HMS Vanguard - Chatham Casualties

Transcribed by Jonathan Saunders.

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/112976 ABBOTT Henry William 27 Husband of Rosa H Abbott of 20 Finborough Rd., Fulham Rd., London.
RN Able Seaman J/22684 ABREY David Rowland
RN Carpenter's Crew M/16438 ADAMS John Wilson 33 Son of Alexander and Margaret Ann Adams of Spital Hill, Coleraine, County Derry.
RN Able Seaman SS/4644 ADLAM William Milton 21 Son of Thomas William and Josephine S.C. Adlam of 18 Vernon St. West Kensington, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/113435 AGNEW Thomas Rainey 25 Son of Samuel and Dorothy Agnew of 138 Spamount St., Belfast.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/9694 ADLER Joseph 34 Husband of Elizabeth Adler of 88 Bayonne Rd., Hammersmith, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/39013 ALDRIDGE Frederick John 18 Son of Mr and Mrs John Aldridge of 23 Fisher's Green Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
RN Engineer Sub-Lieutenant ALLENDER Frederick 21 Son of George Frederick and Mary Esther Allender. Born at Birkenhead.
RN Electrical Artificer 2nd Class M/997 ALLWRIGHT James William Ladson 33 Son of James Robert and Emma Louisa Ladson Allwright of 8 The Nursery, Erith, Kent.
RN Able Seaman 232204 AMOR George 30 Husband of Charlotte Rebecca Amor of 4 Vine Cottages, Staines Rd., Bedfont, Middlesex.
RMLI Lance Corporal CH/17392 ANTCLIFFE Henry 21 Son of Minnie Antcliffe of 92 Spital St., Sheffield and the late Septimus Antcliffe.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/16660 APPS Albert George 24 Son of Horace and Bertha Apps of Loose Hill, Maidstone, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16350 ARCHER Wallace Lynes 26 Son of Herbert Lynes Archer and Ellen Archer of 6 Boreham Rd., Wood Green, London. Native of Ipswich, Suffolk.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/16328 ARMITAGE Harold
RN Stoker Chief Petty Officer 276745 ARMITAGE William
RN Stoker 1st Class K33876 ASHFORD Leonard John Son of John and Eleanor Ashford of East Tilbury, Essex.
RN Able Seaman J/17242 ATHROLL Arthur Palmer Son of Benjamin and Harriet Athroll of 54 Kemball St., Ipswich.
RN Leading Stoker K/21358 ATKINS Ernest Bolton 21 Son of William and Annie Atkins of Ivy Cottage, Newnham, Sittingbourne, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/15252 ATKINSON Lance 21 Son of Charles Frederick and Maria Atkinson of Victoria Cottage, Victoria Place, Northallerton.
RN Able Seaman J/16786 ATTWOOD Walter
RN Boy Telegraphist J/44773 AUSTEN Thomas Charles Barwick 17 Son of Chrales James and Kate Austen of 52 Church St., St. Peter-in-Thanet, Kent.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/34743 AVIS Alfred William 31 Son of Henry George and Ada Ellen Avis of 10 Leas Rd.,Guildford, Surrey. Native of Hackney, London.
RNR Stoker 3374.S AYRE Abraham 33 Husband of Mary Ann Ayre of 2 Henriette St., Thornaby-on-Tees.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/34765 AYRES Jesse
RN Chaplain BACKThe Reverend Hatfield Arthur William M.A. 26 Son of Mrs E.H. Back of 5 Earlham Rd., Norwich and the late Revd A.J. Back of Carelton Rode Rectory, Norfolk. Born at Worsted Vicarage, Norwich.
RN Leading Stoker K/30993 BACON David 21 Son of Charles and Mary Ann Bacon of 64 Windmill Lane, Deptford, London. Born at Newport, Monmouthshire.
RN Leading Seaman 238096 BAILEY John Alfred 27 Husband of Rose Elizabeth Bailey of 69 Kerbey St., Poplar, London.
RMLI Private CH/13466 BAINES James Henry 32 Son of Georgina Baines (nee Thomson) of 30 Hindrey Place, Clapton, London and the late James Henry Baines. Served as BAYNES.
RN Yeoman of Signals 191009 BAKER Alfred Robert 36 Son of Robert and Alice Mary Baker of 78 Black Griffin Lane, Canterbury. Native of Dover. Awarded Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.
RN Able Seaman J/30587 BAKER George 19 Son of Charles Edward Baker of 43 Felixstowe Rd., Edmonton, London.
RN Leading Stoker K/27501 BALAAM Ernest 26 Son of William and Anne Elizabeth Balaam of 3 Leighton Crescent, Kentish Town, London.
RN Chief Petty Officer 163238 BARLOW Frederick
RN Leading Seaman 238388 BARNARD Samuel Allen 26 Son of Samuel George and Hannah Barnard of "Tugela", Swiss Avenue, Chelmsford, Essex; husband of Esther Barnard of Church Lane, Bocking, Essex.
RMLI Private CH/19660 BARNES Bertram William 18 Son of Ellen Barnes of 73 Cleveland Rd., Surbiton. Native of Battersea, London.
RN Able Seaman 215579 BARNETT Frederick
RNVR Staff Surgeon BARRAS William George M.D., C.M.
RN Able Seaman 207439 BARRETT Ernest Joseph 34 Son of Francis John Barrett of 15 Beresford Rd., Rosherville, Northfleet, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/6680 BARTON Cecil Claude 24 Son of George Richard and Clara Ellenor Barton of 10 Buenos Ayres, Margate.
RN Stoker Petty Officer 305563 BARTY Bert 30 Son of Edward and Mary Ann Barty of Allhallows, Hoo, Kent.
RN Shipwright 2nd Class M/17688 BASTIAN Charles John Crawford
RN Shipwright 2nd Class 345683 BATE Albert Ernest Samuel
RN Able Seaman 215730 BATES Frank 30 Son of Louisa Bates of 18 Gordon Rd., Stratford, London.
RN Armourer M/6329 BATES William Dennis
RN Able Seaman 183911 BATTY John Charles 37 Son of the late John and Annie Batty of Withernsea; husband of Emma Hannah Batty of 11 Victoria Rd., Aston, Birmingham.
RMLI Private CH/16631 BEAN Ernest George 25 Son of Richard and Emily Bean of 13 Cannon Rd., Deal; husband of Ruby Constance Bean of Hiawatha Cottage, Great Barton, Suffolk.
RNR Stoker 2541.S BEANE Arthur James Husband of Mrs M Beane of 53 Denmark Rd., Beccles, Suffolk.
RN Officer's Cook 3rd Class L/5218 BEARMAN Sydney 20 Son of Charlotte Lyratt (formerly Bearman) of 2 Bark Hart Cottages, Orpington, Kent and the late Edward Robert Bearman. Born at Sevenoaks.
RMLI Private CH/15358 BEAUCHAMP Charles Jefferey
RN Cooper 295517 BEESON Joseph Husband of Ada Amelia Beeson of 9 Cross St., Chatham, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/23241 BEEVERS-BELVOIR Algernon Claude 20 Son of Emma Beevers-Belvoir of 11 Ramsey Rd., South Acton, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/67603 BELCHER William Charles Edwin 18 Son of Mr and Mrs W. Belcher of 45 Woodhurst Rd., High St., Plumstead, London.
RN Lieutenant Comander BELL Norman Leven Russell
RN Able Seaman J/4826 BELLMAN Harry Charles 24 Son of Harry Charles and Jane Bellman of 7 Martineau Rd., Highbury Hill, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/30052 BENDALL George James 18 Son of Edwin C. and Martha Bendall of 66 Oswald St., Clapton Park, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/34932 BENNETT George Frederick 18 Son of Charlotte Bennett of 46 St. Olaf's Rd., Fulham, London.
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/18041 BENNETT William George 28 Son of William Bennett of Delce Rd., Rochester; husband of L. Bennett of 18 Garden Row, Cage Lane, Chatham, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/5491 BENNETT William George
RN Able Seaman 220864 BENSON Thomas
RN Able Seaman J/22645 BENTLEY Alfred John 20 Son of Mr J and Mrs K Bentley of 22 Whitney Rd., Leyton, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/44253 BENTON Charles William 18 Son of Charles and Bertha Benton of 16 Caroline Court, Mainridge, Boston.
RN Able Seaman Z/3190 BERRY Benjamin West 36 Foster-brother of Mrs Annie Fell of 20 Mauve St., Poplar, London.
RN Cook's Mate M/19733 BESWICK Harold Husband of Lily Beswick of 53 Roman Rd., Derby.
RN Able Seaman J/1654 BIBBY William 27 Son of Robert and Elizabeth Bibby of 28 Railway Grove, New Cross, London.
RN Able Seaman J/10870 BIRD Douglas 22 Son of William Baley Bird of 12 Douglas Rd., Chingford, London and the late Emma Rebecca Jane Bird. Native of Woodford, Essex.
RN Stoker 1st Class 307567 BIRD Horace 25 Son of James and Eliza Bird of Ivy cottage, Elmsted Heath, Colchester.
RN Able Seaman J/23564 BIRKS George Albert 20 Son of Frederick and Ellen I. Birks of 3 Sabina Avenue, Balfour St., Hull.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16365 BOWDEN Frederick George 24 Son of Frank William and Elizabeth Harriett Bowden of 81 Livingstone Rd., Hoe St., Leyton, London.
RN Leading Seaman J/5707 BOWERS Alan John 23 Son of John Thomas and Elizabeth Bowers of 35 Westminster Rd., Lower Edmonton, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/40636 BOYES Herbert Arthur Son of Arthur and Annie Boyes of 10 Sweet St., Holbeck, Leeds.
RMLI Private CH/15959 BRACKLEY William James
RN Mechanician 309830 BRADLEY Albert Thomas 30 Son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Bradley of Hackney, London; husband of Kathleen Mary Bradley of 65 Albany Rd., Gillingham, Kent.
RNR Stoker 7835.S BRADSHAW John 21 Son of Michael and Hannah Bradshaw.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/40782 BRAIDLEY William Henry 18 Son of William Henry and Eliza Ellen Braidley of 66 Sherwood St., Derby.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16710 BRAZIER William George 23 Son of George Frederick Brazier of 16a Hylton St., Plumstead, London.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/41147 BRETT James John 18 Son of James and Louisa Brett of 40 Loncroft Rd., Albany Rd., Camberwell, London.
RMLI Private CH/19588 BRIDEOAKE John Thomas 20 Son of Robert H. and Rhoda Brideoake of 21 Clive St., Burnley, Lancashire.
RMLI Private CH/20209 BRIDGEMAN Charles Oliver 18 Son of George and Emily Bridgeman of 44 Prince's St., Swindon, Wiltshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/28773 BRIDGWATER Richard 22 Son of William and Myriam Bridgwater of Field Dalling, Holt, Norfolk.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/49385 BRIGHTWELL William 18 Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Brightwell of 57 Ringwood Rd., Walthamstow, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/26331 BRITTON Alfred 26 Son of Mr and Mrs Britton of Canning Town; husband of Maud Florence Victoria Wheal (formerly Britton) of 35 Fen St., Tidal Basin, London.
RN Able Seaman J/22651 BROCKHOUSE George Alfred 19 Son of George and Lillian Brockhouse of 19 Norman Rd., Ilford Lane, Ilford, Essex.
RN Ordinary Seaman K/9993 BROOKES William Henry
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/4776 BROWN Edgar George 20 Son of Andrew and Jane Brown of 178 Shearer Rd., Portsmouth.
RN Petty Officer 231330 BROWN Henry
RN Able Seaman J/1146 BROWN Henry Allison
RN Able Seaman J/3673 BROWN Samuel 25 Son of Emma Ruth Brown of Oak House, Leyland Lane, Little-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancashire. Native of Liverpool.
RNR Stoker 3504.S BROWN William 25 Son of James Brown of 28 Leonard St., Portrack Lane, Yorks; husband of Francis A. Brown of 130 Trafalgar St., Thornaby-on-Tees, Yorks.
RN Leading Seaman 205477 BROWNE Charles
RN Chief Petty Officer 176137 BROWNING Percy Garnet 39 Son of George Henry and Agnes Browning. Born at Faversham, Kent. Awarded Long Service and Good Conduct, Queen's South Africa medals.
RN Mechanician 291651 BROWNJOHN Frederick 36 Husband of Elizabeth Brownjohn of Nevendon Rd., Vange, Pitsea, Essex.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/70496 BROWSE Charles Henry 18 Son of Charles Browse of 44 Anatola Rd., Highgate, London.
RN Able Seaman J/30650 BRYANT William James 19 Nephew of Charlotte Smith of 34 Catlin St., Bermondsey, London.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/11296 BUCKLEY William Charles Francis 28 Son of William and Cecily Buckley of 22 Lichfield Rd., Cricklewood, London. Native of West Hampstead.
RN Petty Officer 190153 BUGG Charles
RN Chief Stoker 277882 BULLEN Vincent Keeble 44 Son of William Richard and Ellen Bullen of Blakeney, Norfolk; husband of Marian Elizabeth Bullen of 5 St. Ethelbert St., Hereford.
RN Leading Seaman J/3415 BUNCLARK George Stephen
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/2943 BUNDICK Benjamin 28 Son of Frederick and Hannah Bundick of Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex; husband of Ada Emily Bundick of 54 West Rd., West Ham, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/40063 BUNN Edward 18 Son of Walter and Emma H. Bunn of Mill House, Bracon Ash, Norwich.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/17517 BUNN William Enoch 27 Husband of Elizabeth Janet Bunn of 32 Trafalgar Rd., Old Kent Rd., London.
RN Stoker Petty Officer 309491 BURGESS Charles Henry 34 Son of Charles Henry and Elizabeth Burgess of Bell Lane, Ditton, Maidstone, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25539 BURSILL James John
RN Able Seaman J/4904 BUSH Arthur Hastings 24 Son of Caroline Bush of 38 Rose Bank Rd., of Hanwell, London and the late George Richard Bush.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/443 BUSHELL Albert George
RN Gunner BUTCHER James Frederick 28 Son of Mr and Mrs J.F. Butcher of Camberwell, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/20676 BUTLER Robert Edward
RN Telegraphist J/43846 BUTTERICK George William
RN Ordinary Seaman J/40521 BUTTLE Alfred Charles
RN Commander CADMAN William
RN Petty Officer 181230 CALLAGHAN Joseph
RN Able Seaman J/10722 CALVERT Alfred William 24 Son of Alice and Alfred William Calvert of 16 King Edward St., Liverpool Rd., Islington, London.
RN Able Seaman J/14520 CARDY Stanley Harold 21 Adopted son of Emma Thorogood of 3 Dagenham Rd., Rush Green, Romford, Essex.
RN Boy 1st Class J/52303 CARNEY Francis 17 Son of Francis and Sarah Carney of 71 Monk St., Gateshead-on-Tyne.
RN Leading Signalman 227303 CARPENTER Albert Frank 31 Son of Albert and Blanch Carpenter of 32 Bramerton St., Chelsea, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25322 CARRINGTON Thomas Frederick
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21078 CASS Wilfred Augustine Stanfield 22 Son of William and Alice Lillian Cass of 2 Somerset Terrace, Lyon St., Bognor.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/23527 CASSELTON John William Frederick 22 Son of William and Mary Casselton of 21 Broad Lane, Wilmington, Dartford, Kent.
RN Petty Officer 1st Class 166865 CHAMBERS Ernest William 41 Son of Harry and Elizabeth Anne Chambers of London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25557 CHAPMAN Frederick 39 Son of William Chapman of White Hart, Sittingbourne, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/24544 CHAPMAN George William
RN Able Seaman SS/4525 CHASTON Thomas George 28 Son of George Chaston; brother of Amelia Playford of Thurlton Rd., Raveningham, Loddon, Norfolk.
RNVR Lieutenant CHESSEX Robert Ernest Aini
RN Ship's Steward Assistant M/20613 CHILCOTT Cecil Osborne 24 Son of Sarah Louisa Armes (formerly Chilcott) of 28 Stopford Rd., Gillingham, Kent and the late Thomas Chilcott.
RN Armourer's Crew M/13293 CHIPPERFIELD Henry Edward 23 Son of Henry and Ellen Chipperfield of 36 Heath Rd., Clapham, London.
RN Able Seaman J/21043 CHISMAN Harold Frank Son of Albert Edward and and Emily Kate Chisman of 238 Seven Sisters Rd., Finsbury Park, London.
RNR Stoker 1436.S CHISMAN Walter 31 Son of the late Mr and Mrs Chisman of Stockton-on-Tees.
RN Shipwright 2nd Class M/10726 CHITTENDEN Frederick William 25 Son of George and Sarah Ann Chittenden of 9 Belle Vue Rd., Ramsgate.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/33868 CHURCH Harry
RN Leading Stoker K/16683 CLARK James Beauchamp 22 Son of George and Emma Clark of 12 Albert Rd., Leyton, London. Native of Manor Park, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/20646 CLARKE Richard Jack 22 Son of Mrs E. Clarke of Copford Green, Colchester.
RN Stoker Chief 152417 CLARKE William Spooner Husband of Amelia E.A. Clarke of 22 Tufton Rd., Rainham, Kent.
RN Ordinary Signalman J/50306 CLARKSON Wilfred 18 Son of Walter and Annie Clarkson of 26 North St., Silsden, Keighley.
RN Leading Stoker K/16684 CLAXTON Edward 24 Son of George James and Sarah Jane Claxton of Walpole St., Peters Wisbech, Norfolk.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/15674 CLENT William James 23 Son of Elizabeth Clent of 41 Reventlow Rd., New Eltham, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25560 COATES Walter James 35 Son of Mr and Mrs R Coates of East Greenwich; husband of H. Coates of 33 Collerston Rd., East Greenwich, London.
RN Petty Officer 237406 COCHRANE Robert Allan
RN Chief Petty Officer 170756 COCKERILL William Henry 40 Son of Sarah Ann Cockerill of 41 Buckingham St., Holderness Rd., Hull and the late Henry Cockerill.
RN Stoker Chief 286347 COE John Ernest 39 Son of John and Harriet Coe of Norwich, Norfolk; husband of Charlotte Mary Harrison (formerly Coe) of 33 Cecil Avenue, Strood, Rochester.
RN Midshipman COLBOURNE Robert Henry 20 Son of Robert James and Emily Florence Colbourne of 7 Clarendon Crescent, Leamington Spa.
RN Leading Cook's Mate M/2997 COLLETT Ernest Harry 25 Husband of F.B. Weeks (formerly Collett) of 6 Elm Terrace, Cobham Rd., Strood, Kent.
RNR Stoker 7117.S COLLINS John
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/37221 COLLINSON Albert William 25 Son of Henry and Charlotte Collinson of Walkington, Yorkshire; husband of Ethel J. Collinson of Soham Fen, Cambridgeshire.
RN Leading Signalman J/14788 COLLIS Harry Duncan
RN Able Seaman J/17715 COLWELL Edward Charles 20 Brother of L.R. Rance of 78 Hibbert Rd., Leyton, London.
RN Able Seaman J/30640 COLWILL Frederick Charles 19 Son of Samuel George and Elizabeth Jane Colwill of 110 Ling Rd., Canning Town, London. Native of Stratford, London.
RN Chief Petty Officer 161513 COOKE Charles Frederick 43 Son of Charles and Emma Cooke of London; husband of Emma Mathers Cooke of 21 Paulsgrove Rd., Northend, Portsmouth. Awarded LSGC Medal.
RN Midshipman COOKE Christopher Arthur Gresham 18Son of Arthur Cooke F.R.C.S. and Lucy Vivien Cooke of Grove Lodge, Cambridge.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21119 COOKE John Henry Peter
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25596 COOMBES George Frederick Thomas 20 Son of Matilda Coombes of 8 Toulmin St., Gt. Suffolk St., Borough, London. Native of Camberwell.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/39370 COOMBES George Thomas 40 Husband of Matilda Coombes of 8 Toulmin St., Gt. Suffolk St., Borough, London. Native of Camberwell.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/45124 COOMBS Sidney William
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21042 COOPER Ernest Josias 22 Son of Ernest William and Alice Cooper.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/33374 COOPER Harry 33 Son of William and Sarah Cooper of "The Anchor Inn", Stanwell Moor, Staines; husband of Emma Cooper of 5 Kent Cottage, Stanwell Moor, Staines, Middlesex.
RN Mechanician 306985 COOPER Henry George 35 Husband of Edith Kate Cooper of High St., Chitmor, Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
RN Cook's Mate M/4748 COOPER James Albert 28 Son of Edwin Gunn Cooper and Alice Cooper (stepmother) of 54 Waverley Rd., Wood St., Walthamstow, London.
RNR Stoker 5685.S COOPER John Son of Thomas and Martha Jane Harriet Yeates Cooper of Blyth; husband of Helena Sanders Cooper of 34 Croft Rd., Blyth, Northumberland.
RMLI Private CH/19148 CORBY Frederick William Son of Mr J. and Mrs A. Robertson of Hoo, Kent.
RN Signal Boy J/42330 CORE Sydney Andrew
RN Ordinary Seaman J/43043 CORK James Edward 18 Son of John and Eliza Cork of 155 Milton Avenue, East Ham, London.
RN Stoker Leading K/21026 CORK Lewis Walter Thomas 22 Son of Lewis Thomas and Blance Cork of Ramsgate, Kent; husband of Mary Evelyn Cork of 224 Balaam St., Plaistow, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/26057 CORRIGAN Peter 26 Son of Peter and Catherine Corrigan of 32 Victoria St., Sacriston, County Durham.
RN Chief Petty Officer 161951 CORSER Alexander 42 Son of the late Alexander and Isabella Corser of Keith, Banffshire.
RN Petty Officer 237154 CORY William Richard 29 Son of Richard William and Jane Bushell Cory of Deal.
RN Able Seaman 219776 COULL Robert
RN Officer's Cook 1st Class 211074 COURT Reginald 33 Husband of Minnie E.A. Court of Kinross, Sturry, Kent.
RN Fleet Surgeon COXEdmund MB, BA 43 Son of Surgeon General Charles Lindsay Cox and Isabella Cox.
RN Able Seaman J/8546 COX Edmund John
RN Able Seaman J/8530 COX Harry Frank 23 Son of Henry Charles and Susan Cox (nee Denner) of "Oakdene", Feltham Rd., Ashford, Middlesex.
RN Chief Yeoman of Signals 169907 COX Oscar Charlton 39 Father of Violet Eleanor Mary and Eleanor Annie Cox of Albany Rd., Luton, Chatham, Kent. Mention in Dispatches at Jutland. Born Binfield Heath, Shiplake, Oxfordshire.
RN Able Seaman J/17266 COX William 21 Son of William and Mary Ellen Cox of 29 Elsworth St., Armley Rd., Leeds.
RNR Stoker 2420.T COY Harry 52 Son of William and Hannah Coy of Clenchwarton, King's Lynn, Norfolk.
RN Boy 1st Class J/41104 CROSS Leonard 17 Son of Charles Cross of 4 Norcutt Rd, Twickenham, Middlesex.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/30642 CROSS William Alfred 18 Son of William and Tamar Cross of 81 Lea Bridge Gardens, Lea Bridge Rd., Leyton, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/27519 CROWTHER William Alfred 19 Son of Mrs M. Flowerdew (formerly Crowther) of 16 Birds Hill, Railway Side, Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Native of Clapham, London.
RN Petty Officer 173759 CULLIVAN John
RMLI Private CH/13561 CURTIS James 34 Son of James and Matilda Curtis of West Norwood, London.; husband of Charlotte Curtis of 22 St. Gothard's Rd., West Norwood, London.
RN Leading Seaman 234711 CUTMORE Samuel George Bert 27 Husband of Mary Ann Cutmore of 19 Avalon Rd., Fulham, London.
RNR Stoker 1501.S CUTTER John
RN Stoker 1st Class K/23804 DALTON Michael 22 Son of Jeremiah and Margaret Dalton of 2 Prospect Villas, Inchicore, Dublin.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/6488 DANIELS Robert Cleary 25 Son of John and Ellen Daniels of 30 Harewood St., Liverpool, Lancs. Born at Bootle. Awarded Naval General Service Medal (Persian Gulf).
RN Able Seaman J/20725 DAVIES Arthur 22 Son of Thomas Henry and Mary Ann Davies of 6 Collingwood Rd., Clyde Rd., Tottenham, London.
RN Stoker Chief 298126 DAVIS Francis Thomas 33 Son of James and Helen Davis of 69 Haig Rd., Plaistow, London; husband of L. A. Davis of 109 High St. North, East Ham, London. Native of South Africa. Awarded Naval General Service Medal (Persian Gulf).
RNR Stoker 5244.S DAVISON George 24 Son of Margaret Davison of 76 Percy St., Blyth, Northumberland, and the late George Davison.
RN Ship's Steward Assitant M/17852 DAY Robert Edward Cecil 20 Son of Charles E. and Emma C. Day of 183 Magpie Hall Rd., Chatham, Kent.
RMLI Private CH/16154 DEADMAN George Son of Mr and Mrs A. Deadman of 89 Nelson Rd., Perry St., Gravesend; husband of Daisy Eileen Deadman of 15 Stone St., Gravesend, Kent.
RMLI Private CH/17638 DEAKIN Edward Robert Son of Edward and Clara Deakin of 52 Clinton Rd., Tottenham, London.
RN Gunner Chief DENNIS James 45 Son of Soloman Dennis of Reading, Berks; husband of Bella Dennis of 135 Rock Avenue, Gillingham. Order of St. Anne (Russia).
RN Able Seaman J/14900 DENTON Albert William 24 Son of Francis J. and Sarah Ann Fenn (formerly Denton) of 244 Leven Rd., Abbott Rd., Poplar, London.
RN Midshipman DE SEGUNDO Arthur William
RN Captain DICK James Douglas 45Son of Sir James Nicholas Dick KCB, RN, and Lady Elizabeth Margaret Dick of The White Cottage, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, and 37 Upper Park Fields, Putney, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25562 DIWELL George Claud Son of Mary Louisa Diwell of 17 Fairthorne Rd., Charlton, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/38709 DOBSON George Cecil
RN Ship's Steward 341830 DODD Charles Richard 34 Son of Thomas Dodd of Torpoint, Cornwall; husband of Jessie C. Dodd of 132 St. James' Rd., Bermondsey, London.
RN Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/4774 DOLBY Arthur Reginald 23 Son of Emily Dolby of 10 Dagmar Rd., Windsor, and the late Charles Dolby.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/33375 DONNELLY Patrick 19 Son of Martin and Mary Ann Donnelly of Chapel St, Balbriggan, Dublin.
RN Painter 2nd Class M/14759 DOWLEY Arthur William
RN Able Seaman J/8009 DOWN Frank
RMLI Private CH/19201 DOWN Thomas Eagles 21 Husband of Lizzie Charlotte Down of 3 Lower St, Broomfield, Maidstone, Kent.
RN Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class M/468 DUNBAR Thomas
RN Lieutenant DUNBAR-DUNBAR-RIVERS Evelyn 26 Son of the late Harry Dunbar-Dunbar-Rivers (Comander RN) and Margaret Dunbar-Dunbar-Rivers of Glen of Rothes, Morayshire.
RN Leading Seaman 219605 DYMOCK Elias Henry 30 Son of Henry Walter and Julia Dymock of 12 Darwin Rd., Noel Park, Wood Green, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16663 EATON Henry George 25 Son of William and Lucy Eaton of Clapton, London.
RN Shipwright 2nd Class M/16377 EGGLESTONE Edward 31 Husband of Annie Egglestone of 20 Bentley St., West Hartlepool.
RN Able Seaman J/24198 EGGLETON Wilfred Leslie 19 Son of Albert Edward John and Emily Alice Eggleton of Earl's Hall Cottage, Clacton Rd., St. Osyth, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/33495 ELEMENT Charles William 30 Husband of Dorothy Maud Element of 65 High Rd., Leyton, London.
RN Lieutenant ELGOOD Reginald Lloyd 21 Son of Frank Minshule and Francis Isabel Lloyd Elgood of The Close, Northwood, Middlesex.
RN Signalman J/20870 ELKINS William Irvin 20 Son of Grace Elkins of 11 Essex St., Whitstable, Kent.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/30144 ELLIS Charles Frederick
RN Leading Seaman J/4615 ELLIS Harold Henry 24 Son of Frederick Henry and Matilda Ellis of 15 Beatrice Rd., Margate.
RN Leading Seaman J/5802 ELLIS Walter Henry 23 Son of William and Jane Ellis of 24 Paroma Rd., Belvedere, Kent.
RNR Stoker 4932.S ELVIN Joseph 33 Son of George William Elvin of 4 Stafford St., Stockton-on-Tees and the late Mary Ann Elvin; husband of Charlotte Rosetta Elvin of 11 Ryan St., Stocton-on-Tees.
RN Petty Officer 202333 EVANS John Henry
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21098 EWING Sidney Arthur
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/116081 FARRER Jack 19 Son of Edward and Sarah Ann Farrer of 393 Higher King St., Hurst, Aston-under-Lyne, Lancashire.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/36661 FENWICK Joseph 29 Son of Mr. E. Fenwick of Maidstone Rd., Chatham; husband of E.M.A. Fenwick of 10 Colfin Rd., Freemason's Rd., Custom House, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/38710 FERGUSON John Son of Mrs. J.D. Ferguson of 92 Thistle St., South Side, Glasgow.
RN Able Seaman 223477 FIELD Henry Victor 29 Son of William and Fanny Field of 8 Queensberry Mews East, South Kensington, London. Born at Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Awarded Messina Medal.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/33119 FISHER Hugh 26 Son of Jane Berry (formerly Fisher) of Ballyfounder, Portaferry, County Down, and the late George Fisher.
RN Boy Telegraphist J/56543 FITCHETT Benjamin 17 Son of Isabella Fitchett of 11 Gindera Rd., Montrose.
RN Able Seaman J/23469 FLIGHT Claud Stuart 20 Son of the late T.H. Flight (Chief Engine Room Artificer) of Gillingham, Kent.
RN Leading Seaman J/8329 FLINDELL Harold Charles 24 Son of W.C. and S.A. Flindell of 20 Elm Rd., Camden Town, London.
RN Carpenter's Crew M/16360 FOOTT Alfred Edward 21 Son of Oliver and Ellen Foott of North Hill. Launceston, Cornwall.
RNR Stoker Leading 2782.T FORREST Albert 27 Husband of Esther Forrest of 11 Garden St., Gateshead.
RN Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 269774 FOSTER John William 42 Son of John William Foster of Lincoln; husband of Ellen Foster of 7 Brentwood Buildings, Pier Rd., Gillingham, Kent.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/42470 FOSTER Robert 17 Son of Mary Ann Leonard of 37 Goodinges Rd., Islington, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/31204 FOX Charley 25 Son of Harry and Annie Fox of Colret House, Coldred, Dover.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/39564 FOX William 18 Son of James and Julia Fox of Recton Rd., Little Dunham, King's Lynn, Norfolk. Native of Sporle, Swaffham.
RNR Stoker 2938.S FREEMAN Frederick 23 Son of Harriett J. Freeman of Mill St., Middleton, Suffolk, and the late E. Freeman.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/13344 FRENCH William Alfred 24 Son of Sarah Elizabeth French of 6 Cuba St., Millwall, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/34772 FROST David 19 Son of Herbert and Mary Ann Frost of Newbourne, Woodbridge, Suffolk.
RN Yeoman of Signals 231193 FRYATT Alfred James 28 Son of James and Mary Fryatt of Gillingham; husband of Ellen Fryatt of 97 Skinner St., Gillingham, Kent.
RMLI Private CH/16493 FULLER Gilbert Edward 25 Only son of Lydia D. Fuller of 26 High St., Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent and the late William Fuller.
RN Able Seaman 238897 FULLER Robert James 26 Husband of the late Rose Sarah Fuller (nee Harden).
RN Able Seaman J/24645 GAFF Hezekiah John 19 Son of Walter and Elizabeth Gaff of Parkeston, Harwich, Essex.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16612 GAINES Frank 24 Son of Thomas John Gaines of East Ham; husband of Florence Gaines of 4 Pulleyn's Avenue, East Ham, London.
RN Electrical Artificer 4th Class M/8973 GAIT Oscar 24 Son of Seward and Sarah Gait of 32 Francis St., Stonygate, Leicester.
RN Able Seaman 238852 GAME Bertram 28 Son of Robert and Eliza Game; brother of Mrs A. Barrett of 27 London Rd., Ware, Hertfordshire.
RN Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/9863 GAMON Frederick Oliver
RN Able Seaman J/1747 GANDER Reginald John
RN Able Seaman 223320 GANDY John
RMLI Private CH/9220 GAPES James 39 Husband of Annie E. Gapes of 102 Hainault Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea.
RN Able Seaman 223996 GARGETT George William 32 Son of Paul and Alice Gargett of 17 Grey St., Hesleden, Castle Eden, County Durham.
RMLI Bugler CH/13676 GAUNT Frederick Thomas 29 Son of Frederick Thomas and Elizabeth Gaunt of London.
RMLI Private CH/14415 GIBBINS Henry James 30 Son of Thomas Henry Gibbins of Bermondsey, London; husband of Florence Gibbins of 81 Barkworth Rd., Camberwell, London.
RN Able Seaman J/15984 GILBY William James 22 Son of Lucy Gilby of Lion Cottage, Hogh St., Ongar, Essex.
RN Petty Officer 1st Class 191486 GOODING Malcolm Durrant 37 Son of the late George Cliff Gooding and Mary Carter Gooding. Distinguished Service Medal.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/17501 GOODWIN Reuben Edward
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/112859 GOODY Lambert 29 Son of James and Elizabeth Goody of Brook St., Glemsford, Suffolk.
RN Boy 1st Class J/46055 GRAHAM John William 17 Son of Robert John and Betty Alice Graham of 13 Station Road, Doncaster.
RMLI Private CH/19144 GRANT Francis 20 Son of William Grant of Glasgow.
RN Able Seaman 228054 GRANTHAM Harry Robinson
RN Leading Seaman J/4210 GRAY Alick Son of George and Agnes S. Gray of Pot Ash Bale, Melton Constable, Norfolk.
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/5774 GRAY Frank Percival 28 Son of Charles and C. S. Gray of 160 Rochester St., Chatham.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/41716 GRAY Frederick 18 Son of Frederick and Anne Gray of Leytonstone, London.
RN Cook's Mate M/12216 GREEN Edward 19 Son of William and Jane B. Green of 16 Mile End Place, Mile End, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21139 GREEN Joseph Alfred
RN Leading Carpenter's Crew M/5913 GREEN William Joseph
RN Chief Ship's Cook 346254 GREENAWAY Walter Joseph Henry 32 Husband of Marion Reed (formerly Greenaway) of "Tregenna", Melville Rd., Falmouth.
RN Leading Seaman J/9844 GRINHAM Otto Sidney 23 Son of Edward and Emily Grinham of 133 Cliffe Rd., Strood, Kent. Born at Gillingham.
RMLI Private CH/15254 GROVES Robert 30 Husband of Florence Elizabeth Groves of 12 Junction Place, Amhurst Rd., Hackney, London. Native of Tottenham.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/12594 GUYTON George Henry 23 Son of Mr and Mrs G. Guyton of 41 Shortlands Rd., Kingston, Surrey; husband of Mrs Hodge (formerly Guyton) of 183 Shernhall St., Walthamstow, London.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/35519 HAINE George Henry
RN Able Seaman J/13216 HALL Albert Victor 24 Son of Thomas and Maria Hall of 12 Pendrell St., Plumstead Common, London.
RN Able Seaman 237073 HALL George Allum 26 Son of George and Annie Hall of Double St., Framlingham, Suffolk.
RMLI Private CH/19440 HALL George William 20 Son of George Gilbert and Sarah Ann Hall of 17 Loraine St., Everton, London.
RN Leading Signalman J/18911 HALL James Dunford 21 Son of James and Ruth Hall of Station Rd., Earley, Reading, Berkshire. Native of London.
RN Boy 1st Class J/42117 HALL John Joseph 17 Son of John Shippin and Mabel Hall of 22 Ravensworth Rd., Dunston-on-Tyne, County Durham.
RN Able Seaman J/632 HALL Percy Hubert 25 Son of Julia Ann Friend (formerly Hall), of West St., Harrietsham, Maidstone, and the late William Henry Hall. Native of Wateringbury, Kent.
RNR Stoker Leading 1322.S HALL Thomas Frederick
RN Leading Seaman J/5026 HALLIDAY Charles Guy 24 Son of Mr and Mrs Edmund Halliday of 66 Newbiggin, Malton, Yorkshire.
RN Petty Officer 184724 HALLS John Buxton
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16646 HAMILTON Thomas Patrick 23 Son of Mrs Hamilton of 38 Vesey St., Grundy St., Poplar, London.
RN Able Seaman J/23482 HAMILTON William Wingate 19 Son of the late George and Eliza Hamilton of 68 Saxton St., Gillingham, Kent.
RN Officer's Steward 2nd Class L/3463 HAMMOND Augustus George 22 Adopted son of George and Mary Ann Boorman of 122 Earlsbrook Rd., Redhill, Surrey.
RN Sick Berth Attendent M/8220 HAMMOND Thomas Francis 24 Son of Robert and Mary M. Hammond of 30 Greenmount Buildings, Cork.
RN 3rd Class Waiter M/12079 HANCOCK Charles Robert 28 Son of Rosina Hancock of Molesey Rd., Hersham, Walton-on-Thames and the late Frederick John Hancock.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/65754 HARDING Sidney Charles 22 Son of James and Kate Harding of 57 Larcom St., Walworth, London.
RN Leading Seaman J/3871 HARDING William Henry 24 Son of William and Effie L. Harding of Wroxton Library, 1560 Coventry Rd., Yardley, Birmingham.
RN Cook's Mate M/12217 HARGRAVES Leonard 22 Son of John and A. Hargraves of 64 Osbourne Rd., Acton, London.
RN Sub-Lieutenant HARRISON Gerard Younghusband 20 Son of Ethel Harrison of Elysium, Framingham Pigot, Norwich and the late Rev. A. L. Harrison.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25529 HARROLD Herbert Frank
RN Naval Instructor HARTLEY William Ernest 40 Husband of Norah W. Hartley of 151 Yardley Fields Rd., Yardley, Birmingham. M.A. Chief Assistant, Cambridge Observatory.
RN Petty Officer 202199 HASTINGS Gilbert 35 Son of William and Elizabeth Hastings of 4 The Green, Lindal, Ulverstone, Lancashire.
RMLI Private CH/20496 HATTERSLEY Walter 18 Son of Albert Edward and Annie Elizabeth Hattersley of 31 Lofthouse Rd., Owlerton, Sheffield.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/114487 HATTON Horace 22 Son of Arthur John and Emily Hatton of 26 St. Mary's Rd., Hornsey, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/26070 HATTON Walter
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25319 HAWKINS Henry 44 Son of Alexandra and S. Ellen Hawkins of Kiltegan, Balktinglass, County Wicklow; husband of Margaret Hawkins of 5 Lower Rutland St., Dublin.
RN Petty Officer 209160 HAWKRIDGE Alexander Duncan 33 Son of Samuel and Barbara Hawkridge of Snape, Bedale, Yorkshire.
RN Officer's Cook 3rd Class L/488 HAWTHORN William Thomas 28 Son of William and Emily Georgina Hawthorn of 5 Matfield Villas, King Edward Rd., Ascot.
RN Boy 1st Class J/41901 HAYWARD Bermont
RMLI Private CH/19715 HEADING William James 21 Son of the late Mr and Mrs Heading of Tottenham, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/70696 HEALE Thomas
RN Able Seaman 182528 HEALEY John 39 Son of William and Emily Healey of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21140 HERT Henry William
RN Boy 1st Class J/50206 HEWITT Albert Henry Son of John Henry and Annie Elizabeth Hewitt of Upper St., Southrepps, Norfolk.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/34758 HEWSON Cecil 19 Son of William Hewson of 20 Barbette Avenue, Well Hall, Eltham, Kent.
RN Able Seaman 236712 HILDERBRAND Thomas William
RN Leading Seaman J/1123 HILL William Henry 25 Son of Edwin Hill of 1 Neptune Square, Margate.
RN Able Seaman 217668 HILLS George Henry
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21132 HILLYER George 23 Son of James Hillyer of Speke Rd., Clapham Junction; husband of Henrietta Hillyer of 111A Thorparch Rd., Wandsworth Rd.,London.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/115053 HISCUTT Frederick William 21 Son of H. W. and R. Hiscutt of 70 Stewart's Rd., Battersea, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25327 HOADLEY Edward Arthur
RN Able Seaman 225122 HOARE Robert 32 Son of the late Charles Henry and Emma Hoare; brother of Emma Hoare of 8A Canning Rd., Palmerston Rd., Walthamstow, London.
RN Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/4777 HOBBS William George 21 Son of C. and E. Hobbs of 1 Grosvenor Villas, Montague Rd., Slough, Buckinghamshire.
RN Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 270802 HODGES James Henry 37 Husband of Beatrice Alice Evans (formerly Hodges) of 26 The Paddock, Chatham.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/30705 HOLLAND Frank Francis
RN Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/9189 HOLLIDGE John James 18 Son of Pamela Jane Minnie Hollidge of 63 Church St., Greenwich, London and the late John James Hollidge.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/32515 HOLLIS Arthur Charles William
RN Sick Berth Steward 2nd Class M/195 HOLLOWAY Sidney Ernest Victor 28 Son of Sidney Reuben and Elizabeth Holloway of Ringwood House, London Rd., Wallington, Surrey.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21355 HOLMES Alexander 22 Son of George Ernest and Emma Holmes of 11 Abbey St., Plaistow, London.
RMLI Corporal CH/16591 HONOR Arthur Thomas 24 Son of Arthur Thomas and Sarah Honor of Camberwell; husband of M. D. Honor of 59 Evelina Mansions, New Church Rd., Camberwell, London. Native of Bermondsey.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16388 HOPER Clement Alfred 24 Son of Alfred and M. L. E. Hoper of 374 Woolwich Rd., Charlton, London. Born at Tunbridge Wells.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/64527 HOPKINS Thomas Arthur 19 Son of John and Frances Hopkins of 14 Lascelles Rd., Leytonstone, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21075 HORN Frederick 24 Son of Frank and Eleanor Horn of 1 Vincent Cottages, Nern, Margate. Native of Birchington, Kent.
RN Able Seaman 222654 HOUGHTON Richard 31 Son of Richard and Sarah Houghton of Liverpool.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/31330 HOWARD Henry James 18 Son of Thomas Arthur and Helen Howard of 48 Birbeck Rd., Sidcup, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/21750 HOY Ernest William Son of William James Hoy of 89 George St., Romford.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25602 HUDSON Thomas 19 Son of George Edward and Catherine Maria Hudson of 7 Lilly St., Hartlepool.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/65724 HUGHES Albert Harold 28 Son of Frederick William and Emily Hughes of 116 William St., Grays, Essex; husband of maude Hughes of 58 Maidstone Rd., Grays, Essex.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/62673 HUMPHREY Lionel 20 Son of John and Leah A. Humphrey of 31 Howard Rd., Cricklewood, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/40662 HURST Arthur William 18 Son of Arthur and Alice Hurst of 48 Camilla Rd., Bermondsey, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25599 HUTCHINGS Frederick William 44 Husband of Lucy Hutchings of 36 Trinity Rd., Rotherhithe, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class R/33118 HYLAND Thomas 20 Son of Mary Keogh (formerly Hyland) of 1 Inkerman Cottages, Amien's St., Dublin.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/33070 INCE William 28 Son of Joseph and Susanah Ince of Poole St., Great Yeldham, Essex.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/28640 INGLIS Daniel 26 Son of George Inglis of 47 Grenfell St., Blackwall Lane, East Greenwich, London. Native of South Queensferry, West Lothian.
RN Boy 1st Class J/51926 INWOOD Charles Son of Walter Henry and Annie Maria Inwood of Fulham, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25563 IRESON Edward James 32 Son of Edward and Ellen Ireson of 6 Bellot St., East Greenwich, London. Native of Plumstead, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/2984 IVES James Onesimus 27 Son of James and Elizabeth Ives of Deptford, London; husband of Emma Ives of 21 Swan lane, Rotherhithe, London.
RN Chief Ship's Cook 354739 IVES John Henwood
RN Petty Officer J/6966 JAKEWAY Frederick Albert 24 Son of Arthur Frederick Jakeway of 7 Grange Rd., Henley-on-Thames.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/112674 JAMES William Edward 28 Son of Alfred and Agnes Harriett James of 4 Queen's Place, Tanner St., Bermondsey, London.
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/1571 JAMESON Arthur Victor
RN Leading Seaman J/8296 JAQUEST Herbert 24 Son of Alfred and Annie Eleanor Jaquest of 66 High St., Watford.
RN Petty Officer 1st Class 176573 JARVIS Arthur Reeve 40 Son of Mrs Keeble (formerly Jarvis) of Wickham Market, Suffolk; husband of Mildred Jarvis of 5 St. Anns Terrace, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft.
RNR Stoker 7137.S JEFFREYS James Laurence 22 Son of J. W. and Sarah Jeffreys of Blyth, Northumberland.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/28370 JEFFS William John 21 Son of Mrs E. Jeffs of 42 High St., Shoeburyness, Essex.
RN Boy 1st Class J/49737 JENNER Albert Edward 17 Son of Frederick William and Maria E. Jenner of 7 Ruckholt Rd., Leyton, London.
RNR Stoker 5992.S JESSOP Herbert 20 Son of Maria Stokes (formerly Jessop) of 81 Jackson St., Goole, Yorkshire.
RN Boy 1st Class J/57768 JEWELL Frederick George 17 Son of Edward James and Georgina Jewell of 50 Station Rd., Hampton, Middlesex. Native of Feltham.
RN Able Seaman J/9150 JOHNSON Charles 23 Son of George and Marjorie Johnson of 24 Ash Rd., Luton, Bedfordshire.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/37948 JOHNSON Geoorge Alfred William 18 Son of W. F. and R. Johnson of 55 Glycena Rd., Lavender Hill, London.
RN Boy Telegraphist J/56559 JOHNSTON George Hodgson 17 Son of William and Elizabeth Johnston of 63 Grange St., Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.
RN Midshipman JOHNSTON Randal William McDonnell 17Son of Brigader-General T. K. E. Johnston, CB of Glynn, Co Antrim, and his wife Margaret.
RN Able Seaman 210422 JONES Gilbert Cottom 32 Son of Shadrach and Harriet M. Jones of 105 Belmont Rd., Newsham Park, Liverpool.
RN Able Seaman 216311 JONES Richard Douglas 31 Son of Richard A. Jones of 146 Rosebury St., Moss Side, Manchester. Native of Isle of Man.
RN Sick Berth Attendant M/5521 JONES Robin 22 Son of Elizabeth Jones of 27 St. Mary's Rd., Cowley St. John, Oxford, and the late Richard Jones.
RN Electrical Artificer 3rd Class M/1942 JORDAN George 31 Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Jordan of 112 Gardiner St., Gillingham, Kent. Native of Manchester, Lancashire.
RN Petty Officer 237171 JORDAN John Henry Son of Mr and Mrs Jordan of 14 Dolphin St., Deal; husband of Mrs J. Jordan of 6 Vine Cottages, Hanwell, London. Awarded Silver Medal for Bravery (Servia).
RN Stoker 1st Class K/12164 JOUVENT Charles Walter
RN Able Seaman 214954 JUDGE Owen
RN Leading Seaman 221292 KELLY James Henry 31 Son of the late Mr and Mrs Harry Kelly of Oldham, Lancashire; husband of Jenny Kelly of 26 Pitfour St., Dundee.
RN Leading Seaman 229624 KEMPSTON Robert Percy
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21352 KINCH George Alfred 21 Son of John and Fanny Sarah Kinch of 34 Blake Rd., Hermit Rd., Canning Town, London.
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/13401 KING Arthur Wingate 24 Son of William and Catherine King of 135 Knolly's Rd., Streatham, London. Native of West Norwood.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/12565 KING Bertram
RNVR Ordinary Seaman LO Z/5631 KINGSBURY Henry
RN Ordinary Seaman J/65763 KNIGHTLY Edward William Winyard
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/3806 LAMB Frank Valentine 26 Son of William Bridgment and Jean Beatrice Lamb of 35 Clyde St., Sheerness, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29763 LANE Albert Victor
RNR Stoker 2702.T LANE Walter Son of Thomas Lane of 68 Thornaby Rd., Thornaby-on-Tees, Yorkshire.
RN Leading Seaman 180373 LANHAM Harry
RN Stoker 1st Class K/23193 LEWIS Albert Thomas 21 Son of Thomas and Martha Lewis of Higher Barton, Trent, Sherborne.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/6428 LINDMEYER Henry 27 Eldest son of Thomas and Martha Lindmeyer of Stepney; husband of Daisy E.P. Lindmeyer (nee Chandler) of 25 Wenlake Buildings, Old St., London.
RN Blacksmith's Mate M/5786 LINK Arthur Henry 29 Husband of Mildred Emily Link of 3 Clarence Cottages, Lower Rd., West Farleigh, Maidstone, Kent.
RN Leading Seaman J/8090 LINNETT Maurice Edward 23 Son of Charles Haddon Linnett and Emma S. Linnett of East Hanningfield, Essex.
RN Able Seaman J/24010 LISLE Alistair Stewart Son of George Lisle of 5N, St. David St., Edinburgh.
RN Able Seaman J/27118 LLOYD Ernest Alfred Herbert 19 Son of the late Ernest William Long Lloyd; stepson of Alice Maud Mary Lloyd of Windmill Inn, Hoo, Rochester, Kent.
RN Stoker Petty Officer 311781 LONG William Edgar 28 Son of F.G. and M.A. Long of 86 Abbey Rd., Barking, Essex.
RN Boy 1st Class J/48635 LORD Walter 17 Son of Benjamin and Annie Elizabeth Lord of 14 Walworth Place, Burley, Leeds. Born at Leeds.
RN Able Seaman 233880 LOVEGROVE James Wotherspoon 28 Son of William and Agnes Wotherspoon Lovegrove of Glasgow.
RN Boy 1st Class J/48805 LOWE William Francis 17 Son of Arthur J. and Lucy G. Lowe of Brocketts, Ramsey, Harwich.
RN Able Seaman 212819 LUCK Archibald
RN Stoker 1st Class K/23208 LUCKHURST Clarence Victor 20 Son of Albert John and Celia Luckhurst of 26 Shortlands Rd., Sittingbourne, Kent. Native of Faversham, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/28536 LUCKHURST William 19 Son of Albert John and Celia Luckhurst of 26 Shortlands Rd., Sittingbourne, Kent. Native of Faversham, Kent.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/37943 LUMLEY Elijah John 18 Son of Edward and Emily Lumley of 14 Amberley Mews, Amberley Rd., Paddington, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/25227 LUNNY Edward John
RN Armourer's Mate M/4290 McCARTHY Frederick Thomas Albert 26 Son of Justin and Charlotte McCarthy; brother of A. McCarthy of 22 Oriel Rd., South Hackney, London.
RN Able Seaman 239868 McCRACKEN Joseph Son of Joseph and Mary McCracken of 42 Crimea St., Belfast. His brother Frederick also fell.
RNR Stoker 8078.S MacDONALD Alexander 22 Son of James and Elizabeth MacDonald of 103 New 7th St., Horden Colliery, Co. Durham.
RN Engineer Commander MacDONALD William Norman 42 Son of John Norman and Francis Maria MacDonald of 3 Clarence Rd., Southsea; husband of the late Amy MacDonald (nee Hudson). Native of Portsmouth.
RN Armourer's Crew M/15369 McDONALD Ernest James
RN Stoker 1st Class K/12682 McDONALD John 26 Son of the late John and Alice McDonald of Liverpool.
RMLI Private CH/16426 McDONALD Malcolm
RN Able Seaman 233180 McGOWN Thomas 29 Husband of Mrs. A. Bate (formerly McGown) of 112 King St., Rochester, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/113434 McILVENNY Samuel 22 Son of W.H. and Elizabeth McIlvenny of 22 Stratheden St., Belfast.
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/14373 MACKIE William Forbes Cowan
RN Ordinary Seaman J/70449 McLELLAN John 19 Son of Duncan and Catherine McLellan of 8 Alpine Terrace, Uddingston, Lanarkshire.
RN Waiter 2nd Class M/2083 McPHERSON John Harper 25 Son of John McPherson of 60 Watson St., Aberdeen.
RN Stoker 1st Class 311106 MADAMS John 30 Husband of Ada E. Madams of 7 Flood Lane, Faversham, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25567 MANDERSON Frederick Charles
RN Midshipman MARCHANT Macnamara 17 Son of Major John Marchant, RMLI, and Minnie Agnes Macnamara Marchant of 17 Southsea Terrace, Southsea.
RNR Stoker 5598.S MARLBOROUGH George 19 Son of George and Mary Ann Marlborough of 6 Cuthbert St., Thornaby-on-Tees, Yorkshire. Native of Sunderland.
RN Stoker Petty Officer 308874 MARRIOTT Sidney
RMLI Private CH/17730 MARTIN Charles Percy 22 Son of Alexandra Martin of 13 Orlop St., East Greenwich, London.
RNR Stoker 3493.S MARTIN James 37 Son of the late Henry and Ellen Martin of Middlesborough; husband of Julia Martin of 28 Olive St., Middlesborough.
RN Ordinary Telegraphist J/3241.1 MASON Frank 17 Son of Frank and Mary Mason of 775 Torrens Buildings, City Rd., London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29741 MATON Arthur John 20 Son of Edith Agnes Hatcher (formerly Maton) of Swiss Cottage, Whaddon, Salisbury, Wiltshire.
RN Able Seaman J/2918 MATTHEWS Jonathan
RN Midshipman MAULEVERER Claude Du Pre Stansfeld 18 Son of Francis M. Gowan Mauleverer and Emily Margaret Gowan Mauleverer of Mount Grace, Lilliput, Parkstone, Dorset. A survivor of H.M.S. Aboukir; present on H.M.S. Vanguard at the Battle of Jutland. Native of Leamington.
RMLI Corporal CH/17560 MAY Roland 22 Son of Basil Clarence and Clara May of 11 Larnach Rd., Hammersmith, London.
RN Officer's Cook 1st Class L/1007 MAYHEW Thomas 25 Son of Mr and Mrs W.G. Mayhew of 14 Christ Church Crescent, Gravesend, Kent.
RN Able Seaman 225540 MEAD Herbert Arthur 32 Husband of Minnie Louise Mead of Laindon Common, Billericay, Essex.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/28625 MEDHURST Walter 21 Son of Walter L. and Elizabeth Medhurst of Woodgate Cottage, Langley Heath, Maidstone.
RMLI Private CH/20588 METCALF Henry 19 Son of James Burrell Metcalf and Esther Robertson Metcalf of 50 Rendlesham Rd., Ipswich.
RN Boy 1st Class J/49973 MILEHAM Edward George 17 Son of Edward George and Florence Mileham of 132 Oriental Rd., Silvertown, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25314 MILES Charles 20 Son of Mr and Mrs A.J. Miles of 24 Clifton Cottages, Eton Wick, Windsor, Buckinghamshire.
RN Able Seaman J/15972 MILLEDGE Frederick Walter 22 Son of Florence Milledge of Wandsworth, London and the late Walter Milledge; husband of Rose Milledge of 20 Treport St., Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London.
RN Able Seaman 238300 MILLEN Percy Augustus
RN Leading Seaman J/6700 MILLER Charles Henry
RN Stoker Petty Officer 311632 MILLER George Sidney 27 Husband of Laura Miller of 111 Gaskarth Rd., Balham, London.
RN Armourer's Crew M/13907 MILLS John Charles 21 Son of Alexander Thomas and Minnie Mills of 35 Kennington Grove, Vauxhall, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/15863 MILTON Horace Arthur
RN Midshipman MILTON John Penn Son of Alice Ellen Milton of Clifford Lodge, Babbacombe, Torquay, and the late J. Penn Milton.
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/17668 MONEY Gordon Ward 23 Son of George William and Annie Alice Money of 44 Clarendon Rd., Putney, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/20999 MONK Henry Thomas 22 Son of George Edward Monk of 100 Manor Rd., West Ham, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class 280183 MOON Alfred Charles 45 Son of the late William Edward and Eliza Moon of Maidstone, Kent.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/65773 MOORE Henry Herbert
RN Leading Seaman J/9352 MORGAN Albert 24 Son of Jabez and Emily Morgan of Totternhoe, Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
RN Able Seaman J/13804 MORGAN Reginald Bernard
RNR Stoker 6641.S MORRIGAN Edward 18 Son of Maria Morrigan of 39 Caroline St., West Hartlepool, and the late William Morrigan.
RN Painter 2nd Class M/15256 MORRIS Albert Edward 24 Son of Susannah Morris of 17 Studds Lane, Mile End, Colchester and the late W.G. Morris.
RMLI Private CH/143(S) MOUNTNEY William James 20 Son of James and Annie Mountney of 22 Co-operative St., Stanton Hill, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/112665 MULLIGAN Charles
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/16667 MUMMERY Arthur Richard 24 Son of William and Elizabeth Mummery of Ivy House, Wootton, Canterbury.
RN Petty Officer 220252 MUNDAY Harry 30 Nephew of W. Munday of 99 Church Rd., Northwood, Middlesex.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/15554 MUNDEN Frank Reginald 24 Son of Mr and Mrs Munden of 17 Oulton Rd., South Tottenham, London.
RMLI Private CH/18739 MURPHY John
RNR Stoker 2041.S MURRAY James
RN Shipwright 2nd Class 345486 NEVILLE John 36 Son of Charles and Mary Jane Neville of 493 Cregagh Rd., Belfast. Native of Dundalk, County Logh.
RN Boy 1st Class J/45303 NEWELL William Alfred 17 Son of Alfred and Mary Ann Newell of 51 Souldern Rd., Watford, Hertfordshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/115052 O'CONNOR Michael Son of Thomas and Anne O'Connor of 4 Diggis St., Dublin.
RMLI Private CH/15695 O'DEA Edward 29 Son of James O'Dea of 12 Hamilton St., High St., Deptford, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/15364 O'DONNELL George
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/17994 OGDEN Arnold 40 Son of Samuel and Mary Ogden of Failsworth, Manchester; husband of Eliza Alice Ogden of 26 Hugh Lupus St., Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire.
RN Midshipman OGILVIE Alexander Stuart 19 Son of William and Margaret Ogilvie of "Gowanbrae", Forteath Avenue, Elgin.
RN Sub-Lieutenant OLDHAM Cecil Henry 18 Son of Egerton Haslope and Janet Oldham of Stanford Rectory, Worcester.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/35958 OLDHAM William Obiah 18 Son of William Frederick and Annie Oldham of 62 George Lane, Sheffield.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25565 OMANS Albert 35 Son of John Beeching and Emma Jane Omans of 11 Saxon Rd., Faversham, Kent; husband of Harriett Ellen Omans of 43 Westcombe Hill, Blackheath, London.
RN Boy 1st Class J/39798 ORR William Henry
RNR Stoker 2427.S OWEN Alfred 28 Son of Benjamin Owen of 9 Plassey Square, Milford Haven; husband of Ada Elizabeth Owen of 82 Floyd Rd., Charlton, London.
RN Leading Seaman 238408 OXLEY Albert Edward 26 Son of Alice Agnes Oxley of Kingston-on-Thames, and the late William Robert Oxley.
RN Cook's Mate M/14768 PADBURY Henry George 20 Son of John and Alice Padbury of Trellis Villa, Kingham, Oxford. Native of of Alderminster, Stratford-on-Avon.
RN Leading Seaman J/25070 PAGE Alfred
RNR Leading Stoker 1560.V PAGE Walter John 47 Son of Thomas G. and Fanny F. Page of Stepney, London; husband of Florence Julia Page of 63 White Horse Lane, Stepney, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/34809 PALMER Alfred 18 Son of Alfred Stanford Palmer of Barnsole, Staple, Canterbury, and the late Alice Palmer. Born at Sandwich, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25329 PALMER Ernest Albert Son of Matthew Palmer of 71 West St., Charlton, London.
RN Able Seaman J/22394 PARKER Ernest Samuel 20 Son of E. B. Parker of 52 Parsonage Lane, Enfield, Middlesex.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/39669 PARSONS John Richard 18 Son of Victor Edward Parsons and the late Susan Jane Parsons. Native of Southfields, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/20125 PARTINGTON Edward 21 Son of Joseph and Harriet Partington of 80 Whitehall Mansions, Archway Rd., London.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/38505 PATTLE Herbert 27 Son of William and Sarah Pattle of 81 Fern St, Bow, London; husband of Susannah Frances Pattle of 188 Brunswick Rd., Poplar, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16665 PAYNE Frank John 23 Son of Mrs F. E. Payne of 16 Gravel Pit Rd., Faversham.
RN Leading Stoker SS/114858 PEACOCK William Son of William and Eliza Peacock of 97 Mayo Rd., Willesden, London.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/41421 PEAK Henry James 36 Son of William Hector and Caroline Emma Peak of Forest Gate, London; husband of Hannah Beatrice Peak of 9 Strode Rd., Forest Gate, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/33311 PEARSON Arthur Horace 18 Son of Horace Moore Pearson and Emily Anne Pearson of 8 Mabelthorpe Rd., Fulham, London. Native of Westminster.
RN Able Seaman J/6438 PEARSON Henry
RNR Assistant Paymaster PEIRSON Edward Leslie 26 Son of Sidney T. and Edith E. Peirson of 12 Park Rd., Coventry.
Canteen Manager PERCIVAL Frederick Claude Admiralty civilian. Served as Jackson.
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/7142 PESTELL Herbert Stanley 27 Son of Frederick William Pestell of 17 Burr St., Luton, Bedfordshire; husband of Elsie Dean (formerly Pestell), of 19 Seward St., Hull Rd., York.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/111557 PETRE Frederick Henry 26 Husband of Ethel Maud Capon (formerly Petre), of 167 Gladstone Ave., Noel Park, Wood Green, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16619 PHILLIPS John Thomas 23 Son of John Phillips of 5 Ross Rd., Stratford, London.
RN Able Seaman 226762 PIPER Harry 29 Son of Harry and Annie Piper of "Braemar", West Port, Wareham, Dorset. Native of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/30655 PLAICE George 18 Son of Mrs S. Plaice of 45 Blyth Rd., Lett Rd., Stratford, London. Native of Custom House, West Ham, London.
RN Carpenter's Crew M/7288 PLATT Henry Douglas
RN Able Seaman SS/6464 PLUMB William Charles James 19 Son of William and Rosabella Plumb of 6 Lizmont Villas, Swanley Junction, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/13506 POGUE Douglas George Hyde
RN Able Seaman 210182 POTTER George John William
RN Leading Seaman J/3993 PRESTON George William 24 Son of Arthur George Preston of Silverleys Green, Cratfield, Halesworth, Suffolk.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/20656 PRYSE James William Owen 26 Son of James and Jemima Pryse of 64 Fisher St., Canning Town, London.
RN Petty Officer 1st Class 173096 RATTY Albert Edward
RN Petty Officer 202329 RAWLINGS Wilfred 33 Son of Peter and Marion Rawlings of Tiddington; husband of Clair Sayner Rawlings of 10 The Terrace, Tiddington, Stratford-on-Avon.
RN Surgeon RAYNER Edward M.B., F.R.C.S.
RN Able Seaman J/9867 REEDER George Alfred 23 Son of the late Mr and Mrs Reeder of Custom House, Victoria Docks, London.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/38155 REEVES John William 25 Husband of Rosina Reeves of 7 William St., Gravesend.
RN Able Seaman 226628 REID William 29 Son of James Reid of 20 Ogilvie Place, Arbroath. Mentioned in Dispatches.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/113428 REID William George 22 Husband of Susan McIlvenny (formerly Reid) of 65 Upper Mervue St., Belfast.
RN Leading Seaman 210726 RENWICK James
RN Boy 1st Class J/45298 RICHARDS Arthur William 17 Son of Henry Frederick and Ellen Richards of Thornton Rd., Little Heath, Potters Bar, Middlesex.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25568 RIDEL Alfred
RN Ordinary Seaman J/43762 RIX James Walter 18 Son of Caroline Rix of 33 Avenue Rd., Gorleston.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21868 ROBERTS Ernest 24 Son of Charles and Elizabeth Ann Roberts of 38 Walnut Tree Avenue, Wilmington, Dartford, Kent.
RN Able Seaman 178995 ROBERTSON Peter 42 Son of James and Anne Robertson; brother of Mrs Kate Watson of 39 Potter Row, Edinburgh.
RN Petty Officer 1st Class 191846 ROBINSON George Henry 36 Husband of Cecilia Frances Robinson of 35 Bowles Rd., Old Kent Rd., London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/33174 ROBSON Thomas 18 Son of Mr and Mrs G. Robson of 54 Burleigh St., Sunderland, Co. Durham.
RN Boy 1st Class J/54493 ROSE Ernest John 16 Son of Mr and Mrs John Rose of 6 Hall Place, Paddington, London.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/38141 RUSSELL Arthur 27 Son of Edward Thomas and Rosina Elizabeth Russell; husband of Annie Beatrice Russell of 1 Stanbrook Rd., Northfleet, Kent. Native of Swanscombe, Kent.
RN Chief Stoker 277514 SALISBURY Arthur Husband of N. Taylor (formerly Salisbury) of 5 Culling Rd., Rotherhithe, London.
RN Stoker Petty Officer 311684 SAYER John George 28 Son of Mr and Mrs Arthur Gardener Sayer of 4 Manchester Villas, Birchington, Isle of Thanet.
RN Stoker Petty Officer 310117 SCOTT John 29 Son of William and Emma Scott; husband of Rosina Scott of 6 Pitt St., Commercial Rd., Peckham, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/17524 SCOTT Walter 21 Son of Arthur and Ellen Scott of 75 Kensal Rd., Westbourne Park, London.
RN Chief Petty Officer 176905 SEAL William Henry 40 Son of John Seal, of New Town, Hever, Edenbridge, Kent; husband of Minnie E. Seal of 40 St. John's Rd., Gillingham, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/15971 SEDWELL Alfred Clarence
RN Chief Petty Officer 177442 SHEPPARD George Howard 39 Son of Martha H.W. Sheppard of "The Hut", Litttle Preston, Aylesford, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25328 SHORTER Robert Francis 22 Son of Robert and Margaret Shorter of 82 West St,, New Charlton, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/109474 SHUTT John 25 Son of John Shutt of 70 Maguire St., Liverpool.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/255551 SILCOX Edmund Joseph 21 Son of Thomas Alfred and Elizabeth Matilda Silcox of 98 West St., New Charlton, London.
RN Able Seaman 223157 SILK Thomas Arthur 31 Son of the late Joseph and Emily Silk of London.
RN Petty Officer 210721 SILLETT George William 32 Son of George Sillett of Great Yarmouth.
RN Able Seaman J/15370 SILVER Harry George 21 Brother of F.A.E. Silver of Malling Place, West Malling, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16617 SIMONS Charles James 23 Son of Charles George and Eliza Simons of 117 Jersey Rd., Custom House, London.
RN Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/4446 SIMPSON Noel Charles
RN Able Seaman J/12578 SIMPSON Stanley 22 Son of William and Margaret Simpson of South Hetton; husband of Mary Ann Simpson of 10 Railway Terrace, South Hetton, County Durham.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/115048 SINDEN Alfred John 20 Son of Harry and Francis Sinden of Lodge Oak Lane, Tonbridge, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21360 SINDEN Charles Henry 22 Son of Harry and Francis Sinden of Lodge Oak Lane, Tonbridge, Kent.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/33981 SINES James Henry
RN Boy 1st Class K/52024 SIVELL William Bass 17 Son of Charles William and Rosa Sivell of 177 High St., Cheriton, Folkestone.
RN Able Seaman 213978 SLOW James 30 Son of Mr W. Slow of 16 Webford Terrace, Fulham, London.
RN Blacksmith's Mate M/13306 SMAIL George William 22 Son of James and Mary Louisa Smail of 139 Beaver Rd., South Ashford, Kent
RN Leading Seaman 219005 SMITH Ernest
RN Sick Berth Steward 351288 SMITH Ernest 32 Son of the late Henry William and Emily Smith of Swindon; brother of Florence Emily Tibble of 132 Broad St., Swindon.
RN Engineer Lieutenant-Commander SMITH Ernest Graham 37 Son of the late H.J. Smith.
RN Leading Cook's Mate M/2966 SMITH George Edward 24 Son of George and Nellie Smith of 3 Liverpool Lawn, Ramsgate.
RN Able Seaman J/32455 SMITH George Henry 20 Son of Mrs. A.J. Bowles (formerly Smith) of 32 Lauriston Rd., South Hackney, London. Native of Bethnal Green, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class 171498 SMITH Henry
RN Leading Seaman J/7368 SMITH Harold Inglefield 24 Son of Emily Smith; husband of Elsie Smith of 4 Byron St., St. Leonards Rd., Poplar, London.
RN Boy 1st Class J/435351 SMITH James Thomas
RN Chief Petty Officer 163823 SMITH Richard Maurice 41 Son of Robert Henry and Hannah Smith of Congham, Norfolk; husband of Henrietta Julia Smith of 81 Gillingham Rd., Gillingham, Kent. Awarded Messina and Long Service and Good Conduct Medals.
RN Able Seaman 218962 SOLLEY John Edward 31 Son of William and Mary Ann Solley of 5 Alpha Rd., Ramsgate.
RN Able Seaman J/19100 SONES Alfred Thomas
RN Petty Officer 1st Class 179204 SOWDEN John Francis 39 Son of William and Jane Sowden; husband of Edith Sowden of "Phyllis Bungalow", Osborne Gardens, Beltinge, Herne Bay.
RN Boy 1st Class J/43235 SPARROW Frederick Grant
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/14800 SPENCE William 25 Husband of F.F. Ramsden (formerly Spence) of 30 Ida St., Poplar, London.
RMLI Private CH/17716 SPENCER Frederick George
RN Boy 1st Class J/43626 SPILLER Walter John 17 Son of John and Naomi Spiller of Hammett St., North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/33426 STAFFORD Robert Bourne 20 Son of Robert and Annie Stafford of 36A Coatsworth Rd., Gateshead, County Durham.
RN Able Seaman J/12822 STANNARD Harry Bridges 24 Son of Charles Allbert and Hannah Elizabeth Stannard of 28 Kingsland Avenue, Earlsdon, Coventry.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/6486 STANTON Martin 24 Son of James and Mary Stanton of 18 Comus St., Liverpool.
RN Fleet Paymaster STEVENS Philip Bennett 42 Son of Matthew and Sarah Stevens of 9 Park Terrace, Falmouth.
RN Boy 1st Class J/55288 STEWART Henry Harrison Appleyard 17 Son of William Stewart of 921 Yoker Rd., Yoker, Clydebank, Glasgow.
RN Ordinary Signalman J/33514 STIMPSON George William 18 Son of Eli Stimpson; nephew of Mrs A. Allen of 83 Cardross St., Hammersmith, London.
RN Lieutenant STOEHR Oscar Humphrey 28 Son of Charles William and Verena Stoehr of Llanrhyddlad Valley, Anglesea. Native of Alderly Edge, Cheshire. Present at Battle of Jutland.
RN Stoker 2nd Class K/37056 STOKES George James 29 Son of Mr and Mrs Stokes; husband of Lily Flora Stokes of Wooburn Moor, Wooburn, Buckinghamshire.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/11519 STOLTON Ernest John 24 Nephew of Emily Filmer of 52 Stanhope Rd., Swanscombe, Kent.
RN Electrical Artificer 3rd Class M/3060 STONEBRIDGE Herbert 27 Son of Mary Stonebridge of 1 Whiteley Rd., Upper Norwood, London and the late Herbert Stonebridge. Native of Manchester.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/29376 STONEHAM Harold George 22 Son of George and Annie F.M. Stoneham of 81 Dover Rd., Northfleet, Kent.
RN Chief Petty Officer 182054 STORKEY William George 38 Son of Samuel and Anie Storkey of Cottington Cottage, Deal, Kent.
RN Able Seaman J/29545 STRANGE George Thomas
RN Able Seaman J/2118 STREDWICK John Abert 24 Son of John Albert and Ada Mary Stredwick of 9 Sussex St., Ramsgate.
RMLI Private CH/16499 STYLES Harry Edwin 25 Son of Mrs E. Austin (formerly Styles) of 47 Lower Murston, Sittingbourne, Kent and the late G. Styles.
RN Able Seaman J/22570 SULLY Edward 20 Son of Joseph Charles and Alice Maud Sully of Manor Park, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25530 SURRIDGE Edward James 22 Son of James and the late Elizabeth Surridge of 24 Granville Avenue, Town Rd., Edmonton.
RN Boy 1st Class J/47003 SWABEY Herbert John 17 Son of Hery and Esther Swabey of 40 Hatchard Rd., Upper Holloway, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/16695 TALBOT Edgar John
RN Stoker 1st Class K/17066 TANNER William
RN Able Seaman J/9755 TATE Edward Ernest 22 Husband of Lena Tate.
RNR Stoker 7316.S TATTERS Thomas 19 Son of Walton and Bessie Tatters of West Terrace, Hesleden, County Durham.
RN Officer's Steward 3rd Class L/4279 TAYLOR Alexander Harry 21 Son of Harvey Henry Taylor and May Taylor of 217 Church Rd., Willesden, London. Native of Colchester, Essex.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21366 TAYLOR Charles William 21 Son of Samuel Joseph and Annie Taylor of 5 Pelter St., Diss St., Hackney Rd., London. Native of Bethnal Green, London.
RN Able Seaman 166832 TAYLOR Ernest 41 Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Taylor of Ramsgate; husband of Caroline Louisa Taylor of 63 Duncan Rd., Ramsgate, Kent.
Ship's Steward Assisant M/13465 TAYLOR Harold 20 Son of James and Alice Taylor of 34 Campbell St., Farnworth, Lancashire.
RN Able Seaman 231799 TAYLOR Henry James
RN Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/1099 TAYLOR Victor William
RN Leading Stoker K/17500 TEBBUTT Arthur James 25 Son of James and Eliza Tebbutt of Salter's Lode, Downham Market, Norfolk.
RN Sick Berth Attendant M/4973 TEUCHER Frederick Charles 24 Son of Mr and Mrs Teucher of 5 Park Cottages, Battle Rd., Hollington, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/114587 THEOBALD Alfred Albert
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25317 THOMAS Horace Theodore Son of the late Mr and Mrs S. Thomas; father of Samuel Henry Thomas of 122 East St., New Charlton, London.
RN Shipwright 1st Class 344454 THOMAS Reginald George 31 Son of John Thomas of Pembroke Dock, South Wales; husband of Eva Thomas of 158 Balmoral Rd., Gillingham, Kent.
RN Boy 1st Class J/43529 THOMAS William John Ernest 17 Son of William and Rachel Thomas of 379 Stone Rd., Manor Park, London.
RN Carpenter's Crew M/16998 THOMPSON Charles Magee 23 Son of James and Mary Jane Thompson; husband of Annie Thompson of Grace Hill, County Antrim.
RN Petty Officer 220875 THOMSON Alfred 31 Son of David Thomson of 28 Windpool Rd., Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire.
RN Leading Stoker K/21126 THORP Ernest Bertram 22 Son of Ernest Henry and Eliza Jane Thorp of 14 Elmfield Rd., Walthamstow, London.
RN Chief Petty Officer 181149 THORPE Robert William 40 Son of George and Phoebe Thorpe of Staines, Middlesex, husband of Annie Thorpe of 2 Cross St., Combe Martin, North Devon.
RN Able Seaman 227258 TIDNAM William Charles 30 Son of William Tidnam of Harleston, Norfolk; husband of Kathleen Mary Tidnam of 25 Burnley Rd., Stockwell, London.
RN Able Seaman J/30053 TILLER William Joseph
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25559 TOFTS Harry 34 Son of Frederick and Emma Betsy Tofts; husband of Alice Louisa Tofts of 22 Collerston Rd., East Greenwich, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25547 TUMBER John Robert 22 Son oif George and Melinda May Ann Tumber of 66 Woolwich Rd., New Charlton, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/15965 TURNPENNY Tom 27 Son of Charles Henry Turnpenny of Pudsey, Leeds.
RN Stoker 1st Class SS/101617 TWELFTREE Ernest George 31 Son of Mrs E. Twelftree of 36 Wharncliffe Gartdens, St. John's Wood, London; husband of Kate Twelftree of 77 Tylers Hill, Chesham, Buckinghamshire.
RN Lieutenant UPCHER Sidney Wodehouse 27 Son of the Reverand Canon A. C. Wodehouse Upcher and Margaret Ada Barham Urcher of Hingham Rectory, Norfolk.
RN Boy 1st Class J/44798 VAUGHAN Edward Henry 17 Son of Elizabeth Mary Vaughan of 1 Paradise Buildings, Grandsland Rd., Hereford.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/65794 VAUGHAN Evan William Harris 29 Son of Mr and Mars Evan Vaughan of The Stud Farm, Watling St., Wellington, Salop; husband of May Lilian Vaughan of The Cottage, Hanslope, Buckinghamshire.
RN Able Seaman J/4188 VINCENT James Edward 23 Son of Mrs S. Sells (formerly Vincent) of 19 Gildersome St., Woolwich Common, London and the late G. R. Vincent.
RN Able Seaman 231796 VOWELL Alfred Esau
RN Signalman J/27168 WAIT Robert 19 Son of Ernest F. Wait of The Marsh, Calne, Wiltshire.
RN Boy 1st Class J/48120 WAKELY Donald James 17 Son of Charles James and Nellie Melita Wakely of 157 Cowick Rd., Tooting, London. Native of Portsmouth.
RN Armourer's Mate M/5236 WALLACE Alfred John 22 Son of Alfred and Edith Wallace of 3 Sussex Rd., South Croydon.
RN Petty Officer 282980 WALSH Richard 35 Son of Edward Mary Ann Walsh of Liverpool, Lancashire.
RN Able Seaman J/5646 WALTER William Roger 24 Son of Baldwin and Alice Walter of 5 Manor Rd., Swanscombe, Kent. Native of Bean, Dartford.
RN Leading Telegraphist J/8673 WALTON James Alfred 23 Son of Arthur and Beatrice Walton of 33 Greenlaw Place, Wooolwich, London.
RN Petty Officer 189723 WARNE John William 36 Son of the late Moses and Harriet Warne; husband of Louisa Warne of 18 Evelyn Terrace, Kew Foot Rd., Richmond, Surrey.
RN Boy 1st Class J/37401 WARNE William Harry 17 Son of the late Moses and Harriet Warne.
RN Able Seaman 238049 WASS James Stanley 27 Son of Mary Ann Wass of 3 Gilbert Rd., Colchester.
RN Able Seaman J/18813 WATERHOUSE Roland 20 Son of William George and Alice Waterhouse of Brasted Chart, Sevenoaks, Kent.
RN Ordinary Signalman J/31305 WATSON Arthur Henry James 18 Son of Albert John and Martha L. Watson of 2 Paulin St., Bermondsey, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/31159 WATSON Andrew Sidney 19 Son of Lucy Tyler of 2 Mote Rd, Maidstone, Kent.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25594 WATSON Bertie William 21 Son of Richard and Ellen Watson of 15 Southend Rd., Bungay, Suffolk.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/31431 WATSON James
RNR Stoker 3100.S WATTS William 20 Son of Thomas and Sarah Watts of 15 Herbert St., Stockton-on-Tees.
RN Able Seaman J/18822 WEAIRE Allan Deacon
RN Writer 3rd Class M/25646 WEATHERLEY Sidney John
RN Painter 2nd Class M/12918 WEBSTER Harry 29 Son of the late Alexander Webster; husband of Catherine Webster of 2 Lorne St., Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire. Native of Cupar, Fifeshire.
RN Stoker Petty Officer K/16668 WELLER Edward Thomas 23 Son of Mr and Mrs G. Weller of 81 Bannockburn Rd., Plumstead, London.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/39743 WELLS Arthur Richard 18 Son of John Alfred and Clara Wells of 4 Crown Terrace, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, Kent. A survivor from H.M.S. Russell.
RN Able Seaman 215906 WELSH John Henry 31 Son of Thomas and Catherine Welsh of 11 Vansittart Rd., Clewer St. Stephen, Windsor. Native of Eton.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21136 WEST Herbert 22 Son of John and Susanah West of Terrington Marsh, Kings Lynn.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21112 WEST Leonard Charles
RN Able Seaman J/8954 WESTON William
RNR Midshipman WEVILL Frederick Arthur Valdimir
RN Boy 1st Class J/52053 WHITE Gilbert Cecil Charles James 17 Son of Frederick William and Ellen Elizabeth White of "Glen Waverley", St. Dunstans Rd., Cliftonville, Margate. Native of Carshalton, Surrey.
RN Stoker 1st Class K/25536 WHITTAKER Fred
RMLI Private CH/12738 WHITTINGTON George Thomas 35 Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Whittington of East Dulwich, London.
RN Able Seaman J/15741 WHITWOOD Arthur Charles 21 Son of Edward and Rebecca Whitwood of Mitre Tavern Yard, North Walsham, Norfolk.
RN Leading Seaman J/5356 WILCOCKS Edwin Ernest Johnson 24 Son of Charles and Rosalie Wilcocks of 5 Victoria Rd., Uxbridge, Middlesex.
RN Able Seaman SS/6460 WILDER James Risby 19 Son of William Gabley Wilder and Annie Wilder of Leigh-on-Sea.
RN Stoker Petty Officer 294364 WILLARD Charles John 37 Son of John and Hannah Willard of Shorne; husband of Elizabeth Catherine Willard of "Overblow", Shorne, Gravesend, Kent.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/66269 WILLIAMS Herbert William 29 Husband of L. Williams of Mayes Cottage, Hayes Common, Kent.
RN Officer's Steward 2nd Class L/8088 WILLIAMS Owen Wynne 22 Son of Mrs K. Jones of 4 Arthur St., Kingsland, Holyhead, North Wales.
RN Shipwright 1st Class 343088 WILSON David Paton 40 Son of George and Jane Wilson of 40-4 Bay St., Port Glasgow.
RN Able Seaman J/4589 WILSON Joseph William 25 Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Wilson of 111 Vine St., Wallsend-on-Tyne, Northumberland. Native of Stockton-on-Tees.
RMLI Private CH/17725 WILSON William Henry 21 Son of E. H. and Louisa Wilson of 45 Elphinstone Rd., Walthamstow, London.
RN Chief Stoker 287400 WINTERBONE Robert Isaac 39 Son of the late Robert Isaac and E. Winterbone of Brancaster Staithe, King's Lynn, Norfolk; husband of Kate Winterbone of 3 Watton, Bridport, Dorset.
RN Able Seaman J/20081 WISE Frederick Samuel 21 Son of James Frederick and Annie E. Wise of 7 Ethelbert Rd., Folkestone. Native of Dover.
RN Leading Stoker SS/112681 WITHERIDGE Frederick John 26 Son of the late Harry and Annie Elizabeth Witheridge; brother of Mr H. H. Witheridge of 32 Cameron St., Balmain, New South Wales.
RN Armourer's Crew M/17379 WOOD Albert 21 Son of H. and J. Wood of 15 Argyle St., Harrow Green, Leytonstone, London.
RN Boy 1st Class J/47320 WOOD Joseph 18 Son of Joseph Henry and Louisa Wood of Poplar, London.
RN Plumber's Mate M/6107 WOODHOUSE Robert Henry
RMLI Private CH/268/S WOODS John William 24 Son of John W. and M. A. Woods of 127 East Hill, Dartford, Kent. Born at Walthamstow, London.
RN Stoker 1st Class 287391 WRAIGHT James 39 Son of Mrs Masey (formerly Wraight) of Eastbridge, Dymchurch, Kent, and the late G. Wraight; husband of Beatrice M. Wraight of Crockley Green, New Romney, Kent.
RN Signal Boy J/55201 WRENCH Francis Edgar 17 Son of Ernest William and Hannah Rosina Wrench of 12 Portland Gardens, Harringay Park, London. Native of St. Pancras.
RN Able Seaman J/503 WRIGHT Bertie Alfred
RN Stoker 1st Class K/21114 WRIGHT Cyril George 22 Son of Albert and Ellen Wright of 49 Cruickshank Rd., Stratford, London.
RN Able Seaman J/22912 WRIGHT Thomas William
RN Able Seaman 215671 WYATT William 32 Son of John and Elizabeth Wyatt of Stockport; husband of Rosina Kernan (formerly Wyatt) of 54 West Richmond St., Edinburgh.
RMLI Private CH/12861 YARNOLD Henry Richard Son of Richard and Frances Yarnold of 165 Tachbrook St., Victoria, London.

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