USS Texas Machinery

These details of the Texas' machinery are courtesy of Charles Moore (, taken from a February 1914 issue of the Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers. The October 1913 sea trials were done off Rockland, Maine:  Engine and boiler performance data from the 4 different tests.

Texas and New York were the last US battleships to have coal-fired boilers; and their reciprocating engines were the largest installed in a US capital ship. When the initial designs were made, in 1910, Texas and New York were to receive turbine engines - the location of the turbines and boilers would have been different. The turbines were to have 32,000 SHP (vs the 28,000 of the reciprocating machinery), and drive four propeller shafts.

Trial Data


Boiler Data


Main Engine Data


Machinery Plans

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Boiler Rooms


Engine Rooms Click here for armament details.

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