Austro Hungarian U-Boat Losses

Note that there is much more complete information to be found on the Losses in the Mediterranean, All Navies page.

Source: U-boats Destroyed- German Submarine Losses in the World Wars by Paul Kemp (Naval Institute Press, 1997).

1. Submarines are listed by date lost.

2. Date lost is in the format year/month/day. Dashes for the day indicate not known.

3. Location is fairly general, as described in Kemp.

4. Cause is given, where known. The unknown (ie '?') is very likely the result of blundering into a mine, but the possibility of simple accident cannot be ruled out.

U-Boat Date Lost Location Cause
U-12 1915/08/08 N Adriatic, near Venice mine
U-3 1915/08/13 Mediterranean, Strait of Otranto ramming/gunfire
U-6 1916/05/13 Mediterranean, Strait of Otranto net barrage
U-16 1916/10/17 Adriatic, off Albania ramming (or perhaps depth charge)
U-30 1917/01/-- (?) Mediterranean ?
U-5 1917/05/16 Adriatic mine
U-23 1918/02/21 Mediterranean, Strait of Otranto explosive sweep
U-20 1918/07/04 North Adriatic submarine attack
U-10 1918/07/09 North Adriatic mine/grounding

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