44:06/12/14), wrecked:19/02/15, in the Orkneys, wreck s:04/19]

H 48 [HMS Hope Dh/cl, B:SH, L:06/09/10, (H48:06/12/14), see-(H41:01/01/18)]
H 41 [HMS Hope ex-(H48), see-(H68:early 1919)]
H 68 [HMS Hope ex-(H41), (1919), s:02/20, at Malta]

H 57 [HMS Larne Dh/cl, B:TH, L:23/08/10, (H57:06/12/14), see-(H50:01/01/18)]
H 50 [HMS Larne ex-(H57), see-(H69:early 1919)]
H 69 [HMS Larne ex-(H50), (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Lelant, Cornwall]

H 60 [HMS Lyra Dh/cl, B:TH, L:09/05/10, (H60:06/12/14), see-(H67:01/01/18)]
H 67 [HMS Lyra ex-(H60), see-(H97:early 1919)]
H 97 [HMS Lyra ex-(H67), (1919), s:09/05/21, Ward, Milford Haven]

H 65 [HMS Martin Dh/cl, B:TH, L:15/12/10, (H65:06/12/14), see-(H71:01/01/18)]
H 71 [HMS Martin ex-(H65), see-(H21:early 1919)]
H 21 [HMS Martin ex-(H71), (1919), s:21/08/20, Agius Bros, Malta]

H 69 [HMS Minstrel Dh/cl, B:TH, L:02/02/11, (H69:06/12/14), on loan to IJN:06/17, rnd:Sendan, see-(H88:01/01/18)]
H 88 [HMS Minstrel ex-(H69), rtn to RN:1919, rnd:HMS Minstrel, see-(H72:early 1919)]
H 72 [HMS Minstrel ex-(H88), (1919), s:01/12/21, Stanlee, Dover]

H 72 [HMS Nemesis Dh/cl, B:HL, L:09/08/10, (H72:06/12/14), on loan to IJN:06/17, rnd:Kanran, see-(H82:01/01/18)]
H 82 [HMS Nemesis ex-(H72), rtn to RN:1919, rnd:HMS Nemesis, see-(H73:early 1919)]
H 73 [HMS Nemesis ex-(H82) (1919) s:26/11/21 British Legion, Plymouth]

H 74 [HMS Nereide Dh/cl, B:HL, L:06/09/10, (H74:06/12/14), see-(H89:01/01/18)]
H 89 [HMS Nereide ex-(H74), see-(H70:early 1919)]
H 70 [HMS Nereide ex-(H89) (1919) s:01/12/21, Stanlee, Dover]

H 83 [HMS Nympe Dh/cl, B:HL, L:31/01/11, )H83:06/12/14), see-(D25:01/01/18)]
D 25 [HMS Nymphe (1918) ex-(H83) see-(H98:early 1919)]
H 98 [HMS Nympe (1919) ex-(D25), s:09/05/21, Ward, Hayle]

H 77 [HMS Redpole Dh/cl, B:WH, L:24/06/10, (H77:06/12/14), see-(H96:01/01/18)]
H 96 [HMS Redpole ex-(H77), see-(H71:early 1919)]
H 71 [HMS Redpole ex-(H96) (1919) s:09/05/21, Ward, Milford Haven]

H 82 [HMS Rifleman Dh/cl, B:WH, L:22/08/10, (H82:06/12/14), see-(H97:01/01/18)]
H 97 [HMS Rifleman ex-(H82), see-(H99:early 1919)]
H 99 [HMS Rifleman ex-(H97) (1919) s:09/05/21, Ward Briton Ferry, b:23]

H 85 [HMS Ruby Dh/cl, B:WH, L:04/11/10, (H85:06/12/14), see-(H98:01/01/18)]
H 98 [HMS Ruby ex-(H85), see-(H22:early 1919)]
H 22 [HMS Ruby ex-(H98) (1919) s:09/05/21, Ward, Grays]

H 88 [HMS Sheldrake Dh/cl, B:DE, L:18/01/11, (H88:06/12/14), see-(HOA:01/01/18)]
HO A [HMS Sheldrake ex-(H88), see-(H23:early 1919)]
H 23 [HMS Sheldrake ex-(HOA), (1919) s:09/05/21, Ward, Grays]

H 89 [HMS Stauch Dh/cl, B:DE, L:29/10/10, (H89:06/12/14), su:11/11/17, by UC38, off coast of Palestine]

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