German Submarine Losses From All Causes During World War One

Compiled and Edited by J. David Perkins

[Imperial German Ensign]


The bulk of the information in these notes was taken from two sources; V. E. Tarrant's The U-Boat Offensive 1914-1945, published by the Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, in 1989, and R. M. Grant's U-Boats Destroyed, published by Putnam, London, in 1964. Once compiled, these notes were compared in detail to a number of reputable references. Through this process it was determined that many differences exist between the different works, particularly concerning the cause of loss. In this record the best supported version has been used as the primary cause with the other incidents being listed as possibilities.

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations




Lt. Commander



Skipper (RNR)



Lt Cdr





Korvetten Kapitän

Kapitän Leutenant

Oberleutenant zur See

Leutenant zur See












Depth Charge



Motor ship


Steam ship

Sailing vessel

Types of U-Boat


Medium and large ocean-going torpedo and gun armed submarine typically around 500 - 800 tons.Includes the heavily armed "UA" U-cruisers and the ocean-going "UE" minelayers of around 1500 - 2000 tons.


Small, medium and short range, torpedo and gun armed attack-type submarines in the 250 - 500 tons size.


Small, short range, minelaying submarines in the 150 - 400 tons size.

Survivors of sinkings have been included where known otherwise the submarines are presumed to have been lost with all hands.

U-15 Pohl, Kplt Aug 9 Fair Isle Rammed Rammed by HMS BIRMINGHAM
U-13 Schwinitz, Kplt von Aug 12 Heligoland Bight Unknown Probably mined.
U-18 Hennig, Kplt von Nov 23 Pentland Firth Rammed Attacked by the armed trawler DOROTHY GRAY and rammed by the destroyer HMS GARRY.

Crew rescued.

U-11 Suchodoletz, Dec 9 off Zeebrugge Unknown Presumed mined.
U-5 Lemner Dec 18 off Zeebrugge Mined
U-31 Wachendorff, Kplt January UK East Coast Unknown Probably mined
U-7 König, KvKap Jan 21 Dutch coast Torpedoed Torpedoed in error by German U-22.

One survivor, the CO.

U-8 Stoss, KvKap Mar 4 Dover barrage Expl. sweep Sunk by the destoyers HMS MAORI and GHURKA when caught in nets.

Crew rescued.

U-12 Kratzsch, Kplt Mar 10 Fife Ness Rammed Attacked by HMS ATTACK and rammed by HMS ARIEL, Lt Cdr J.V. Creagh.

10 survivors captured

U-29 Weddigen, Kplt Otto Mar 18 Pentland Firth Rammed Rammed by HMS DREADNOUGHT.
U-37 Wilke, Kplt March 30 English Channel Unknown Possibly caught on the surface off Fécamp and rammed by HM trawler STE. JEMANNE.
UB-3 S. Schmidt May Gulf of Smyrna Unknown
U-14 Hammerle, Oblt June 5 off Peterhead Rammed Gunfire and ramming by armed trawler HAWK, Lt H.J. Ferguson.

27 rescued, CO remained aboard.

U-40 Fürbringer, Kplt G. June 23 off Aberdeen Torpedoed Torpedoed by HMS/M C-24, Lt Taylor, which was being towed by the trawler TARANAKI, Lt Cdr Edwards.

CO and 2 crewmen rescued

UC-2 Mey, Oblt Karl July 2 off Yarmouth Rammed Accidently struck while at periscope depth by the small steamer COTTINGHAM. Investigating sweepers dislodged a mine which later detonated. A diver entered the wreck next day and recovered code books and papers. The wreck was later raised and examined.
U-23 Schulthess, Kplt July 20 Fair Isle, N. Sea Torpedoed Torpedoed by C-27, Lt Cdr Dobson, while being towed by the trawler PRINCESS LOUISE, Lt Cantlie.

CO and nine others rescued.

U-36 Graeff, Kplt July 24 Hebrides Gunfire Q-ship PRINCE CHARLES, Lt M. Wardlaw. 15 survivors.
UB-4 Gross, Oblt Karl Aug 15 Yarmouth Gunfire Q-ship, the armed smack INVERLYON, Gnr. E. Jehan.
U-27 Wegener, Kplt Aug 19 Scillies Gunfire Q-ship ship BARALONG, Lt Cdr G. Herbert.
U-26 Berkheim, Kplt F. v Aug/Sept Gulf of Finland Mined Probably a Russian mine.
U-6 Lepsius, KvKap Sept 15 off Stavanger Torpedoed Torpedoed by HMS/M E-16, Cdr Talbot.

CO and 4 others captured.

U-41 Hansen Sept 24 Scillies Gunfire Sunk by Q-ship WYANDRA, (ex-BARALONG) Lt Cdr A. Wilmot-Smith. Two officers captured.
UC-9 Schürman October Longsands L.V. Own mines
UC-8 (Not known) Nov 14 Tershelling Isl. Stranded Crew interned, U-boat to Dutch Navy.
UC-13 Kirchner Nov 29 Black Sea Stranded Went aground during a storm, 55 miles E of Bosporus.

Crew saved.

UC-12 Fröhner, Lt E. Mar 16 Off Taranto Own mines
U-68 Guntzel, Kplt Mar 2 SW. Ireland Gunfire Q-ship ship FARNBOROUGH, Lt Cdr G. Campbell.
UB-26 Smiths, Lt W. Apr 5 off Le Havre D/C'd Caught in nets laid by drifters under command of Lt J.M. McLaughlin, ENDURANCE, and D/C'd by French destroyer TROMBE. Crew of 21 captured. Boat salvaged by the French.
UB-13 Metz, Oblt A. ca Apr 25 off Zeebrugge Unknown Possibly caught in explosive nets off Walcheren Isl. tended by HM drifter GLEANER OF THE SEA, Skpr. R.G. Hurren, and HMS AFRIDI.
UC-5 Mohrbutter, Oblt U. Apr 27 Shipwash Shoal Stranded Crew taken off by HMS FIREDRAKE. U-boat salvaged.
UC-3 Kreysern, Oblt G. May 27 off Zeebrugge Mined Also claimed to have been sunk in nets towed by drifter CHEERO, Lt W.F. Scott, on 23 Apr. This is hardly likely, however in view of the German records which show that she sailed from Zeebrugge on 25 May to lay mines off Orforness.
U-74 Weisbach, Kplt E. May 27 off Peterhead Gunfire Sunk by the trawler KIMBERLEY and three other armed trawlers.
U-10 Stuhr June Gulf of Finland Mined Probably Russian mines.
UC-7 Haag, Lt Georg July 5 off Zeebrugge Mined Also claimed to have been depth charged by HM MB SALMON, S-Lt E.T. West, off Lowestoft 6 July.
U-77 Guntzel, Kplt Erich ca July 7 N. North Sea Unknown Possibly sunk by trawler ALBATROSS or own mines.
U-51 Rumpel July 14 Ems Estuary Torpedoed HMS/M H-5, Lt Cromwell H. Varley.

Two survivors captured.

UB-44 Wäger, Oblt August Aegean Sea Unknown Sailed Cattaro for Constantinople 4 Aug,
UC-10 Albrecht, W. Aug 21 Schouwen Bank Torpedoed HMS/M E-54, Lt Cdr R.H.T. Raikes.
UB-7 Lütjohan, Oblt September Black Sea Unknown
U-56 Lorenz, Oblt Helmut ca Nov 3 Lapland Unknown Had been damaged by gunfire from Russian trawlers on 2 Nov. Sailed from Tana Fiord on 3 Nov and disappeared.
U-20 Schwieger, Kaplt W. Nov 4 W. coast Jutland Stranded Crew rescued.
UB-45 Palis Nov 6 Varna, Black Sea Mined Russian minefield, 5 survivors rescued.
UC-15 Heller November Danube Estuary Unknown
UB-19 Noodt, Oblt Erich Nov 30 English Channel Gunfire Q-ship PENHURST, Cdr F.H. Grenfell.

16 survivors captured.

UC-19 Nitzche Dec 6 SW Approaches Expl sweep High-speed paravane streamed by the destroyer HMS ARIEL, Lt J.V. Creagh.
UB-46 Bauer Dec 7 Bosporus Mined Russian minefield.
UB-29 Platsch, Oblt Erich Dec 15 Bishop's Rock Expl sweep Sunk by the destroyer HMS LANDRAIL.
UB-37 Günther, Kplt Jan 14 English Channel Gunfire Q-ship PENHURST, Cdr H.F. Grenfell, DSO.
U-76 Bender Jan 22 off Hammerfest Foundered Sank in a storm after having been rammed and damaged by a Russian trawler the previous day off North Cape. The crew was rescued by the Norwegians and repatriated to Germany.
UC-46 Moecke Feb 8 SE Goodwins Rammed Rammed by the destroyer HMS LIBERTY, Lt Cdr P.W.S. King.
UC-39 Ehrentraut Feb 8 Flamborough D/C'd Destroyer HMS THRASHER, Lt E.M. Hawkins.

17 crew captured and 2 British prisoners rescued.

U-83 Hoppe Feb 17 SW Ireland Gunfire. Q-ship FARNBOROUGH, Lt Cdr G. Campbell.

2 survivors captured.

UC-18 Kiel Feb 19 English Channel Gunfire Sunk by the Q-ship LADY OLIVE which also sank having been torpedoed by UC-18.
UB-6 Hacker Feb 23 Dutch Coast Stranded.
UC-32 Breyer Feb 23 Sunderland Own mines. CO and 2 men captured.
UC-43 Sebelin Mar 10 Muckle Flugga Torpedoed HMS/M G-13, Lt Cdr Bradshaw.
U-85 Petz Mar 12 Start Point Gunfire Sunk by the Q-ship PRIVET, Lt Cdr G.G.Matheson.
UC-68 Degetau April 5 Schouwen Bank Torpedoed HMS/M C-7, Lt A.W. Forbes.
UC-30 Stenzler, Kplt Apr 21 Hiorns Reef Mined
U-81 Weisbach May 1 W. Ireland Torpedoed HMS/M E-54, Lt Cdr E.H.T. Raikes.

CO and 6 men captured.

UC-26 Schmettow, Kplt G. May 8 Thames Estuary. Rammed HMS MILNE, Cdr V.L.A. Campbell.

2 survivors captured.

UC-76 Barten, Oblt W. May 10 Heligoland Blew up Accident while embarking mines. U-boat was salvaged.
U- 59 von Firks May 14 Hiorns Reef Mined German minefield. 4 survived.
UB-39 Küstner, Oblt Heinrich May 14/15 E. of Dover Mined Also possibly by gunfire from Q-Schooner GLEN, Lt R.J. Turnbull, RNR, off The Needles, 17 May.
UC-36 Buch May 19 The Needles Own mines
UB-36 Keyserlink, Oblt von May 20 Near Ushant Unknown Possibly sunk by gunfire from the Q-schooner MARY B. MITCHEL, Lt Lawrie, or possibly a French destroyer or the USN destroyer CUMMINGS. Fate uncertain.
UC-24 Willich May 24 off Cattaro Torpedoed Torpedoed by French S/M CIRCE.

2 survivors.

UC-29 Rosenow, Kplt Ernst June 7 S. Ireland Gunfire Sunk by Q-ship SS PARGUST, Cdr G. Campbell, VC, and crew ex-FARNBOROUGH. This was Campbell's third U-boat.
UC-66 Pustkutchen, Oblt H. June 12 off The Lizard D/C'd Armed trawler SEA KING, Cdr G. Herbert.
U-99 Eltester, Kplt Max June 20 S.W. Ireland Rammed Rammed by the Cunarder VALERIA while UK bound from New York; or, possibly torpedoed by HMS/M J-2, Lt Cdr V.M. Cooper, on 7 July in the North Sea. (J-2 was not credited with this sinking and the former is the most widely accepted fate).
UC-1 Mildenstien July 19 off Nieuport Mined Possibly bombed by aircraft from Felixstowe off the N.Hinder L.V., on 25 July. (The former is the most likely fate).
UC-61 Gerth July 26 off Gris Nez Stranded Blown-up by own crew. Crew interned in Belgiun.
UB-20 Glimpf, Lt July 28 Zeebrugge Mined Possibly sunk by two seaplanes off N.Hinder L.V. the same day while on a "Jolly" with guests aboard including some women.
UB-27 Stien, Oblt von July 29 Smith's Knoll D/C'd Depth charged and rammed by the gunboat
UB-23 Ziemer, Oblt July 29 Corunna, Spain Internment Badly damaged in an attack by HM PC-60 off The Lizard on 26 July.
U-69 Wilhelms, Kplt Ernst July SW Ireland Unknown Possibly the U-boat depth charged by HMS PATRIOT on 12 July.
UC-44 Tebenjohans, Kplt Aug 4 Off Waterford Own mines Lured into a German - laid minefield.

CO survived and was captured.

U-44 Wagenführ, Kplt Paul Aug 12 S. Norway Rammed Damaged by Q-ship gunfire the previous day; W/T message intercepted; rammed by HMS ORACLE, Lt Cdr A. Grendon Tippet.
UC-72 Voigt, Kplt Aug 20 Bay of Biscay Gunfire Sunk by the Q-ship ACTON.
UC-41 Foerste Aug 21 Tay Estuary D/C Damaged by own mine and D/C'd by minesweepers, HM trawlers JACINTH, THOMAS YOUNG & CHIKARA.
U-50 Berger Aug 31 Terschelling Mined
U-28 Schmidt, Kplt G. Sept 2 North Cape Foundered Holed by debris from the explosion of the munitions ship OLIVE BRANCH which blew-up after being torpedoed by U-28.
U-66 Muhle Sept 3 Dogger Bank Probably mined
U-88 Schwieger, Kplt W. Sept 5 Terschelling Mined In U-20 this CO and most of his crew had torpedoed LUSITANIA.
UC-42 Müller, Oblt Hans A. Sept 10 Cork, Ireland Own mines
U-49 Hartmann Sept 11 W. Bay of Biscay Rammed Run-down by the SS BRITISH TRANSPORT.
U-45 Sittenfeld Sept 12 W. Shetlands Torpedoed HMS/M D-7, Lt Oswald E. Hallifax.

2 survivors rescued.

UB-32 Ditfurth, V. Sept 22 Near Sunk L.V. Bomb Sunk by bombs dropped by seaplane No. 8695.
UC-21 Derboni di Sposetti, Oblt Sept off Zeebrugge Mined
UC-33 Arnold, Oblt Alfred Sept 26 St. George's Chan. Rammed Escort craft HMS PC-61, Lt Cdr F.Worsley. CO rescued.
UC-6 Reichenbach Sept 27 Kentish Knock L.V. Mined nets Caught in mined nets. Another account describes how UC-6 was caught on the surface near The Sunk L.V. and was bombed by seaplane No.8676, Maj. B.D. Hobbs, RFC. This incident was witnessed and reported by several German ships.
UC-55 Lilienstern, Oblt von Sept 29 Lerwick Scuttled S/M out of control while laying mines, abandoned and scuttled by crew. Crew captured.
UC-14 Feddersen, Oblt d R. Oct 3 Zeebrugge Mined
UC-16 Reimarus, Oblt October Uncertain Uncertain Possibly mined in Zeebrugge approaches on departure 3.10.17; or sunk by HMS MELAMPUS off Selsey Bill 23.10.17 using D/C's and explosive sweep. (Former version most likely but latter officially accepted).
UB-41 Ploen Oct 5 Scarborough Mined German minefield.
U-106 Hufnagel, Kplt Hans Oct 7 Heligoland Bight Mined.
UC-62 Schmitz Oct 14 Off Portland Mined Another account claims UC-62 was torpedoed by HMS/M E-45(ML), Lt Cdr G.R.S. Watkins.
UC-63 Heyderbeck, von Nov 1 S. Goodwins Torpedoed HMS/M E-52, Lt P.E. Philips.

One survivor

UC-65 Lafrenz, Kplt Claus Nov 3 Dartmouth Torpedoed HMS/M C-15, Lt E. Dolphin.

CO and four others captured.

UC-51 Galster Nov 17 off Start Point Mined Also claimed to have been sunk by the destroyer FIREDRAKE off Harwich on 13 Nov.
U-58 Amberger, Kplt Gustav Nov 17 Milford Haven D/C'd Destroyer USS FANNING. 39 crew survived. Only U-boat sunk by unassisted USN ships.
UC-47 Wigankow, Oblt Nov 18 E. of Flamborough Rammed Patrol vessel HMS P-57, Lt Cdr Birnie.
UC-57 Wissmann ca Nov 18 Gulf of Finland Mined
U-48 Edeling Nov 24 SW Goodwins Stranded Driven aground by HM armed drifters PRESENT, HELP, PARAMOUNT and MAJESTY and was blown-up by own crew.
UB-61 Schultz, Oblt Theodor, Nov 29 Vlieland Mined Minefield laid by HMS/M E-51(ML).

9 survivors.

UB-81 Salzwedel, Kplt R. Dec 2 The Owers Mined 6 survivors captured.
UC-69 Thielman Dec 6 Cap Barfleur Foundered Collided with U-96 at night.

18 crew rescued.

UB-18 Neimeyer, Oblt Georg, Dec 9 English Channel Rammed Sunk by convoy escort, HM armed trawler BEN LAWER.

Also reported mined in the Channel 17 November.

However, as UB-18's departure from Zeebrugge on 1 December is recorded in the German records the former account is the more likely. (See Grant).

UB-75 Walther, F. Dec 10 Flamborough Hd. Mined
U-75 Schmolling Dec 10 off Terschelling Mined Mined while departing on patrol. CO and 7 men rescued by German steamer NORDSTERN.
UC-38 Wendlandt Dec 14 Gulf of Corinth D/C'd Sunk by French destroyers MAMELUCK and LANSQUENET.

CO + 24 captured.

UB-56 Valentiner, Oblt Hans Dec 19 Dover Straits Mined
U-87 Schülzburg, von Speth Dec 25 Irish Sea Rammed Sunk by the sloop HMS BUTTERCUP after being D/C'd and rammed by HMS PC-56.
U-93 Gerlach, Kplt Helmuth Jan 7 Lizard Pt. Rammed Rammed by the SS BRAENIEL at night.
UB-69 Klatt Jan 9 off Bizerta Expl sweep High-speed explosive paravane and D/C's from HMS CYCLAMEN.
UB-66 Wernicke, Kplt Jan 18 off Cap Bon D/C'd Sunk by the sloop HMS CAMPANULA, Cdr P.L.Goddard.
UB-22 Wacker, Oblt Karl Jan 19 North Sea Mined
U-95 Prinz, Kplt Athaluin Jan 19 Dover Strait Mined
U-109 Ney Jan 24 Dover Strait Mined U-109 was forced to dive in the barrage by the drifter BERYL III, Skpr J.H. Bullock, where she was sunk.
U-84 Röhr, Kplt Jan 26 St.George's Chan. Rammed Sunk by HMS PC-62
UB-35 Stöter, Oblt Karl Jan 26 N. of Calais D/C'd Sunk by the destroyer HMS LEVEN. 6 men who had been left aboard the Greek steamer SS EPSTATIOS when a boarding operation was interrupted the previous day survived to be captured.
UB-63 Gebeschus, Kplt v R. Jan-Feb Irish Sea D/C'd The fate of this boat is uncertain but she may have been the U-boat D/C'd by the armed trawler CORMORANT IV and drifter YOUNG FRED 27 Jan N. of Ireland, or the one attacked by HMS P-68 on 30 Jan or by USS ALLEN on 2 Feb in the Irish Sea.
UC-50 Seuffer, Kplt Rudolph Feb 4 Dover Strait D/C'd Sunk by the destroyer HMS NUBIAN, Lt Hartnoll.
UB-38 Bachmann, Oblt G. Feb 8 Dover barrage Mined
U-89 Bauck, Kplt W. Feb 12 N. of Malin Hd Rammed Sunk by the cruiser HMS ROXBOROUGH.
UB-58 Löwe, Oblt Werner Mar 10 Dover barrage Mined
UB-17 Branscheid, Oblt A. Mar 11-15 S. North Sea Unknown Possibly D/C'd by HM CMB-20 on 18 March but not confirmed.
U-110 Kroll, KvKap Mar 15 NW. of Malin Hd D/C'd Sunk by the destroyer HMS MICHAEL, (HMS MORESBY assisted), forced to the surface and abandoned. Six (one account gives 10) of the crew were taken prisoner.
UB-54 Hecht, Oblt Erich March 19 Dover barrage Mined Also reported caught in nets and sunk by a French TBD off Cap de Antifer, ca 12 Mar but not confirmed.
UC-48 Lorenz March 23 Ferrol, Spain. Interned Voluntary internment. Badly damaged by HMS LOYAL in the Channel 20 March
U-61 Dieckmann, Kplt V. Mar 26 St. George's Channel D/C'd Sunk by HMS P-51, Lt Murray.
UB-33 Gregor, Oblt Fritz Apr 11 Dover Barrage Mined
UB-82 Becker Apr 17 North Channel D/C'd Attacked and sunk by patrol drifters.
UC-79 Krameyer ca April 18 Unknown Unknown Probably mined on return trip through the Dover barrage.
UB-71 Schapler Apr 21 Straits of Gibraltar D/C'd Sunk by HM ML-413 while attempting passage into the Mediterranean.
UB-55 Wenninger, Kplt Ralph April 22 Dover Straits Mined 20 escaped but only the CO and six others survived to be picked up.
U-104 Bernis, Kplt April 25 St. George's Chan. D/C'd Damaged on the previous day by USS CUSHING and was sunk by D/C attack from HMS JESSAMINE. One survivor.
UB-85 Krech, Kplt Gunther April 30 off Belfast Lough Gunfire Sunk by the the drifter COREOPSIS. Crew taken off before boat sank.
UB-31 Braun, Oblt May 2 Dover Straits Mined. D/C'd by drifter OCEAN ROAMER and sunk by hitting a deep mine. Airship Z-29 assisted.
UC-78 Kukat, Kplt May 2 Dover Straits Mined. The true fate of this U-boat is not definite but it is fairly certain she was attacked by drifters and forced into mined nets.
UB-70 Remy, Kplt Johannes April/May Unknown Unknown This U-boat left Germany for the Adriatic on Apr. 16 and nothing more was ever heard of her. It is possible she was the U-boat D/C'd and rammed by HMS BASILISK and USS LYDONIA off Algiers on 8 May.
U-32 Albrecht, Kplt May 8 Malta Channel D/C'd Attacked and probably sunk by the sloop HMS WALLFLOWER.
UB-78 Stosberg, Oblt Arthur May 9 N. Eng. Channel Rammed Sunk by the transport QUEEN ALEXANDRA north of Cherbourg.
UB-16 Lühe, Kplt von der May 10 off Harwich Torpedoed Sunk by HMS/M E-34, Lt Pulleyne.

Von der Lühe was the only survivor.

U-154 Gercke, KvKap May 11 3645'N 1200'W Torpedoed Sunk by HMS/M E-35, Lt D'Oyly-Hughes. The position is Approx. 150 nm W of Cape St. Vincent. U-154 was rendezvousing with two other U-boats, U-153 and U-62.
UB-119 Kolbe May Unknown Unknown Most likely mined while returning to base at Zeebrugge via the northern route sometime after 25 May following operations in the Irish Sea.

Possibly sunk by D/C attacks carried out by USS Patterson and USS Allen off Cardigan Bay on 19 May.

U-103 Rücker, Kplt Claus May 11 W. Eng. Channel Rammed Rammed by the liner RMS OLYMPIC. CO and 34 rescued by USS DAVIS.
UB-72 Träger, Oblt Freidrich, May 12 Eng. Channel Torpedoed. Sunk by HMS/M D-4, Lt C.B. Barry, while waiting to attack the liner OLYMPIC.

CO and 2 survived.

UC-35 Korsch, Oblt Hans May 17 W. of Sardinia Gunfire. Sunk by the French patrol ship AILLY. 5 crew and one captive Spanish seaman were rescued.
U-39 Metzger, Lt 18 May Cartegena, Spain Internment Damaged by escorts and French aircraft earlier same day (Grant).
UC-56 Kisewetter, Kplt W. May 24 Santander, Spain. Internment Damaged by armed yatch USS CHRISTABEL. Later scuttled.
UB-52 Launburg, Oblt Otto May 25 S. of Cattaro Torpedoed Sunk by HMS/M H-4, Lt Cdr North. CO and quartermaster were rescued.
UB-74 Steindorf, Oblt May 26 Lyme Bay D/C'd Sunk by HM armed yacht LORNA, Lt Tottenham.

Four men escaped but did not survive.

UC-75 Schmitz May 31 Flamborough Hd. Rammed Sunk by HMS FAIRY. CO and 13 men captured. The old 370 ton FAIRY also sank as a result of the damage received in ramming the much larger and newer U-boat.
U-64 Moraht, Kplt Robert June 17 Cape Bon, Tunisia Gunfire Sunk by D/C's and gunfire from HMS LYCHNIS and PARTRIDGE II. CO and 4 men survived.
UC-64 Schwartz ca June 20 Dover Straits Mined. Probably damaged by mine and sunk by D/C's from Dover Patrol craft.
UC-11 Utke, Oblt Kurt June 26 off the Sunk L.V. Own mines Apparently hit one of her own mines laid on a previous trip. CO escaped from wreck and was rescued.
UB-65 Schelle, Kplt Martin, July 10 S. of Fastnet Lt Uncertain. Apparently sank as the result of the premature explosion of one of her own torpedoes while attacking the American submarine USS (A)L-2. UB-65 had the reputation of being haunted by the ghost of her former 1st Lt.
UC-77 Ries, Oblt July 10 Dover Straits D/C'd Was probably the U-boat pursued and attacked with D/C's by the drifters KESSINGLAND and GOLDEN GRAIN.
UB-108 Amberger, W. July Unknown Unknown Probably destroyed in the Dover barrage but fate unknown.
UB-110 Fürbringer, Kplt W. July 19 off Hartlepool D/C'd. Shelled and rammed by HMS GARRY. D/C'd by convoy escorts.

CO and 12 survived.

UB-124 Wutsdorf, Oblt Hans July 20 NW. of Skerryvore D/C'd. D/C'd and shelled by escorts HMS MARNE and MILLBROOK. U-boat surfaced and scuttled.

CO and 32 crew survived.

UB-107 von Prittwitz July 27 off Scarborough D/C'd Sunk by trawler CALVIA and destroyer HMS VANESSA.
UB-53 Sprenger, Kplt Aug 3 Otranto Strait Mined U-boat damaged by mines in the net barrage and scuttled by crew.

27 survivors picked up.

UC-49 Kükenthal Aug 8 off Start Point D/C'd Damaged by own mines, pursued by HMS OPOSSUM using hydrophones and D/C'd by OPOSSUM and motor launches.
UB-30 Stier Aug 13 off Whitby D/C'd Sunk by armed trawlers, JOHN GILLMAN, JOHN BROOKER, FLORIO and VIOLA.
UB-57 Losz, Kplt Aug 14 off Zeebrugge Mined.
UC-70 Dobberstein Aug 28 off Whitby D/C'd Bombed by aircraft and D/C'd by HMS OUSE.
UB-109 Ramien Aug 29 Dover Straits Mined. CO and seven survived.
UB-12 Schoeller August Unknown Unknown. Failed to return from minelaying operation off the North Downs.
U-92 Ehrlich ca Sept 9 Northern Barrier Mined Failed to return from trip to Biscay area. Probably lost to mines in Fair Isle passage.
UB-83 Buntebardt ca Sept 10 Northern Barrier Unknown Probably sunk by HMS OPHELIA which made a D/C attack on an unidentified U-boat attempting passage near the Pentland Firth.
UB-103 Hundius, Kplt Paul Sept 16 Dover barrage Mined Sunk by barrage drifters near Gris Nez.
UB-104 Bieber Sept Unknown Unknown. Last heard from in Lyme Bay. Possibly sunk in Northern Barrage during return trip.
UB-127 Scheffler Sept Unknown Unknown. Failed to return after sailing for operations in the North Sea. Probably mined in Northern barrage.
U-156 Feldt, KvKap Richard Sept 25 Northern Barrage Mined.
UB-115 Thomsen Sept 29 off Sunderland D/C'd. Spotted and bombed by airship R-29, D/C'd by destroyers HMS OUSE and HMS STAR.
U-102 Beitzen, Kplt Kurt Sept Unknown Unknown. Failed to return from a patrol in the S. Irish Sea. Possibly mined in the Northern Barrage.
UB-113 Pilzecker Sept/Oct Unknown Unknown Possibly mined off Boulonge on 9 Oct. (Gröner, Die deutschen Kriegshiffe 1815-1936).
UB-68 Dönitz, Karl Oct 4 off Malta Gunfire Shelled by the steamer QUEENSLAND, Capt. W.M. Manson. CO and 33 men abandoned sinking boat, rescued by sloop SNAPDRAGON.
UB-90 Mayer, Kplt Oct 16 W. of Stavanger Torpedoed HMS/M L-12, Lt Cdr P.E. Phillips, DSO.
UB-123 Ramm Oct 19 Northern barrage Mined
U-78 Vollbrecht Oct 28 Skagerrak Torpedoed HMS/M G-2, Lt H.N. Lake, DSC.
UB-116 Emsmann, Kplt Oct 28 Hoxa Sound Mined
U-35 (NK) early Nov Barcelona Interned Broke down on way back to Germany from the Med. Later surrendered.
U-34 Klasing, Kplt Johannes Nov 9 Str. of Gibraltar D/C'd Shelled and D/C'd by HMS PRIVET, Lt Cdr G.G. Matheson, while attempting to leave the Mediterranean.
This was the last U-boat sunk in action in World War One.

Evacuation of the Flanders base, 2 October, 1918.

UB-10, UB-59, UB-40 UC-4

Evacuation of the Adriatic base at Pola, early November, 1918

U-4, U-73, U-65, U- 72, UB-48, UB-129, UC-25, UC-34, UC-53, & UC-54.

The "Great War": Summary of New Construction and Losses

(From Grant, U-Boats Destroyed)
Jan.1 Jan.1
1915 Built Sunk Other Gain 1916
U-Boats 29 15 14 1 0 29
UB-Boats 0 22 2 6 +14 14
UC-Boats 0 15 3 1 +11 11
Total 29 52 19 8 25 54
U-42 on order for Italy never delivered


U-30 accidently sunk, back in service 16 Apr 1916

UB-1 and UB-15 to Austria-Hungary, four others to training, UC-8 interned

Jan.1 Jan.1
1916 Built Sunk Other Gain 1917
U-Boats 29 32 7 3 22 51
UB-Boats 14 25 8 3 14 28
UC-Boats 11 51 7 1 43 54
Total 54 108 22 7 79 133
Other: U-9, U-16, U-17, & U-25 used for training; U-30 back in service 16 Apr.

UB-2, UB-5, & UB-28 used for training. UC-28 used for training.

Jan.1 Jan.1
1917 Built Sunk Other Gain 1918
U-Boats 51 32 19 3 +10 61
UB-Boats 28 42 12 9 +21 49
UC-Boats 54 13 32 3 -22 32
Total 133 87 63 15 +9 142
Other: U-24 & U-30 for training; U-52 accidently sunk 29 Oct.

UB-60, UB- 67, UB-76, & UB-84 for training;

UB-43 & UB-47 to Austro-Hungary;

UB-6 & UB-23 interned;

UC-60 used for training; UC-45 & UC-76 accidentally sunk.

Jan.1 Nov 11
1918 Built Sunk Other Gain 1918
U-Boats 61 23 17 3 +3 64
UB-Boats 49 47 42 4 +1 50
UC-Boats 32 (16) 10 2 -12 20
Total 142 70 69 9 -8 134
Built includes: U-52 returned to service.

Other: U-21 & U-22 for training; U-39 interned.

UB-97, UB-106 and UB-114 for training; UB- 89 accidently sunk 21.10.18

None of the 16 new boats (UC-90 thru -105) ever saw service. UC-48 & UC-56 were interned.

At the end of the war 224 submarines were under construction in German yards.

Ramming 20
Gunfire 20
Expl sweep 3
Aircraft bombs 1
Depth charge 30
Enemy torpedo 18
Own torpedo 2
Enemy mines 48
Own mines 9
Stranded 5
Unknown 19
Other 3

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