WWI Naval Bibliography

Submarine Warfare - Papers (English)

  • Adams, Thomas A. The M Class Submarine Monitors in
    Roberts, John (editor) WARSHIP volume 7
    Conway Maritime Press, 1983.
  • Alden, Commander John D. The Ups and Downs of Electric Boat in
    US Naval Institute Proceedings July 1999.
    A survey of the famous submarine builders.
  • Allen, Francis J. Warship Pictorial: America's First Submarines in
    Roberts, John (editor) WARSHIP volume 7
    Conway Maritime Press, 1983.
  • Brown, D.K. Defeat in the Atlantic?: Anti-submarine Warfare 1917-1919, in
    Preston, Antony (editor) Warship 2002-2003
    Conway Maritime Press, 2003.
    A very important look at the RN's success (by war's end) at countering the German submarine offensive.
  • Carlisle, Rodney The Attacks on US Shipping that Precipitated American Entry into World War I in
    The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du Nord, Volume 17, Number 3 (July 2007).
  • Compton-Hall, Richard Submarines and the War at Sea 1914-18
    Macmillan London, 1991.
    An account of the submarines and submariners of all the combattants, written by a former submariner.
  • Gibson, Charles Dana Victim or Participant? Allied Fishing Fleets and U-Boat Attacks in World Wars I and II in The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du Nord (the Journal of the Canadian Nautical Research Society), Vol I Number 4, October 1991.
    A very interesting contrast between the two conflicts, and how the combattants dealt with the (coastal) fishing fleets under the provisions of Document XI of the 1907 Hague Treaties.
  • Gretton, Peter The U-Boat Campaign in Two World Wars in
    Jordan, Gerald (editor) Naval Warfare in the Twentieth Century
    Croom Helm, 1977.
  • Hadley, Michael L. Wartime German Hydrography in Canadian Waters in
    Glover, William (editor) Charting Northern Waters - Essays for the Centenary of the Canadian Hydrographic Service
    McGill-Queens University Press, 2004 (for the Canadian Nautical Research Society)
    Includes some teasers about pre-WWI surveys.
  • Head, Brian The Construction of E31 in
    Lambert, Andrew (editor) WARSHIP volume 10
    Conway Maritime Press, 1986.
  • Head, Brian HM Submarine E31: A Log of her War Service in
    Lambert, Andrew (editor) WARSHIP volume 9
    Conway Maritime Press, 1985.
  • Head, Brian HM Submarine G5: The Narrative of a Blythe Submarine in
    Grant, Ian (editor) WARSHIP volume 12
    Conway Maritime Press, 1988.
  • Henry, David British Submarine Policy, 1918-1939 in
    Bryan Ranft (editor) Technical Change and British Naval Policy 1860-1939
    Hodder and Stoughton, 1977.
  • Herwig, Holger Innovation Ignored: The Submarine Problem - Germany, Britain, and the United States, 1919-1939 in
    Murray, Williamson and Allan R. Millett (editors) Military Innovation in the Interwar Period
    Cambridge University Press, 1996.
  • Hore, Captain Peter A Secret Journey to Halifax, in
    Naval History, June 2002 (published by the US Naval Institute)
    Slightly outside of the Great War era, this article shows that there may have been a connection between the Confederate Navy's submersible H. L. Hunley and the beginnings of the Royal Navy's submarine service in 1901.
  • Jamieson, Alan G. Martyr or Pirate? The Case of Captain Fryatt in the Great War, in
    The Mariner's Mirror, volume 85, number 2 (1999).
    An interesting paper that delves into the differing interpretations of international law by Great Britain and Imperial Germany.
  • Kelly, Peter War Against the Wounded in
    Anthony Preston (editor) Warship 2000-2001
    Conway Maritime Press, 2000.
    An important article which outlines (albeit with a strong British viewpoint) the deliberate attacks of German u-boats against declared hospital ships.
  • Lamb, W. Kaye Building Submarines for Russia in Burrard Inlet in BC Studies No.71 Autumn , 1986 (courtesy of Rollie Webb (RWebb56467@AOL.COM)).
  • Lambert, John The K-Class Steam Submarines in
    Preston, Anthony (editor) WARSHIP volume 2
    Conway Maritime Press, 1978.
  • Maber, John M. The Steam Submarine Swordfish in
    Roberts, John (editor) WARSHIP volume 7
    Conway Maritime Press, 1983.
  • Merrill, John From the Heavens to the Depths in
    Naval History June 2000
    A look at the contribution of the astronomer George Ellery Hale to the foundation of the National Research Council and anti-submarine warfare.
  • Miller, David The First Hunter-Killers: British 'R' class Submarines of 1917 in
    Gardiner, Robert(editor) WARSHIP 1993
    Conway Maritime Press, 1993.
  • Morris, Richard Knowles Who Built Those Subs? in Naval History, October 1998
    A look at the accomplishments of Arthur L. Busch.
  • Perkins, J. D. Canadian Vickers-built H Class Submarines of the Royal Navy in
    Grant, Ian (editor) WARSHIP volume 12
    Conway Maritime Press, 1988.
    Part III is in Volume 49 (not bound into an annual) - January, 1989.
  • Rucker, Lt-Cmdr Colby G. USN The Last of the U-Boat Raiders in Proceedings(journal of the United States Naval Institute), Vol 65 Number 441, November, 1939.
    The demise of the German u-boat U-46, which was taken over by Japan as O-2.
  • Sieche, Erwin F. Austro-Hungarian Submarines in
    Preston, Anthony (editor) WARSHIP volume 2
    Conway Maritime Press, 1978.
  • Steffen, Dirk The Holtzendorff Memorandum of 22 December 1916 and Germany's Declaration of Unrestricted U-boat Warfare in
    The Journal of Military History, January 2004.
    An English-language translation of this important document, along with some useful commentary.
  • Stevenson, Dr. Gene C. Russian 'Lake' Type Submarines and the Baltic War 1914-1916 in
    Gardiner, Robert(editor) WARSHIP 1990
    Conway Maritime Press, 1990.
  • Tennyson, Brian and Roger Sarty. Sydney, Nova Scotia and the U-Boat War, 1914-1916 in Canadian Military History, Volume 7, Number 1 (Winter 1998).
  • Walsh, Don AE-2: Subsunk-Subfound in US Naval Institute'sProceedings
    December, 1998.
    A summary of the loss of HMA S/M AE2 and its relocation in the Sea of Marmora.
  • Westwood, David Type II U-boat in
    Gray, Randal (editor) WARSHIP volume 8
    Conway Maritime Press, 1984.
  • Williams, M. W. HMS Tirade and the Sinking of UC-55 in
    McLean, David and Preston, Antony (editors) WARSHIP 1997-1998 (volume XXI)
    Conway Maritime Press, 1997.
    A textbook example of what was required to sink a WW1 u-boat.
  • Wilson, Michael Submarine Minelayers of the Royal Navy, in
    Grant, Ian (editor) Warship, Volume 49 (never bound into an annual), January 1989.
  • Wilson, Michael The British 'B' Class Submarine in
    Roberts, John (editor) WARSHIP volume 5
    Conway Maritime Press, 1981.
  • Wilson, Michael The First Submarines for the Royal Navy in
    Roberts, John (editor) WARSHIP volume 6
    Conway Maritime Press, 1982.

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