Loss of HMS Viknor, 13 January 1915

This information has been provided by David Parsons (dparsons@morgan.ucs.mun.ca).

HMS Viknor was lost off Tory Island in heavy weather in an area recently mined by the Germans on Jan.13,1915.

She was a 5386 Ton Blue Star Line ship, formerly the Viking. She was requisitioned by the Royal Navy as an Armed Merchant Cruiser. She was part of the 10th. Cruiser Squadron blockading the seas between the North of Scotland and Iceland.

HMS Viknor sank on Jan.13, 1915. She had a complement of 22 Officers and 273 Ratings mostly of the Royal Naval Reserve. She was commanded by Commander E.O.Ballantyne.

My interest in this ship is the fact that 25 seamen were of the Newfoundland Division of the Royal Naval Reserve. 24 are commemorated on the Beaumont Hamel Memorial in France. One body was washed ashore and is buried in Colonsay.

This was one of three Armed Merchant Cruisers of the 10th. Cruiser Squadron lost in Jan., Feb., and March of 1915.

Men of the Newfoundland Division of the Royal Naval Reserve lost in HMS Viknor
1220X Seaman Enos Barnes Port Union
1219X Seaman Albert Brace Chance Cove, TB
1147X Seaman George Coates Fogo
702X Seaman Gilbert Dyke Salvage Bay
411X Seaman James Greening Summerville
2180X Seaman Thomas Jackson Brigus
1218X Seaman Levi Jerrett Cupids, CB
1213X Seaman Phillip Lewis Caplin Cove
1224X Seaman Alexander Martin St.John's
1034X Seaman John Bowen Mercer Bay Roberts
1209X Seaman Frederick Morgan Seal Cove, CB
1190X Seaman William George Morgan Blow me Down, P de G
932X John Parsons Shearstown
901X Seaman Harry W Peach Arnolds Cove
706X Seaman Ralph Charles Flat Island, BB
1122X Seaman Charles Rowe Trinity
1222X Seaman William St.Croix Trepassey
1227X Seaman Edward Smart Saunders Cove, Alexander Bay
862X Seaman Eli Sparkes Shearstown
1259X Seaman George Stringer Little Hearts Ease
1214X Seaman Douglas Walsh Cow Head, St. Barbe
2179X Seaman Albert J Warren Glovertown
611X Seaman George Youden Bull Cove
670X Seaman Thomas Youden Bull Cove

Other than (1034X) Seaman John Bowen Mercer, who is buried in the Colonsay Military Cemetery, these men are all commemorated on the Beaumont Hamel Memorial for those with no known grave.

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