WWI Naval Bibliography

"Submarine Warfare" - Books (English)

  • ---Submarines
    Jade Books. 1983.
    A "beginners" book on submarine history, it does contain a good summary chapter on WW1 with some first-rate illustrations.
  • --- Wire Roping the German Submarine
    John A. Roebling's Sons, Company, Trenton, New Jersey, 1920
    (courtesy of Commander Fraser McKee (fmckee@bmts.com)) A book by the manufacturer of the mine cables.
  • Akerman, Paul Encyclopaedia of British Submarines, 1901-50
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Ballard, Dr. Robert and Spencer DunmoreExploring the Lusitania
    Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1995.
    One of the most comprehensive, and sensible, descriptions of the sinking of the great passenger liner by U 20. Beautifully illustrated, the book is based on Ballard's explorations of the wreck.
  • Brenchley, Fred and Elizabeth Brenchley Stoker's Submarine
    Harper Collins, Australia, 2001
    (courtesy of Geoffrey Miller) The book is both an account of the Australian submarine AE2, the first submarine to penetrate the Dardanelles to the Sea of Marmara, and a biography of Henry Hugh Gordon "Dacre" Stoker, her captain. It is an interesting book that clarifies a great deal about Australia's first involvement in Submarine warfare. All in all the book gives a good account of an extraordinary man, who was awarded the DSO postwar, although the authors, and others, believe Stoker's great feat in forcing the Dardanelles warranted the Victoria Cross. There is an extensive bibliography, although there are no formal references.
  • Brice, Martin H. M-Class Submarines
    Outline Publications, 1983. (part of the Outlines series).
    A technical history of this class of submarines, designed to carry 12" guns.
  • Cocker, M. P. Observer's Directory of Royal Naval Submarines, 1901-1982
    Frederick Warne, 1982
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Coles, Alan Three Before Breakfast: A True and Dramatic Account of How a German U-boat Sank Three British Cruisers in One Desperate Hour
    Kenneth Mason, 1979
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Dommett, W. E. Submarines Torpedoes and Mines
    Whittaker & Co., 1915.
    courtesy of J. David Perkins (seaboot@ns.sympatico.ca).
  • Evans, A. S. Beneath the Waves, A History of HM Submarine Losses 1904-1971
    William Kimber, 1986
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Everitt, Don The K Boats
    George G. Harrap, 1963.
    A noble attempt by the Royal Navy to power submarines with steam turbines. "I say, Number One, my end is diving: what the hell is your end doing?".
  • Fayle, Charles Ernest The War and the Shipping Industry
    New Haven: Yale University Press, 1927.
    (courtesy of Mike Yared (mike_yared@HOTMAIL.COM))
  • Ferguson, Julie H. Through A Canadian Periscope
    Dundurn Press, 1995
    Very useful for any student of the Canadian Naval Service, there is much useful material on RN submarines in WW1.
  • Frame, T. R. and G. J. Swinden First In, Last Out - the Navy at Gallipoli
    Kangaroo Press, 1990.
    (courtesy of Geoffrey Miller (gmiller@ozemail.com.au)). Provides a detailed account of HMA S/M AE2 during the Gallipoli campaign.
  • Giesler, Patricia Valour at Sea: Canada's Merchant Navy
    Ottawa: Minister of Veterans Affairs, 1998.
    (courtesy of Mike Yared (mike_yared@HOTMAIL.COM))
  • Grant, Robert M. U-Boats Destroyed
    Putnam, 1964.
    An indispensible reference so far as anti-submarine warfare is concerned. (courtesy of J. David Perkins (seaboot@sympatico.ca)).
  • Grant, Robert M. U-Boat Intelligence 1914-1918
    Archon Books, 1969.
    The impact of the Intelligence Division of the British Admiralty in the war against the German submarine threat.
  • Gray, Edwyn A. A Damned Un-English Weapon: The Story of British Submarine Warfare 1914-18
    Seeley, Service & Co, 1971
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Gray, Edwyn A. Few Survived: A History of Submarine Disasters
    Leo Cooper, 1986
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Gray, Edwyn A. The Killing Time
    Charles Scribner's Sons, 1972.
    A popular account of the German u-boats.
  • Grove, Eric J. The Defeat of the Enemy Attack on Shipping, 1939-1945"
    Navy Records Society (vol 137), 1997 (Ashgate Publishing).
    Despite the title, this book should be examined by anyone with a serious interest in the WW1 U-boat campaign: there is a wealth of statistics and valuable conclusions as to the value of convoy as a means of sinking enemy submarines.
  • Hashagen, CDR Ernst The Log of a U-boat Commander
    Putnam, 1931).
    (translation) Originally U-Boats Westwarts. (courtesy of J. David Perkins (seaboot@ns.sympatico.ca)).
  • Hague, Arnold The Allied Convoy System 1939-1945
    Naval Institute Press, 2000.
    As the title suggests, the book deals with the Second World War, not the First. It is listed here, however, because some researchers might be looking at both conflicts, and this book is a key resource on WW2 convoys.
  • "Klaxon" (CDR John G. Bower) The Story of our Submarines
    Blackwood & Sons, 1919.
    Written by a former submarine CO (courtesy of J. David Perkins (seaboot@ns.sympatico.ca)).
  • Kemp, Paul Convoy Protection: the Defence of Seaborne Trade
    London : Arms and Armour, 1993.
    (courtesy of Mike Yared (mike_yared@HOTMAIL.COM))
  • Kemp, Paul U-Boats Destroyed - German Submarine Losses in the World Wars
    Naval Institute Press, 1997.
    A list of all German and Austro-Hungarian submarines sunk during both World Wars, based on the latest research.
  • Lambert, Nicholas The Submarine Service 1900-1918
    Navy Records Society, 2001 (printed by Ashgate Publishing).
    The NRS' volume 142, this is a large list of transcribed RN documents that relate to the British submarine service: a very valuable source on the introduction of the submarine into the Royal Navy, as well as its very early technical development. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of war reports included.
  • Lipscomb, Cdr F. W. The British Submarine
    Conway Maritime Press, 1975
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Messimer, Dwight R. Find and Destroy: Antisubmarine Warfare in World War I
    Naval Institute Press, 2001.
    Not overly technical, this is the source to learn about the introduction of the depth charge, other technologies, and the tactics and techniques of the major and minor (eg Austro-Hungarian) navies.
  • Messimer, DwightThe Merchant U-boat: Adventures of the Deutschland, 1916-1918
    Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1988.
    (courtesy of Mike Yared (mike_yared@HOTMAIL.COM))
  • Newbolt, Sir Henry Submarine and Anti-submarine
    Longmans, Green & Co., 1919.
    "Don't be put off by the writing style - there's some good info in this one". (courtesy of J. David Perkins (seaboot@ns.sympatico.ca)).
  • Perkins, Dave Canada's Submariners 1914-1923
    The Boston Mills Press, 1989.
    Yes, Canada (well, the province of British Columbia!) had submarines during World War One, and sailors in RN subs to boot.
  • Perkins, J. David Tarrybreeks and Other World War One Canadian RNVR Submariners
    Seaboot Productions, 2003 (available from the author jdperkins@HFX.EASTLINK.CA)
    A useful little pamphlet that tells the story of the first ever Naval Reserve submariners in RN service: Canadians!
  • Price, Alfred Aircraft versus Submarine
    Naval Institute Press, 1973.
    "The Evolution of the Anti-Submarine Aircraft 1912 to 1972".
  • Prim, Captain Joseph, McCarthy, Mike Those in Peril
    Jesperson Publishing Limited (39 James Lane, St John's Newfoundland, Canada, A1E 3H3), 1995
    A fascinating account of u-boats in Newfoundland waters during both World Wars. Useful information not easily found elsewhere.
  • Rodengen, Jeffrey L. The Legend of Electric Boat
    1994 (ISBN 0-945903-24-3)
    (courtesy of Rollie Webb (RWebb56467@AOL.COM))
  • Simpson, Colin Lusitania
    Penguin Books, 1974.
    The loss of the liner Lusitania. A sometimes controversial book that later researchers seem to disagree with.
  • Smith, Gaddis Britain's Clandestine Submarines, 1914-15
    Yale University Press, 1964.
    Bethlehem Steel's attempt to build submarines for Britain despite American neutrality laws. The Canadian government was upset as well...
  • Tennent, A. J. BRitish Merchant Ships Sunk by U-Boats in the 1914-1918 War
    The Starling Press, 1990.
    A very useful source that lists each British merchant ship sunk, broken down by owning company.
  • Tennyson, Brian and Roger Sarty Guardian of the Gulf - Sydney, Cape Breton, and the Atlantic Wars
    University of Toronto Press, 2000
    The story of a vital harbour and convoy centre during both world wars- much detail about Sydney's coast defences, as well as how convoys were organised.
  • Terraine, John Business in Great Waters, The U-boat Wars 1916-1945
    Leo Cooper, 1989
    (courtesy of Gordon Smith (gordon.smith4@virgin.net) )
  • Treadwell, Terry C. Submarines with Wings
    Conway Maritime Press, 1985.
    Yes, there were attempts to launch aircraft from submarines in WW1.
  • White, Michael W. D.Australian Submarines
    AGPS Press, Canberra, 1992
    (courtesy of Geoffrey Miller (gmiller@ozemail.com.au)).
  • Wilson, Michael Baltic Assignment: British Submarines in Russia 1914-1919
    Leo Cooper, 1985.
    (courtesy of J. David Perkins (seaboot@ns.sympatico.ca)).
  • Wilson, Michael Destination Dardenelles - the Story of HMS E7
    Leo Cooper, 1988.
    Wilson was a former submarine CO. (courtesy of J. David Perkins (seaboot@ns.sympatico.ca)).
  • Wilson, Michael and Kemp, Paul Mediterranean Submarines - Submarine Warfare In World War One
    Manchester, 1997.
    (courtesy of Erwin Sieche (erwin.sieche@sbausparkasse.co.at) )

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