HMS Vanguard - Portsmouth Casualties

Transcribed by Jonathan Saunders.

Rank/Rating Number Surname Names Age Other Notes
RN Ordinary Seaman J/39685 ACKRILL Robert 20 Son of Robert and Harriet Ackrill of The Cottage, Cash Gate, Collier Hill, Hollinwood, Oldham. Born at Sheffield.
RN Able Seaman 137453 AGG James Petty Officer Coast Guard
RMA Gunner RMA/13428 ARNOLD George Arthur 24 Son of Frederick William and Fanny Alice Arnold of 3 Harvist Rd., Hornsey Rd., Holloway, London.
RNR Stoker 3186.S ARNOTT Alexander 32 Son of Mr and Mrs James Arnott of Saline, Dunfermline.
RMLI Private PO/18278 BAKER William Thomas 20 Son of T. and M. Baker of 40 Kitchener St., Winson Green, Birmingham.
RN Boy 1st Class J/54423 BARRETT Fred 16 Son of Mr and Mrs R. Barrett of 19 Der St., Halifax Rd., Todmorden.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/61864 BENHARD Clarence 25 Foster-son of Mrs Eliza Russell of 55 Salisbury Rd., Barnet, Hertfordshire.
RN Boy 1st Class J/57366 BETTS Percy Frederick 16 Son of the late Mr and Mrs Betts; brother of George J. Betts of 2 Lower Forbury Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth.
RMA Gunner RMA/14479 BOLDEN Frederick Francis 21 Son of Walter and Sarah Martha Bolden of 70 Millas Rd., Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex.
RN Carpenter's Crew M/18577 BOND Charles Irwin 25 Son of Walter Bond; husband of Helena H. Bond of 17 Wycliffe Rd., Shipley, Yorkshire.
RN Boy 1st Class J/51286 BOULTER Arthur Edward 17 Son of Frederick and Harriett Boulter. Native of Leytonstone, London.
RN Boy 1st Class J/49288 BRADSHAW William Frederick 17 Son of Herbert Favil Wiles Bradshaw and Ivy Maud Bradshaw of 34 Haydon's Rd., Wimbledon, London. Born at Fulham, London.
RN Boy 1st Class J/61091 BROUGHTON John Daniel Son of Robert Pentlow and Sarah Broughton of 5 Milton St., Peterborough.
RMB Musician RMB/487 BULLOCK Edward 36 Son of Charles and Caroline Elizabeth Bullock of Poplar, London.
RNVR Engine Room Artificer 1st Class Sussex/2/275 BUTTERWORTH John Wilfred
RMA Bombadier RMA/13213 CHAPMAN George 23 Son of George and Fanny Chapman of 138 Blake St., Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
RN Gunner CHRISTMAS William Thomas 38 Husband of A.B. Christmas of 57 North End Avenue, North End, Portsmouth.
RMA Corporal RMA/11301 CLIFFORD George Melvlle
RN Wireman 2nd Class M/25068 COOK James Thomas 18 Son of James and Harriet Cook of Hull.
RN Wireman 2nd Class M/18685 COOPER Ernest Reuben 21 Son of Annie Cooper of 75 Queen's Rd., Southend and the late Albert Cooper. Native of Hackney, London.
RMA Gunner RMA/7267 COOPER George Hubert 36 Son of William and Mary Ann Cooper of Porchester, Hampshire.
RNVR Able Seaman ZP/1194 CROWHURST Albert Jubilee Son of Mr and Mrs M.C. Crowhurst of 9 Pridham Rd., Thornton Heath, Surrey.
RN Boy Telegraphist J/52993 CURTIS James Ernest 17 Son of Mrs D.V. Whitehead (formerly Curtis) of "Lhassa", Hayling Island, Hampshire. Native of Beckenham, Kent.
RN Boy 1st Class J/48264 DEADMAN Alfred Sydney 17 Son of Mr and Mrs G. Deadman of 29 Thorn Rd., Worthing.
RN Wireman 2nd Class M/9360 DEAN William Husband of Edith Dean of 17 Boundary Lane, Walworth, London.
RNR Stoker 1427.S DEVINE John 30 Son of Hugh and Ellen Devine of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim; husband of Nellie Devine of 21 Artillery St., Belfast.
RN Ordinary Seaman SS/7756 DEXTER Harold
RN Signal Boy J/52910 DIBBENS Charles Edward 16 Son of Ernest Charles and Agnes Lillian Dibbens, Corporation Depot, Ryde, Isle of Wight.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/35188 DICKINSON Oliver 18 Son of James H. and Eliza Dickinson of 15 Armley Rd., Leeds.
RMA Gunner RMA/10951 DICKS William James 29 Son of John and Rose Dicks of Old Broughton Rd., Melksham, Wiltshire.
RMA Gunner RMA/1534/S DOCKRILL Albert Edward 22 Son of Henry Edward and Eliza Dockrill of 59 Norfolk Terrace, Cambridge.
RNVR Electrician 1st Class Clyde/1/55 DOUGLAS Francis Edward 36 Husband of Catherine B. Douglas of 188 Fore St., Scotstoun, Glasgow.
RMB Musician RMB/1235 EASTON Henry Thomas 25 Son of Edward and Annie Lillian Easton. Born at Stonehouse, Plymouth.
RMA Gunner RMA/14586 EDE Arthur George
RMLI Private PO/17338 EMMETT Wilfred Maurice 20 Son of Arthur and Mary Annie Emmett of 104 Chesson Rd., West Kensington, London. Native of Cookham Rise, Berkshire.
RN Boy 1st Class J/60288 FANSTONE Thomas Sidney
RMA Gunner RMA/12660 FRANKLIN Percy George 23 Son of Sir John and Florence May Franklin; husband of Caroline Mary Franklin of 48 Widley Rd., North End, Portsmouth. Born at Reading.
RMB Musician RMB/675 FULLER James Nap Gravenor 33 Son of Thomas Steven Fuller.
RN Telegraphist Petty Officer 236779 GAMBLEN Ernest George 27 Son of Lieutenant-Commander. A. Gamblen and Mary Ann Gamblen of "St. Angelo", London Rd., Cowplain, Hampshire. Native of Portsmouth.
RMA Gunner RMA/13288 GILES Walter George 22 Son of Thomas Edward and Elizabeth Giles of Bracknell, Berkshire.
RN Boy 1st Class J/55972 GLAZIER George Frederick
Canteen Assistant GODDARD Ernest Edwin 16 Son of Adeline Goddard of 6 Glidden St., Fratton, Portsmouth.
RNVR Ordinary Seaman Sussex/Z/513 GOODACRE Harold Watkinson 27 Son of Mary Elizabeth Goodacre of 372 Queen's Park Rd., Brighton, and the late John Goodacre.
RMA Gunner RMA/13320 GOODYEAR Leonard Charles 21 Son of Charles and Ellen Goodyear, of Longparish, Hampshire.
RN Able Seaman J/39528 HAMMERSLEY Samuel Bruce 19 Son of Elizabeth Ann Hammersley of 18 Dublin St., Darlington, and the late Henry Hammersley.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/61683 HAMMERSLEY William Henry 21 Son of Elizabeth Ann Hammersley of 18 Dublin St., Darlington, and the late Henry Hammersley.
RMA Gunner RMA/12366 HAND John Alfred Stanton 27 Son of Edward Henry and Ellen Hand, of Wordsley, Staffs.; husband of Lilian Hand of 9 Clifton St., Stourbridge, Worcestershire.
RMB Musician RMB/389 HAROD Frederick George 27 Son of the late Horace George and Evelyn Mary Harod. Native of East Dulwich, London. Awarded Messina Medal.
RN Boy 1st Class J/51294 HAYLES Richard John 17 Son of Henry Robert and Edith Mary Hayles of 48 Burnt Oak Terrace, Gillingham, Kent. Native of Hythe Kent.
RMA Gunner RMA/10966 HEBBERN Walter Husband of Beatrice Ethil Hebbern of 8 East Row, St. Leonard's Rd., Chapelhay, Weymouth.
RMA Gunner RMA/13195 HODSON Frank Son of William and Harriet Hodson of 6 Littleton St., East, Walsall.
RMA Sergeant RMA/6503 HOWDEN Albert Henry Edward
RMA Gunner RMA/13233 HULL Percy 23 Son of Mrs. E. Hull of Nook Lane, Barrow-on-Soar.
RN Able Seaman J/31229 JACOBS Albert James 19 Son of George and Isabel B. Jacobs of Crowd Hil, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Hampshire.
RMA Gunner RMA/13276 JONES George 25 Son of William and Julia Jones of Bridge St., Writtle, Chelmsford.
RN Electrical Artificer 4th Class M/952 JONES Herbert Second cousin of Joseph Frank Read of 19 Queen St., Wolverhampton.
RN Able Seaman J/21632 JONES Joseph Edward 21 Son of Mrs. Esther Jones of 26 Maidstone St., Hackney Rd., London.
RMB Musician RMB/1624 JUDSON Victor Ernest
RN Signalman J/36528 KEAVENY Walter
RMA Gunner RMA/13977 KING Lionel Alfred 20 Nephew of Edwin Robert King of 8 Mauds Buildings, Saltford, Bristol.
RMA Gunner RMA/13309 KIRK John Wright 25 Son of the late Joseph Wright Kirk and Eliza Kirk.
RMA Gunner RMA/13723 KNEE Dennis Arthur 22 Son of Arthur and Eliza Knee of 78 Medgbury Rd., New Swindon, Wiltshire.
RN Signal Boy J/37893 KNIGHT Arthur 17 Son of Fanny Knight of The Green, Walberton, Arundel and the late Walter Knight.
RMB Musician RMB/1642 LANGHAM Albert
RMA Gunner RMA/14476 LIMBRICK Hubert Charles 18 Son of William and Annie Limbrick of 21 Carmarthen St., Gloucester.
RN Carpenter's Crew M/19432 LUMSDON Thomas 27 Son of Thomas and Ann Lumsdon of 7 Noble St., Felling-on-Tyne.
RNR Stoker 5831.S LYNAGH Patrick 30 Son of John and Eliza Lynagh of Harlenstown, Slane, Co. Meath. Served at the Battle of Jutland.
RN Engineer McALISTER John William 37 Son of William McAlister; husband of Margaret W. McAlister of 206 Darnley St., Pollokshields, Glasgow. Born at Devonport.
RNVR Able Seaman Clyde/Z/5606 McCARGO Samuel Montgomery 20 Son of Alex and Margaret Montgomery McCargo of 47 Hayburn St., Patrick, Glasgow. Native of Co. Antrim.
RN Able Seaman J/5907 MACKRELL Percy John 24 Son of the late Robert H. and Lois M. Mackrell of Dorking, Surrey.
RMB Musician RMB/1741 MARTIN Albert John 21 Son of Eliza Ruth Martin of 36 Devonshire Avenue, Southsea, Portsmouth and the late Lieutenant William Martin R.N.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/61666 MASON John William 19 Son of Mary Mason of 25 Kitchener St., Gateshead, and the late William Mason. Born at Sowerby Row, Cumberland.
RMB Musician RMB/1638 MATES Albert Edward 22 Son of Thomas William and Lydia Martha Mates of 72 Vincent St., Westminster, London.
RMLI Major MILES Harry William 36 Son of the late Colonel Samuel Barrett Miles and of Mrs. Ellen Marie Miles, late of Homewood, Hinton Charterhouse, Somersetshire.
RN Officer's Steward 2nd Class 358425 MILLS Alfred Rowland Herbert 33 Son of Alfred and Harriet Mills of 52 Cromwell Rd., Weymouth.
RMA Gunner RMA/14988 MINTER John Edgar 19 Son of Isaac and Agnes Minter of 5 Charles St., Southampton.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/39097 MITCHELL Harry Marwood 17 Son of Sydney and Clara Mitchell of Ensbury Farm, Ensbury, Bournemouth.
RN Petty Officer 2nd Class (Civil Guard) 129859 MONNERY Walter 49 Son of William and Elizabeth Monnery of West Grinsted, Sussex; husband of Mary Elizabeth Monnery of 9 Coastguard Station, Sandbanks, Parkstone, Dorset.
RN Naval Schoolmaster M/14912 MURRAY Hugh Robert 22 Son of Samuel and Mary Murray of 23 Halliday's Rd., Belfast.
RN Mechanician 293613 NETLEY Albert
RMA Gunner RMA/1537(S) NEWELL Arthur Stanley 24 Son of Arthur and Louisa Newell of 24 Brancaster Rd., Streatham, London.
RMA Bugler RMA/14935 NEWNHAM Noel Herbert 16 Son of Jesse and Elizabeth Newnham of "Elsmere", Compton Rd., Lindfields, Haywards Heath, Sussex.
RMB Musician RMB/1605 NUTT Fred 21 Son of Mr and Mrs T. Nutt of Oldmixon, Uphill, Weston-Super-Mare.
RMA Gunner RMA/14767 OLIVER Albert Henry 17 Son of Kate Ethel Hitchin (formerly Oliver) of 35 Audley St., Oxford Rd., Reading and the late Albert Henry Oliver.
RN Boy 1st Class J/553031 PEERS William Miles
RN Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/11565 PENNINGTON Archibald 32 Husband of Polly Pennington of 44 Central Rd., Port Sunlight, Birkenhead.
RN Boy 1st Class J/60247 PICKETT Daniel 16 Son of Henry and Lizzie Pickett of The Green, Tidmarsh, Berkshire.
RN Boy 1st Class J/60248 PINK Ernest Arthur 16 Son of Arthur Henry and Alice Pink of School Cottage, Hartley Wintney, Basingstoke.
RN Boy 1st Class J/42118 POLLARD Frank Reginald 17 Son of Frank and Ruth Pollard of 5 Duke St., Skipton.
RMA Gunner RMA/18646 POOLE Frank Albert 35 Son of the late James and Jane Poole. Native of Cardiff.
RN Officer's Steward 1st Class 353967 POOR Frederick Charles 39 Son of Charles Henry Poor of Mount St., Devonport; husband of Edith Poor of "Bay View", Augusta Place, Esplanade, Weymouth.
RN Able Seaman J/31222 POTTER Harold James 18 Son of Charlotte Potter of 26 Kensington Rd., North End, Portsmouth and the late William Potter.
RMA Sergeant RMA/8007 PRINCE Harold Arthur
RN Boy 1st Class J/51499 PURCHASE Harold 17 Son of George and Jane Purchase of "Yew Tree" Inn, Lower Wield, Alresford, Hampshire. Native of King's Sombourne, Stockbridge, Hants.
RN Wireman 2nd Class M/19123 RAWLINSON Reginald 19 Son of William and Hannah Bella Rawlinson of 33 Evered Avenue, Rice Lane, Liverpool.
RN Boy 1st Class J/57368 RIDDLES Reginald William 16 Son of Arthur Thomas and Jane Riddles of 12 Washington St., Brighton.
RN Ordinary Signalman J/31672 ROSS George Henry 18 Son of James Patrick and Lilly Beatrice Ross of "St. Clair", Tangier Rd., Copnor, Portsmouth.
RMA Gunner RMA/9524 ROSSER Albert William 31 Husband of Emmeline Rosser of 113 Brompton Rd., Eastney, Portsmouth.
RMA Gunner RMA/15054 ROWDEN Walter Edward 17 Son of Alfred John and Lucy Rowden of 8 Victoria Cottages, Langley Newton, Slough, Buckinghamshire.
RMA Gunner RMA/11024 RUDGE William Alfred 29 Son of Bessie Rudge of 3 Mount St., Poole, Dorset and the late William Alfred Rudge.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/42116 SAVAGE Francis 18 Son of Hugh and Catherine Savage of 20 Panmure St., Scotswood Rd., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Native of Beverley.
Canteen Assistant SAWKINS Gilbert Augustus 18 Son of Caroline Jane Cone (formerly Sawkins) of 63 Hatfield Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth and the late Alger Lee Sawkins.
RMB Band Corporal RMB/711 SAYERS Edmond John 26 Husband of Muriel P. Sayers of 35 Fotheringham Rd., Enfield, Middlesex.
RMA Gunner 2nd Class RMA/14572 SEELEY Horace
RMA Gunner RMA/1172(S) SHEPHERD Charles Ernest 30 Son of Nicholas and Margaret Ann Shephard of Great Walsingham, Norfolk.
RN Telegraphist J/32469 SHEPHERD Edwin Roland
RMA Gunner RMA/13255 SIMMONDS Thomas Arthur 23 Son of Ellen Lewis Simmonds of 6 North St., Caversham, Reading.
RN Carpenter's Crew M/19431 SKINNER George William
RN Able Seaman J/31560 STANLEY Reginald 21 Son of May Stanley of 19A Adelaide St., Redditch, and the late George Stanley. Born at Birmingham.
RNVR Able Seaman KX/557 STOREY Thomas William 25 Son of William Luke and Mary Jane Storey of South Snods, Shotley Bridge, County Durham.
RMB Musician RMB/2158 TEBBY Harold Ernest 17 Son of Alice M. Tebby of 116 Brompton Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth.
RMB Musician RMB/79 THORP Walter 31 Husband of Kate Thorp of Small Hatch, East Peckham, Paddock Wood, Kent.
RN Boy 1st Class J/59090 TICKNER Frank 16 Son of Mrs E. Tickner of 79A Victoria Rd., Barking, Essex. Native of Thame, Oxon.
RNVR Able Seaman Clyde/Z/5610 TREW William 20 Son of John and Margaret Trew of Dinnans, Whithorn, Wigtownshire.
RMB Musician RMB/769 TRING Edward 28 Son of Henry and Caroline Tring. Born at Kilborn, London.
RMA Gunner RMA/9241 TROLLOPE Walter 37 Son of the late Mr and Mrs George Trollope.
RMA Gunner RMA/9827 TUTTY Frederick 34 Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Tutty of Lake Farm, Hatcliffe, Grimsby, Lincolnshire; husband of Charlotte Tutty. Awarded Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.
RN Boy 1st Class J/55059 TYRELL Edward Charles Frederick 16 Son of Charles Edward and Maria Tyrell of 3 Old Land Avenue, Balcombe, Sussex.
Canteen Assistant VENTHAM Reginald George 21 Son of George and Kate Ventham of 28 Munster Rd., North End, Portsmouth.
RMB Bandmaster 1st Class RMB/312 VITON John Thomas
RN Ordinary Seaman J/61851 WARD Joseph Johnson 27 Son of George and Susan Ward of Moorhouse, Stanley, Wakefield.
RN Boy 1st Class J/52985 WATERMAN Frederick Ernest 16 Son of Mr and Mrs J. Waterman of East lodge, Damerham, Salisbury.
RMA Gunner RMA/12920 WELLMAN Harry Thomas 24 Son of Emily Cross (formerly Wellman) of 14 Salisbury Rd., Reading and the late Thomas Wellman.
RN Ordinary Seaman J/33440 WOODWARD Albert 18 Son of Joseph and Emma Eliza Woodward of The Lane, Northill, Biggleswade.
RN Telegraphist J/35295 WRIGHT Harold
RN Ordinary Seaman SS/7754 YATES Henry Hempstead 19 Son of Henry and Agnes Yates of 5 Albert Avenue, Bobbers Mill, Nottingham.

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