WW1 Naval Bibliography

Not by any description exhaustive, this is the beginnings of a list of useful references for the scholar of the naval side of the War. There is a certain amount of overlap between the groupings, but a book or paper will only show up once, where it seems most appropriate.

There has not been a rigorous cutoff of anything outside of 1914-1918. Instead, so long as the work describes the vessels which fought during the War, or the immediate pre-war evolution of naval technology, or describes the effect of wartime on the postwar navies, then it has been included.

At present, unfortunately there are very few non-English language entries. The intention is to include as many as are contributed: if you are aware of one, please pass it along -
William Schleihauf

Unless otherwise noted, all contributions are from William Schleihauf.

A list of "recommended reading" on the First World War in general can be found elsewhere in WWI-WWW: WW1 Recommended Reading.

Books and Journals Online

There is a growing list of historical journals that may be read online:

A few complete volumes may be read via your web browser (all external links):

A very large bibliography on anti-aircraft artillery may be found online.

General Suggestions

Suggested readings from various contributors

The Course of the War

Overviews, Strategy, Campaigns... Topics more general than discrete battles.

Economic Warfare

Maritime warfare is ultimately economic warfare: the submarine campaign and the war on merchant shipping are only the most obvious aspects thereof. For convenience, this bibliography has been broken down into more discrete topics. This sub-section holds those titles more general in nature -- and includes entries pertaining to ports, and general merchant shipping. (Category suggested by Kevin Foster (kboatman@erols.com)).


Individual Naval Actions as well as discrete events

Submarines and Submarine Warfare

The Great War marks the first serious use of this new technology...

Technology + Tactics

Details of ships, weapons and how they were combined... (Submarine-specific entries contained in the category above, although books and articles describing individual sinkings are usually listed here)


Social History as well as biographies of those who served, not to mention a little Administration...


Ok - fiction certainly isn't history, but some of these novels can give the researcher a better feel for the attitudes of the time. Others, notably Childer's The Riddle of the Sands had some influence on their readers, and best of all, may remain good reading even today! Note that entries are restricted to books published during the Great War era: circa 1900 through the 1920's.

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