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Warship International is the quarterly periodical of the International Naval Research Organization. This highly-regarded journal is devoted to the more technical aspects of warship design- specifically warships, emphasizing the era since the introduction of steam, predominantly design, construction and characteristics. Secondarily, operational careers and naval operations in general.

Because of the wide-scope of Warship International articles; the large number related to the WW1-period; and the difficulty in locating indicies and/or tables of contents for the periodical; this separate section has been setup to make it easier for the researcher to locate his subjects of interest. Those familiar with WI will note that only feature articles (and those letters which pertain to them) have been included. The "Ask Infoser" questions and answers, and the myriad photographs have not. In keeping with the rest of the WW1 bibliography, the entries are listed by author.

Issues from 1966 through the current issue (Volume 44, Issue 4 (Number 4, 2007) have been surveyed. Contributions for the few gaps would be much appreciated.

INRO does indeed have a website. They are a not-for-profit group, with no renumeration paid to the writers, editors, or officials. They can be contacted at:
The International Naval Research Organization
5905 Reinwood Drive,
Toledo, Ohio
USA 43613

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