Phonetic Alphabets

The following table of voice codes (those in naval use, during the World War One era, have been extracted) was presented on MARHST-L by John Harland 16 February, 1998.

Letter Royal Navy (1917) German (no date)
A Apples Anton
B Butter Berta
C Charlie Caesar
D Duff Dora
E Edward Emil
F Freddy Friedrich
G George Gustav
H Harry Heinrich
I Ink Ida
J Johnnie Julius
K King Karl
L London Ludwig
M Monkey Martha
N Nuts Nordpol
O Orange Otto
P Pudding Paula
Q Queenie Quelle
R Robert Richard
S Sugar Siegried
T Tommy Theodor
U Uncle Ulrich
V Vinegar Viktor
W Willie Wilhelm
X Xerxes Xanthippe
Y Yellow Ypsilon
Z Zebra Zeppelin

Brian Kelk has a detailed webpage devoted to the Phonetic Alphabet, of all countries.

Last Updated: 23 January, 2003.

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