WWI Naval Bibliography

"Battle of Jutland // The Skaggerak" - Papers (English)

  • Bennett, Captain Geoffrey The Harper Papers - Fresh Light on the Jutland Controversy in
    The Quarterly Review, January 1965 (published by John Murray, London)
    (courtesy of Steve McLaughlin).
  • Brown, David K. HMS Invincible - the explosion at Jutland and its relevance to HMS Hood in
    Warship International, Number 4, 2003 (Volume 40, Number 4)
    DK Brown explains how the explosion in Invincible's amidships magazines blew forward through the hull in a similar fashion to that which sank Hood.
  • Brown, David K. Torpedoes at Jutland, in
    Warship World, Volume 5, Number 2 (Spring 1995).
    A fascinating piece that discusses both German and British torpedo tactics, and where they went wrong during the battle.
  • Ejstrud, Bo A Near Miss: Heavy Gun Efficiency at Jutland in
    Warship International, Volume 41, Issue 2.
    A statistical look at the hitting rates of the heavy guns at Jutland.
  • Halpern, Paul Jutland - A Battle in One Dimension, in
    USNI Proceedings, June 2006.
    A nice little summary of the battle, by a noted naval historian, showing how the Battle remains relevant for today's naval officer.
  • Hines, Jason Sins of Omission and Commission: A Reassessment of the Role of Intelligence in the Battle of Jutland, in
    The Journal of Military History, October 2008.
    A very useful look at how the Admiralty handled their intelligence windfall- their emphasis being the security of the system, and not its use by operational commanders.
  • Lambert, Nicholas A. "Our Bloody Ships" or "Our Bloody System"? Jutland and the Loss of the Battle Cruisers, 1916 in
    The Journal of Military History, 62 (January, 1998)
    This is an extremely important paper, which very convincingly shows that three battlecruisers may have been lost because of extra quantities of ammunition piled up in ammunition handling spaces!
  • Lyle, Colin Jutland, or a Second 'Glorious First of June' in
    The Mariner's Mirror, Volume 82 (1996), number 2.
  • McCartney, Innes In Search of Jutland's Wrecks in
    Dive, March 2002.
    A short photo essay, including pictures of the wreckage, in the British diving magazine.
  • Mead, Commander Hilary P. Jutland Signals, in
    The Mariner's Mirror, Volume 43, Number 3, 1957.
    This notes that a handful of signal chit originals from HMS Iron Duke have survived in the collection of the National Maritime Museum!
  • Mountbatten, Admiral of the Fleet Lord Louis An Appreciation Given at the Annual Jutland Dinner in H. M. S. Warrior on 25 May 1978 in
    The Mariner's Mirror, Volume 66 1980, Number 2.
  • Schleihauf, William What Happened to the Campania?, in
    The Mariner's Mirror, Volume 90 2004, Number 4.
    Why wasn't HMS Campania at the Battle of Jutland?
  • Slessor, John Admiralty Command Policy in Two World Wars: Reflections Based on Arthur Marder's Story of Jutland in
    Jordan, Gerald (editor) Naval Warfare in the Twentieth Century
    Croom Helm, 1977.
  • True, Lt-Cmdr Arnold E.. USN The Effects of Meteorological Conditions on Tactical Operations at Jutland in Proceedings(journal of the United States Naval Institute), Vol 66 Number 443, January 1940.
    Well worth reading (and searching for) - not only is there a sensible description of the weather conditions (and the causes) during the battle, but the author points out ...it is significant that not one of the officers who exercised tactical command at the Battle of Jutland has recorded that he gave any consideration to weather in making his early tactical plans.
  • Williams, M. W. The Loss of HMS QUEEN MARY at Jutland in
    McLean, David and Preston, John(editors) WARSHIP 1996
    Conway Maritime Press, 1996.

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