Submarine Losses in the Mediterranean

The following table is courtesy of Erwin Sieche ( The sources consulted are listed at the bottom. Erwin notes that:

I am especially indebted to Admiral Attilio Duilio Raineri, Italian Navy (ret.), for providing information and corrections.

Note that putting a hyphen between letter and number is US practice; the Germans only left a blank. Historically correct is U 21 instead of U-21. The same rule is for much of the European ships with numbers, like British submarines (e.g. E 21 instead of E-21, Italian subs e.g. W. 4, Italian MAS boats; also all other German designations, eg. for destroyers or torpedo boats, eg. Z 38 or Z 38). The hyphen came into German literature by bad translations from US books.

Further information from Erwin Sieche:

Imperial Germany had sent submarines to the Mediterranean, but in 1915 it was not at war with Italy. It was only a matter of time until the first problems of international law occurred. Therefore it was decided to enlist the German submarines operating in the Mediterranean formally into the Austro-Hungarian navy and they should fly the A.-H. flag when attacking. The A.-H. boat numbers are given in brackets.

Austro-Hungarian submarine losses
Date lost Number, name Captain Casualties Position, Location Event
12/ August 1915 U 12 Lerch, Egon 17, all ca 42° 12'N / 18° 57E,
Venice lagoon, near Punta Sabbioni
while trying to intrude in Venice harbour intercepted by Italian gun boat Brondolo and lured into mine field; raised by the Italians; scrapped.
13/ August 1915 U 3 Strnad, Karl 10,

including captain;

12 POWs


Otranto Straits

attacked 12.8. Italian AMC Citta di Catania unsuccessfully, rammed by AMC, damaged; next day detected by French destroyer Bisson and sunk by gunfire.
13/ May 1916 U 6 Falkhausen, Hugo von none;

20 POWs

ca. 40° 10'N/18° 45'E,
Otranto Straits
caught in the Otanto Barrage nets;

when HM trawlers Calistoga, Dulcie Dory and Evening Star II neared scuttled by own crew.

17/ October 1916 U 16 Zopa, Orest Ritter von 2;

14 POWs including


off Strade Bianche
torpedoed Italian destroyer Nembo, surfaced right under the escorted steamer Bormida and damaged irreparably.
April 17 U 30 Faehndrich, Friedrich 21, all unknown, missing without trace probably lost in the Otranto Straits
16/ May 1917 U 5 Schlosser, Friedrich 6 Fasana Channel,

between Istria Peninsula and Brioni Islands

hit Italian mine during diving exercise after general refit; raised on 23.6.from 20 m; rebuilt and recommissioned 27.8.1918.
21/ February 1918 U 23 Bézard, Klemens Ritter von 21, all 40°26'N/19°2'E attacked Italian troop transport Memfi and was sunk by escorting Italian torpedo boat Airone by explosive sweep.
4/ July 1918 U 20 Mueller, Ludwig 18, all 45°49'N/13°15'2"E,

off Grado

torpedoed by Italian submarine F 12.

Raised in 1962, scrapped; tower is on display at the Vienna Military Museum.

7/ July 1918 U 10 Ulmansky, Johann von none ca. 45°33'N/12°48'E
off Caorle
minehit, beached damaged; on 25.7. salvaged and towed to Trieste but never repaired and recommissioned.
German submarine losses in the Mediterranean including the Black Sea
May 1915 UB 3 Schmidt 14, all unknown, missing without trace left Cattaro on 23.5. as supply submarine for Turkey, lost without trace.
29/ November 1915 UC 13 (= U 25) Kirchner none - all survived 41°09'N/30°30'E;

Black Sea, Anatolia, Sakaria estuary

beached due to compass failure in bad weather.
16/ March 1916 UC 12 ( = U 24) Froehner 15, all ca. 40°27'N/17°11'E,
off Taranto harbour
lost after explosion of own mine;

raised by the Italians from 31 m depth, from the 12 mines carried on board 8 were cleared by the Italians, 2 still were on board; the Italians found a German signal book with 3-letter-codes and an A.-H. radio cipher.

August 16 UB 44 (U 44) Waeger 19, all unknown, missing without trace left Cattaro on 4.8. together with UB 42 (U 42), bound for Constantinople, lost without trace.
September 16 UB 7 Luetjohann 15, all 44°30N/33°15'E;

off Chersones light house; Black Sea

bombed by Russian float plane.
6/ November 1916 UB 45 (= U 45) Palis 14 dead, 5 survivors 43°12'N/28°09'E;

Black Sea off Varna

minehit when leaving Varna harbour.

Raised by Bulgaria in 1936.

7. December 1916 (?) UB 46(=U 46) Bauer 20, all Black Sea probably mine ****)
24/ May 1917 UC 24 (= U 88) Willich 24 dead, 2 survivors 42°06'N/18°19'E
off Cattaro
when sailing from Cattaro together with UC 74 torpedoed by French sub Circé.
14/ December 1917 UC 38 (= U 78) Wendlandt 9 dead, 9 survivors 38°15'N/22°22'E;

Gulf of Cefalonia

after sinking the French cruiser Chateaurenault sunk by escorting destroyers Mameluck and Lansquenet.
08-09/ January 1918 UB 69 (= U 69) Klatt 31, all 37°30'N/10°38'E;

nw Cape Bon

fouled by explosive sweep of HM sloop Cyclamen.
18/ January 1918 UB 66 (= U 66) Wernicke 30, all 38°30'N/24°25'E; depth charged by HM sloop Campanula after attempting convoy attack.
21/ April 1918 UB 71 (= U 71) Schapler 32, all 35°58'/05°18'E;

off Ceuta, Almina Point

depth charged by HMS ML-413.
8/ May 1918 UB 70 (= U 70) Remy, Johannes 34, all est. 36°00'N/05°15'W gunned by HM destroyer Basilisk and US steamer Queensland.
8/ May 1918 U 32 (=U 37) Albrecht 41, all 36°0'N/13°28'E en route from Germany to Cattaro; depth charged by HM sloop Wallflower.
16/ May 1918 UC 35 (= U 75) Korsch about 39°48'N/07°42'E;

off Sardinia

gunned by French patrol vessel Ailly
24/ May 1918 UB 52 (= U 83) Launburg, Otto 34 dead, 2 survivors (POW) 41°46'N/18°35'E returning home to Cattaro torpedoed by HM submarine H 4 (Owen)
17/ June 1918 U 64 (= U 64) Moraht 38, all 38°07'N/12°07'E depth charged, gunned and rammed by HM sloop Lychnis
3/ August 1918 UB 53 (= U 84) Sprenger 10 dead, 9 saved by HM Ships Martin, Whitby Abbey 39°58'N/19°01'E;

off Cattaro

fouled in net barrage, 2 minehits, scuttled after surfacing
4/ October 1918 UB 68 (=U 68) Doenitz, Karl) 4 dead, others survived 35°56'N/16°20'E;

120 m east Malta

after attack on British convoy off Malta sunk by gunfire of HM Ships Snapdragoon and Cradosin.
****) the wreck was dug out (!) in about 1996 in a Turkish coal mine situated in a landed bay; bought by a Turkish businessman, it is said to be displayed at Istanbul; precise details lacking.
Italian submarine losses in the Mediterranean
10/ June 1915 Medusa Vitturi, Alessando 14 dead, 5 survivors picked up by UB 15 ca. 45°34'N/12°41'E
off Porto di Piave Vecchia, near Venice
torpedoed by UB 15 (v. Heimburg)
5/ August 1915 Nereide Del Greco, Carlo 20, all 42°23'17"/16°15'45"E;

off Pelagosa Island

torpedoed by U 5 (v. Trapp); raised in 1972 by Yugoslav salvage firm BRODOSPAS.
17/ August 1915 Jalea Giovannini, Ernesto 19 dead, 1 survivor ca. 45°38'N/13°31'E,
Gulf of Trieste
hit A.-H. mine
14/ July 1916 Balilla Farinata degli Uberti,
Tolosetto Paolo
all ca 43°10'N/16°10'E,
off Lissa Island
sunk by gunfire from A.-H. torpedo boats 65, 66.
31/ July 1916 Giacinto Pullino degli Uberti, Ubaldo none ca. 44°42'N/14°10'E,
off Istria, Galiola cliff
ran aground due to navigation error; next day salvaged by A.-H. but sunk when in tow *).

Raised on 28.2.1931 by Italian Navy, scrapped.

10/ March 1917 Alberto Guglielmotti Castiglioni, Guido 14, all east of Corsica, near Capraia Island accidently attacked by HM Sloop
1/ August 1917 W. 4 Giaccone, Alessando 22, all unknown, missing without trace probably lost due to mine hit in the coastal waters between Cattaro and Durazzo
26/ November 1917 Zoea none off Rimini beached as a result of bad weather; towed to Venice on 1.12. for repairs.
28/ November 1917 Galileo Ferraris Montella none off Magnavacca (Porto Garibaldi) beached as a result of bad weather; salvaged in January 1918
15/ April 1918 H. 5 Quentin 5 survivors off Cattaro accidentally torpedoed by HM submarine H 1 (Owen).
* as a pilot on board was the Austrian subject Nazario Sauro. He was executed as traitor by the Austrians and is glorified by the Italians as a national martyr.
French submarine losses in the Mediterranean including Dardanelles
20/ December 1914 Curie (Q 87) O'Byrne, Gabriel entrance to Pola harbor trapped in the outer barrage net of Pola; when forced to surface gunned by A.-H. destroyer Satellit.**)
15/ January 1915 Saphir (Q 44) Fournier, Henri 10;

13 POWs

Dardanelles Narrows damaged by accidental grounding at 200 feet; gunned by Turkish shore batteries and scuttled by her officers.
1/ May 1915 Joule (Q 84) Dupetit-Thouars de Saint Georges, Aubert all Dardanelles Narrows, off Kephez probably lost by minehit
26/ July 1915 Mariotte (Q 74) Fabre none;

all POWs

Dardanelles Narrows,

off Chanak (Canakkale)

damaged by accidental grounding; gunned by Turkish shore batteries and scuttled by her officers.
15/ September 1915 Foucault (Q 70) Dévin, Léon Henri 27 POWs off Cattaro bombed by A.-H. sea planes L 132 and L 135.
30/ October 1915 Turquoise (Q 46) Ravenel, Léon none;

all POWs

Dardanelles Narrows grounded on a shoal; damaged by Turkish gunfire, beached; captured by the Turkish, renamed Mustecip Ombashi, but not commissioned.
5/ December 1915 Frésnel (Q 65) Jouen none;

27 POWs

ca. 41°52'N/19°22'E,
Bojana esturary
stranded because of bad navigation; destroyed by gunfire of A.-H. destroyer Warasdiner.
30/ December 1915 Monge (Q 67) Morillot, Roland 1 (captain);

16 POWs

ca. 42° 11'N/18°24'E,
off Durazzo
rammed by A.-H. cruiser Helgoland, when surfaced gunned by destroyer Balaton and finally scuttled by her captain.***)
13/ February 1918 Bernouilli (Q 83) Audry ca. 42° 16'N/18°30'E,
off Cattaro
2/ August 1918 Floréal (Q 54) off Mudros collision with HM armed boarding steamer Hazel.
20/ September 1918 Circé (Q 47) Viaud all minus 1;


about 41°39'N/19°25'E

7 miles nw Cape Rodoni

torpedoed by A.-H. U 47 (Seyffertitz).
**) raised by the Austrians and commissioned as U 14; became one of the most successful A.-H. subs; in 1919 returned to France, renamed Curie; condemned on 29.3.1928.

***) in 1947 the French named the ex-German type XXI sub U 2518 after Morillot.

British submarines lost in the Mediterranean including the Dardanelles
17/ April 1915 E 15 Brodie, T. S. 3 including captain Kephes Bay; Gallipoli Peninsula grounded; numerous attempts were made to destroy the wreck to prevent it falling into Turkish hands.

Scrapped in 1920.

30/ April 1915 AE 2
Stoker, H. G. none;

all POWs

Sea of Marmara, north of Kara Burnu
gunned by Turkish torpedo boat Sultan Hissar.
5/ September 1915 E 7 Cochrane, A. D. none;

all POWs

Nagara Point; Dardanelles Narrows
caught in barrage net; depth charged by UB 14 (v. Heimburg); scuttled by crew.
5/ November 1915 E 20 Warren, C. H. 9 survivors including captain Sea of Marmara torpedoed by UB 14 (v. Heimburg)
9/ August 1916 B 10 Tomkinson, Wilfrid none Naval Arsenal Venice bombed by A.-H. air raid; salvaged 23.8., sold for scrap.
28/January 1918 E 14 White, G. S. 9 survivors, taken POW Dardanelles Narrow, near Chanak (Canakkale) sunk by Turkish gunfire



The reader consulting all these books will note that they differ in some points. Without going back to the original files it is not possibly to find out the historical throuth after eighty years. It is also remarkable that the firstnames of some of the submarine commanders are not told in the above mentioned naval reference books. In some cases we do not even know their family names.

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