The Tigris Flotilla

Courtesy of Cliff McMullen (

From Warships of World War I - Ian Allan Ltd. 1967


Shallow-draught ships that were termed "China Gunboats" to conceal their intended use

on Mesopotamian rivers. They were also referred to as "River Monitors".



Names: Blackfly, Butterfly, Caddisfly, Cranefly, Dragonfly, Firefly, Gadfly,

Greyfly, Greenfly, Hoverfly, Mayfly, Sawfly, Sedgefly, Snakefly,

Stonefly, Waterfly.

Length: 126.00' Beam: 20.00' Draught: 2.00' Displacement: 98.00 tons Single Funnel

Engines: triple expansion Screws: 1 screw in tunnel Horse Power: 175 Speed: 9.50 knots

Guns: 1 - 4" 1 - 12 pdr. and smaller. Complement: 22

Sent out in parts, these boats were erected at Adaban. Firefly was captured by the Turks

and recaptured in 1918. In 1918 the ships were paid off and transferred to the army.

("Fly" Class Gunboat)

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